AN: Not quite sure whether I'm going to make anything of this or not, the idea just popped into my head and I need to practice first person view a little.




Bright, cruelly white rays from the sun swept over my body, burning against the tender, ruddy skin around my eyes. I tried to blink the heat and soreness away, but it didn't work. A loud rumble trembled from my abdomen, the intense hunger churning in my belly. It was something that I sensed I was rather unfamiliar with, but I wasn't sure why.

Heck, I wasn't sure of anything at the moment. Some nights ago I had simply come to be, born into existence flat on my face in a flowerbed. I woke up to see the area I was positioned in riddled with beings I for some reason knew looked like me yet felt absolutely no kinship to, my head filled with extensive knowledge about this peculiar place, but no memory of how I had obtained it.

I just… knew. And with that, I began my aimless wandering of the streets in Haven city, the streets splitting into branches and slithering between tall, grey buildings that jutted out of the ground. The Precursors know how many hours I've spent circling around myself this place, without really going forwards or backwards. When the weight of my eyelids got too much for me to bear and the dizzy lightness of my mind made it too difficult for me to keep on walking, I would seek myself to a corner to try to get some sleep. Only a few moments would pass before a "Krimzon guard" started nudging and prodding at me, pondering whether or not I was just another victim of this cruel, merciless city.

No, my life hadn't ebbed away. Not yet anyway. But I had a feeling that if I kept this sleepless and foodless routine up, it soon would.

The confusion and despondency grinding against each other inside my head merged into a sudden rage, one that I channeled through a swift kick at an innocent clot of dirt at the ground. It rolled away for a few turns before it split in half and crumbled apart. The large movement of my body demanded more energy than I was in possession of, causing a long lingering moment where I felt everything dissolve into blackness and I slammed my hands on my knees, supporting myself before I passed out.

Deep, strained breaths escaped my chapped lips trough gritted teeth. I couldn't possibly begin my existence just for it to be ended right away, it wasn't fair. Not fair at all. But there was nowhere in this cursed place I could get free shelter and free food. Everything had its price. And I had nothing to pay with.

With the exception of my body and my freedom. But where the hell would anyone accept those things as currency…?

A sudden loud, male burst of laughter vibrated within my long ears, making me arch my chin up in curiosity. The source came from a group of about four guards and their commander chattering with each other a few yards away. The commander's back was turned against me, his body enveloped in a snug uniform, colored yellow and dark blue, his shoulders and chest well protected by thick, red armor.

With a groan, I straightened myself up and took one tentative step towards them. Then another one. My eyes nailed into the commander, my steps pacing up as I sauntered somewhat off balance forwards. As I treaded within arm's reach, I raised my left hand and slammed my palm to the back of the man's head. He let out a cry of surprise at the impact and staggered forwards, turning around to see me with a slack-jawed bewilderment etched into his face. I curled my right hand into a fist and flung it at his nose, slamming him off his feet. A split second later, large gloved hands had clamped around my arms, briskly towing me away from the commander who now kneeled on three of his limbs, uttering a stream of profanity while he squeezed his nose bridge between two fingers. Wild fury radiated from his amber eyes as he snapped his face towards me, shouting; "What the hell is wrong with you?! Do you want be locked away in a prison?"

I could only smile bitterly in response.


That was the place.