A/N: No spoilers.

Word Count: 100

Summary: E/O DRABBLE CHALLENGE. Word: Wrench (and variations thereof) I chose wrenching. Just a look at what might have been for the Winchesters

Disclaimer: I don't own Dean, John or Sammy. If I did I'd cut them a break.

The oldest boy made a fine wolf. Barrel chested, powerful.

He was angry at the world for what was taken from him. He killed without remorse.

His baby brother? A fledgling hawk. Death from above when fully grown.

And the father? A grizzly bear, tall, majestic. She loved the way the skin crinkled around his eyes.

He was a widower. Circe could tell by the way he carried himself.

The boy and his father radiated such heart wrenching sadness and grief.

The baby brother? Too young to care.

A part of them wanted to forget, so she took all three.