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Enjoy chapter fourteen!

Dean ran through the town, checking every store, every corner, every alley, trying to find his lost brother. He only hoped that the spell worked and Sam could at least see his surroundings.

Or maybe that would be a bad thing. Then it would be even easier for Sam to leave and stay gone.

Please Sam... We need to talk! Communicate... make my message loud and freaking clear!


Sam was awake again and sitting in the corner of the alley. He couldn't stop freaking shaking...

He knew he needed to go to the hospital. He could feel internal bleeding and he was sure he had several broken bones. But it just hurt so much to move. His torso felt heavy and dull with pain unless he moved, in which case his chest cavity felt like lava was flowing through him.

So he couldn't move, and no one passing by was willing to give a damn to check on his condition.

Of course, who would want to help a whore like me...


"Are you alright?"

Sam slowly lifted his head from his chest and looked up with swollen eyes.

A small girl of about ten or eleven was standing in front of him with curious eyes. Sam licked his lips and slowly shook his head. Get away, little girl... don't taint yourself with me!

The girl frowned. "What happened?" She had a cute little Spanish accent.

Sam just shook his head again and lowered his head back down.

"What's this stuff all over your face...?" She leaned forward and touched the white viscous fluid.

Sam flinched backwards from the touch. "No..." Don't touch me! Please don't touch, you're so nice...


woman, presumably the mother, ran up and quickly jerked Maria away from Sam. "Stay away from my daughter, you dirty blind whore!" she spat as she led her daughter out of the alleyway.

Sam frowned. Blind? But I can see… Sam just gave a mental shrug and sagged. He was going to die, anyway. Right here, virtually naked, beaten to hell and probably internally bleeding. Sam gave a wet sigh. Maybe it's better this way…


"... you dirty blind whore!"

Dean froze. He only heard the last part of that woman's sentence, but that was enough to set off alarms in his head. "Sam...?" he murmured. He ran to the alley that the woman and her daughter just came from. "Sam!" he called before cringing, remembering that he can't hear. He ran into the alleyway to stop frozen when he reached the end. A limp figure was sitting in the corner, almost completely naked except for a pair of boxers.

"Sam!" Dean ran up to Sam and carefully cradled Sam's head in his hands. His eyes were closed and his face was covered in a substance Dean recognized, but didn't dare acknowledge. "Wake up!" Dean gently shook Sam, making him moan and crack his dead eyes open. "Sam! Thank god! Can you see me?"

Sam blinked heavily, sure that was he was seeing wasn't real. "No..." he whimpered. He tried to pull his head away from Dean's grip but didn't have the strength. "Go 'way... please..."

Dean did a quick once over of Sam's body, noting the bruises, lash marks, and... other injuries. "We need to get you to a hospital..."

Sam tried to shake his head. "Please... leave..."

Dean kept Sam's head in a firm grip and foced Sam's eyes towards him. "You can see me, can't you?"

Sam frowned a little, trying to figure out what Dean was saying. "Sl-lower..."


Sam's frown deepened. "Slow..."

"Oh!" Dean looked directly in Sam's dead eyes, trying to convince his skeptic brain that Sam can see him. "See. Can... you... see?"

Sam slowly nodded. "G-get awaaay..."

Dean shook his head. "Not a chance in the world, little bro." He flipped out his cell and quickly called an ambulance. Then he tore off a piece of his shirt and started to wipe Sam's face off.

Sam flinched back when Dean started to clean his face. "No..." he whimpered.

Dean lay a hand on the back of Sam's head. "Shh... I'm just cleaning your face off," Dean said slowly, carefully enunciating every word.

"Dirty..." Sam said.

"That's right," Dean said distractedly.

"No... I'm dirt-ty... tainted... evil, bad... Please leave!" Sam sobbed. His sobs abruptly stopped when a harsh coughing spell came over him, a thin rivulet of blood coming out of his mouth.

"Oh god... Sam, you need to stay still!" Dean said to Sam's face.

"L-leeeeave..." Sam whispered before falling unconscious.

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