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~~Maybe, I've got an angel

Watching over me

Or maybe the Good Lord sent you

Or maybe you're just some kind of destiny

My sweet little meant to be Amen,

I can laugh again, dance again ~~

All the Love a Heart Can Hold, Sherrie Austin

Aina smiled, then laughed in pure joy. The war was over. Neither she nor Shiro could stay on Earth; they were both deserters. But it didn't matter anymore. The war was over! She had Shiro Amada, that crazy, wonderful, sweet-hearted man she had fallen in love with probably before she'd first met him, out there in space. He'd saved her, though Aina was Zeke and he a Feddy. The Lord had been looking out for her when Shiro was delivered into her life. He brought warmth and joy back into a heart that had slowly been hardened by life and fighting. Aina felt like she could run a thousand miles, dance with the best of them, and sing to the moon. All because of Shiro Amada.

~~I'm blown away when I look at you While you look at me 'Cause you see me so completely I'm overwhelmed by the way it feels 'Cause I know it's real When you reach out to touch me You consume me, you know I can't resist And you move me, with the power of a little kiss ~~

Ton of Love, Chris Cagle

Shiro lay on his back, looking up at the stars. As always, his thoughts were on the single most important person in his life. He was staggered by how much he cared for her, and brought to tears over her love for him. It was such a beautiful feeling, knowing that Aina would always be there for him. Just to look at her made his heart quicken. He had been afraid, once, that Aina would be repulsed or ashamed of his disfiguration. But she was not. Now, he wondered if she remembered the leg he wore was not real, not his own, but a prosthetic limb. His face was thoughtful as he lay there on the grass outside their home in a distant side where no one cared what your past alliances were. This was where he belonged, the place he'd been searching for all of his life, though not consciously. Here was where his heart was and always would be. With Aina, in their home, surround by their love.