Title: Mud Slide
Author: Enkidu07
Disclaimer: These characters are not my creation, but I do enjoy beating on them.
Challenge Word: Wrench/ed/es/ing
A/N: I actually meant to wrench Dean's back. But then his knee went out. Oops. The upside is that now I am working on a wrenched!back story and it is giving me lots of fictional pleasure :)


Sam saw Dean go down. He brought his gun up looking for what had knocked Dean off his feet.

"Fuck," Dean roared, twisting in the mud.

Sam dropped beside his brother, scanning the trees.

Dean panted, face puckered, mud clinging. "Wrenched my knee," he finally spit out.

Sam rested one hand on Dean's arm, reached for the joint.

Dean pushed at him, then grabbed tight when Sam curled fingers behind his calf.

"What hit you?"


"What took you down?" Sam clarified glancing around fervently.

Dean let his head drop, squishing into the earth.

"Fucking mud," he mumbled.

Sam snorted.