Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow

Ghost of the Devil


Summery: The son of the Devil, heir to the Dark Lord... Normalicy and sanity was something long fought for with an ocasional backslide to the dark. Outsiders never really understood the nature of that internal fight. It didn't start in the some dank castle bounds, but in a soul that was so alien that most considered it evil. Except for a select few.

He'd always been a night person, prone to snoozing until noon or later unless an alarm clock wasn't set against his ear in full screech and a rain of old water thrown over his blankets. He had a fondness for high places, a disregard for consequence, and a pair of piercing black eyes and a curious head of prematurely silver hair that actually took the edge off of his eccentricity and made him somewhat socially acceptable.

He also had a thing for bats, an affection for a maligned beast that girls normally reserved or squirrels or bunnies.

"Soma-san, whatever are you doing out in the dark this late?"

He was young then, younger than young in that premature bliss that is oblivious to concept of maturity and lies. His newest acquisition was dangling from his finger tips and he just had to show someone.

Anyway, Mother had asked, so he answered with showing. Turning on his heel he proudly lifted his hand and the creature alighted from it.

The conlusion was forgone, his mother screamed, the bat shrieked. One broke of into flight, the other bolted in fright.

Holding an empty hand he looked to the patch of sky what was whipped with a wing born breeze than to the fadding form of his mother as she ran off. His smile was quickly fading and soon gone. With tear filled eyes he looked at nothing in particular, then hovering between the shock that preceeded a crying spat and a place of wonder wehre crying was not allowed he raised his smarting fingers to his lips. Red pooled around three small holes in his longest and second longest fingers. Idly he looekd at the finger with burning eyes, then since no one was thre to tell him not to he licked the red droplets from his pale digits.