Hand to Hand

: I don't own "Supernatural", sadly, but the boys are such a treat to play with…

A/N: My gratitude goes out to my awesome beta twinchaosblade who makes sense of my stuff, even if I don't.

A/N 2: Response to the Drabble Challenge by Enkidu07 and Onyx Moonbeam

All fellow players can be looked up on Enkidu07's profile page (the many, many names finally exceeded the drabble word count, hehe).

Prompt: Wrench

Setting: Missing scene to "Tall Tales", guess to which part… LOL


Dean wriggled helplessly underneath his 'little' brother, trying desperately to shift positions – preferably to his advantage. Instead he lost the last remnants of his balance, tumbling off the bed. At least he took Sam down with him.

The two of them landed gracelessly in a heap of limbs on the shabby carpet and breathed heavily before continuing their childish struggles. At long last, Sam managed to wrench his money clip from Dean's hand.

Pissed off, the older man grabbed his jacket and left the room, mumbling bad curses.

"I'll call Bobby now," Sam shouted when the door banged shut.

The End