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I groggily woke before dawn on this day for an important reason. I had lived off vegetables for the past week and now I needed meat. Trufflehunter got aggravated with me when I hunted near his home, but he fed the deer and it was so easy to just pick off one of the ones that frequently hung around his burrow. If I got there early enough and everything went smoothy he would never know. I say that now, but somehow he always knew.

Maybe I wouldn't even have to hunt one of his deer if he is awake. Trufflehunter almost always fed me when I went over there for a visit. I sometimes think he makes extra just in case I show up. He is a really sweet little badger.

I scrubbed the off dirt from the day before in the cold spring in the back of my warm cave before getting dressed in my skirt of the scrap materials I'd gathered and the leather vest that Glenstorm made for me when he was training me to fight with a sword. To some people, like Truffle, my cave would seem dirty and unkempt, but I was fond of the way it retained the heat from my fire in the winter and how it stayed cool in the summer. The childish pictures I'd drawn long ago still adorned the walls, making it seem more homey. Some were suppose to be Glenstorm and his family. While others were of people like me and lions that I'd dreamed about.

I was a little reluctant to leave my home and venture out into the cold, misty morning. My bed was probably still warm and I could return to it and slip back into my dreams until sometime around midday when it would be much warmer out. But a loud groan from my stomach stifled that idea. I stoked up the smoldering coals from last night until I had a small fire blazing in my self made fire pit and put my one pot filled with water on the grate that hung over it. That way it would be boiling when I got back.

I strapped on the two short swords that Glenstorm had made for me and grabbed my bow and quiver of arrows before stepping out into the chilly morning. The forest was still dark and it would be spooky if I didn't know it so well, but the sky was beginning to lighten into the pale blue of the time before the sunrise. A sunrise I was very much looking forward to for it would spell the end of this dreadful chill that was seeping into my limbs.

As I got closer to Truffle's I found my mouth watering with the hope that he had made some of his "world famous soup" and I wouldn't have to kill one of his cute deer, but I was pulled out of my thoughts as I heard the most peculiar sound. At any other time I would just assume that the sound of hoof beats would one of the centaurs wandering about, but this was just entirely too early for a visit from one of them. They were far to busy to be making calls this early in the morning. Unless something bad happened.

Turns out that I was right and it wasn't a centaur as a black horse came galloping past me just as I got to Truffle's clearing. I only knew one creature that rode horses...Telmarines. All semblance of cold was suddenly gone from me as my heat went into over drive and I sprinted to the tree that held Truffle's burrow. I had to make sure they hadn't found him even though I was still trying to work around what they were actually doing here. Their superstitions kept them from even passing the treeline so to find one this far in was usually unheard of.

Luckily when I got there I only say one Telmarine. From what I could tell he looked either dead or unconscious as he lay on his back a few yards from Truffle's front door. I slowly drew my swords and held my breath as I crept closer. Hopefully he was dead, because if he wasn't I would have to kill him . But as I got closer I saw that he was just a boy, not much older than my young age of seventeen. He was definitely Telmarine and unfortunately quite handsome. It will be a shame to see him die.

I place both swords in my right hand and reach down to see if he had a pulse, but I yelped and jumped back in surprise as he opened his eyes and quickly bolted upright. Not knowing how he would react to me, I quickly returned my extra sword to my left hand and held them out in a defensive battle stance, ready to defend myself if necessary, but the boy just looked at me. In the dim morning light his eyes looked black as they pierced mine, but what I found there was shocking. Fear. He was afraid. Of what I didn't have time to ask, because at that moment Nikabrik and Trumpkin came bursting out of Truff's house. Keeping my swords raised I looked back at them as they looked from me to the boy. Trumpkin suddenly rushed at the boy and for a split second I thought of stopping him because this boy was not armed, but he stopped suddenly by himself as he caught sight of something laying near the young man. I didn't have time to follow his gaze because more hoof beats could be heard and the sound of men yelling came with them. More Telmarines.

"Take care of him!" Trumpkin barked at me and motioned to the boy before he went charging into the forest towards the soldiers.

"No Trumpkin!" I shouted and followed after him, forgetting all about the Telmarine that was laying near Truffle's home. When I caught up to him he had taken a couple down, but one soldier had knocked him out and was riding off with him. The others stayed back probably to comb the area, but today was not there lucky day. My vision went white with rage as I charged the three men, knocking one over and running another through before he could even draw his sword. The blood that spilled from him looked black in the low light.

"Your first mistake was coming into these woods." I growled as I rushed another man who was staring at me in shock. He skill was nothing compared to mine and with a flick of my wrist his sword went flying and I stabbed my sword into the exposed area near his armpit twisting toward his lung. Then sent my other sword through his armor and into his heart, ending it quickly. I wrenched my swords from the man's carcass and turned to the last soldier to see him crawling backwards and away from me, his sward a few feet from his reaching distance. He had such fear in his eyes that I was forced to take pity on him. My mind was screaming that he didn't deserve it, but I just couldn't kill him in his exposed and unarmed state.

"Your second mistake was attacking my friend. I will let you live, but if you or any other Telmarine should return you will not be so lucky twice." With that he jumped up and ran off and I was left with the sharp pain of loosing my friend. I reached up to wipe the tears from my face and ended up smearing blood all over my cheeks, but the the tears would not stop. I stuffed my swords back into their sheaths and turned to go back to the clearing when I heard Nikabrik yell something. I ran over the hill with my heart in my throat and the fear that I might loose another friend, but stopped when I saw the boy throw his head back and blow a horn I didn't know he had. The loud sound resonated around me and through the still forest, spooking me a little. The wind seemed to pick up at ghostly howl from the horn until Nikabrik swiftly knocked the boy out and started barking orders for me to help him. Nikabrik stood over the young man with his dagger drawn and I knew he was about to kill this boy, but I couldn't bring myself to stop him. Because of this guy Trumpkin was gone and I didn't know if I'd ever see him again. Truffle's yell stopped Nikabrik instead. He must have been standing there the whole time, because I never heard his door open.

"No Nikabrik! Don't kill him!" Nikabrik looked at Truffle like he'd lost his mind, but he grudgingly put his dagger away. "You drag him in here Nikabrik and Aria you grabbed that horn and the boys things."

I didn't even stop the wonder why he wanted to spare this guy. My face was still hot from the tears that were spilling down it. This wasn't fair at all. I just wanted to gain a meal, but instead I lost friend.

The group of men gasped as I was pushed roughly into the room. The leader in the middle of the room started speaking, "You forget my Lords, Narnia used to be a savage land." This guy didn't have any idea what he was talking about.

They picked me up so I couldn't struggle as much and dropped me mercilessly in the middle of the room. The head guy walked up to me and continued his rant. "Fierce creatures roamed free."

I was caught up wondering about Nikabrik and Aria. Was I able to keep the soldiers away from them? Were they okay? Out of nowhere one of the soldiers in the chase stepped up beside me. He looked scared as he started stuttering out is words.

"Sh-she ambushed us." This grabbed my whole attention. Was he talking about Aria? "We were going to st-stay behind to look for Prince Caspian, but someone knocked me to the ground and when I was able to get back up she had already killed Alonzo. She quickly killed Rico. She was impossibly fast and fierce like a beast disguised as a young girl. She was no older than our Prince."

Oh yeah he was talking about Aria. She had always been faster than normal. "She said that coming into the wood was our first mistake and hurting her friends was our second." He looked extremely embarrassed to be telling how he'd been bested by a mere girl. "I got away, but she said that any Telmarine who came back into the forest would not be so lucky."

A low murmur went around the room. The men were talking now. Whispering about the new threat in the forest. This did not bode well for us.

I knew there was a reason I'd always liked her. "You see what I mean?" Miraz began again. "Much of our forefathers blood was shed to exterminate this vermin." He stopped pacing in front of me and looked down at me disgusted.

Your ugly too big guy.

"But while we've been here bickering amongst ourselves they've been breeding like cockroaches under a rock. Growing stronger. Watching us. Waiting to strike!" As he said that last part he slapped me. I'm not gonna lie it hurt, but I wouldn't give them the satisfaction. I looked back up at him glad that he'd knocked the gag out of place.

"And you wonder why we don't like you." He acted as if I hadn't said anything. Typical.

"Well I intend to strike back even if I have to cut down the entire forest I assure you I will find Prince Caspian and finish what our ancestors began."

I could only hope that Truff, Nik, and Aria knew what they had to do. And may Aslan be with them on their journey.