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This is the chapter where Harry starts school. It probably will be a bit short, so sorry if that bugs you. It is just so hard to find any time to update, because my time is taken up by my stressful remainder of my senior year of high school, college stuff (financial aid stuff, I swear they were thinking of me when they made it so complicated and hard to even understand!), family stuff, money issues, etc. Ugg!

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It was several weeks later, and Harry was ready for his first day of school. He wanted something to do. It wasn't like he didn't like being around the Cullens, hunting, or hanging around the house, it just was that he needed something else to do. Like maybe doing some school work.

Harry still had Muggle subjects that he could learn, and he was looking forward to it. He had had a few before, but really not that many and not that complicated. He had mostly focused on the wizarding aspects of his education. Of course he had gone to Muggle School, but that hadn't been really challenging. He hadn't been given that hard of material to learn then. Just basically the basics. But there was so much available to study. He had looked at the course manual and instantly seen many a class for him to take.

He mostly wanted to do the arts. Drawing, painting, computer graphics, photography, and ceramics. Just to name a few. But unfortunately in his opinion his schedule couldn't have consisted of only those. So he had to have English, history, science, etc. He didn't really mind that. He just found those topics, except science, boring.

It had taken a bit of time because Harry had no records with him and even if he had they would have been pretty useless, since they would have some things on them that Muggles would find strange. So Carlisle had to get Harry some new records, all a bit faked of course. He had a fellow vampire who was used to such requests draw them up for him and send it as soon as he can.(1) So they had to wait for those to get there. And then Carlisle had enrolled Harry into the school. They had rumors of Harry start to circulate throughout town, and by the time Harry would start school, everything would be set.

They had to come up with a believable cover story for Harry. All had given ideas, and they had then constructed a story that would work, with Harry's consent. Harry was Carlisle's second cousin. He had lived in England with his 'father', Carlisle's cousin. But his father had died in an accident at work. Harry was still underaged, and he needed a new guardian. But unfortunately there were no other living relatives except Carlisle. So Carlisle had been contacted, and the rest is history.

The story would fit for their purposes. So now Harry, the new Cullen, was going to school for his 'rest' of his sophomore year. Because of relative shortness to the rest of the men of the family, Harry could pass for younger. So he did. And he hated it. He disliked being so short. He wasn't too short, just rather short for his age and compared to other boys.

Harry was now ready for school. He had picked out some clothes just especially for this day. He had on black jeans that were slightly big on him, but not too big, just enough to look good. Then he adorned a deep green short that highlighted the dark green around his pupils. Then he put on a black hoodie that had green streaks on the shoulders, the same color as the color in his eyes and his shirt. He had on black tennis shoes. All in all, he looked rather dashing in his opinion. If he was still human, he would take the chance to impress some girls. But he wasn't now, and he would try not to impress the human girls. He could be a potential danger to them.

Taking an unneeded breath, a sign of nervousness on his part he had learned, he descended the stairs and went out to the cars.

As a gift, for joining the family, Carlisle had gotten Harry a car. It was a small, silver, sleek, and fast little European car (2) Harry had gotten a license with all the other information that the brilliant vampire friend of Carlisle's had sent, so he was free to drive.

Getting in the little car and starting it up, Harry took off after the other cars of the family, following them to his doom.


The school was kinda cute in Harry's opinion. That was his first thought upon seeing it and pulling into the parking lot. He found a space next the Edward's car, and got out.

He headed over to the office. There was a woman sitting at the desk.

"I'm Harry Cullen." They had changed his name to fit the rest of the family, to blend in better. It had been his choice, but he still kept his old name dear to his heart. It was actually still his name, just not officially in the law's eyes.

He saw the woman's eyes light up. Great. Let the banquet begin, with him as the main course. The rumors were obviously working.

He got the paper with a promise to get all his teachers to sign it and left. The rest of the Cullens were waiting up for him. He checked his schedule, and sighed. The universe was having fun messing with him wasn't it? Calculus first thing in the morning. Even if he didn't need sleep and wouldn't be tired at that time, he still thought it was unnatural to have math first thing in the morning, so early in the day.

He sighed with long suffering. Well, he had it with Alice at least.

Hello, school and schoolmates, meet your new nice, shiny, and tasty meal on legs. Let the House-of-neverending-teenagers-who-would-not-know-when-to-shut-up-and-let-him-be-alone-away-from-the-20questions-and-prying-into-someone-else's-life-when-they-should-keep-their-little-snotty-noises-out-of-it-and-little-girls-trying-to-hook-up-with-the-new-guy begin.

With gloomy thoughts of trying not to kill anyone today, Harry started in the building.

(1) I forget if the books ever explained how Carlisle did things, so I'm doing it my way. This is my story. So basically Carlisle has a vampire friend, who also only feeds on animals, in America somewhere draw up fake records, birth certificates, etc. to blend in with the humans of that particular time. These records have never been found to be fake, because the vampire who does them is that good.

(2) I do not know cars, so imagine one that could fit this description.