Back in the Day

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Prompt: Wrench

Prompt 2: Acorn (deangirl, this one's dedicated to you for your awesome bunny drabble)


Sam glanced at his brother when he exited the bathroom. Dean was engrossed in watching something on the crappy TV and clearly having fun.

"What's that?" Sam asked conversationally.


Frowning at the clothes' old design, Sam approached the sofa and Dean shot him a glare.

"I'm terribly injured, I get to choose the program, remember?"

Dean obviously enjoyed the advantages of nursing a wrenched wrist a bit too much. The younger Winchester sighed overdramatically but his fond look betrayed him.

"It's 'The Acorn Syndrome' from a British show called 'Professionals'. They've got cool cars. Dad used to watch it."

The End

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