This fanfic is yet again a result of my utter boredom and my never ending daydreams about the beloved vampire doctor, Carlisle Cullen. Now you all know how much I love him.

Since the books never mentioned when Carlisles birthday is, I'll go with fact and assumption. When Bella came to visit the Cullens, Edward told her that Carlisle was getting ready to celebrate his birthday. Considering she visited them sometime in March, Carlisles birthday has to be in March as well. So, I'm going to go ahead and assume that his birthday is March 17th and assume that he is 399 years old. Therefore, this birthday will be his 400th. Just go along with me here. ;)


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Part I- Preparations

(Bella POV)

Only yesterday did I realize something amazing was going to happen.

Today is March 16th, and I learned yesterday about the birthday of Edward's father, Carlisle.

Apparently his birthday is tomorrow and it's pure chaos between the Cullen family.

Tomorrow Carlisle will be turning 400 years old. That was quite a feat that amazed me.

And, not to mention, he looked more than good for his age. In my mind, he's the second most handsome Cullen guy to Edward.

Of course I knew him well. I basically lived at the Cullen house.

It's been a while since we had an interesting conversation. It was about a year ago at my birthday party when I, being the klutz I usually am, hurt myself and needed stitches.

I always thought of him as my second father. He's open and kind to talk to and relaxing to be with. And it's a plus that he's a doctor, because when you're around me, you know how much of a danger magnet I am.

And now that it was his birthday, I was equally excited as all the Cullens were.

Of course, nobody could match the spirit of Alice and all her crazy little ideas.

The pixie planned a surprise birthday party for Carlisle, and she planned to go all the way.

By now, she was almost done with all the preparations. The house was fully decorated in multi-colored ribbons and 'Happy Birthday!' signs everywhere.

The living room, from how Emmett described it to me earlier, looked like a fun house. And Alice couldn't be more proud of herself as she sped down the road chatting about how she planned everything perfectly.

She's dragging me to go shopping for a dress for the party.

I guess she finally realized that I wasn't paying attention to her when she decided to grab my arm to get my full attention.

"Yes Alice," I yawned slightly.

" can't be tired already! We only went to 9 stores so far," Alice pouted at me before looking back at the road. "You're no fun!"

Yeah. Only 9 stores? We left to go shopping at three. It's going on six now.

Alice broke her own record this time.

I stared out the window in silence as we continued down the road. Alice was determined to find me the perfect dress and, at the rate we're going, I don't plan to leave Port Angeles until after eight.

I groaned out loud as she pulled into the parking lot of an expensive- looking store.

"Come on Bella! Alice will find you the most beautiful dress ever!," Alice squealed as she got out of the car and ran to my side to pull me out.

"That's what I'm worried about," I said as I got out of the car, being pulled to the store by Alice holding my arm.

When we walked inside, I knew that this was some designer clothing line. The tag on one dress said 400 dollars! I hope that Alice isn't thinking that she's going to spend that much money on me.

She looked around and almost immediately, a gleam appeared in her eyes.

"Come on! I see one!." Alice took off, pulling me along whether I wanted to or not.

We stopped in front of a mannequin wearing a beautiful dress.

It was violet-red colored with tons of lace, a low v-neck and looked somewhat Victorian. It was definitely revealing.

And I was definitely not wearing that.

"Alice, I don't think that dress is for me. Can I look and pick one I like?," I asked.

Alice moaned and rolled her eyes.

"Fine. But, I have to approve of it before we buy it," Alice said.

I smiled.

"That's fair enough."

I turned around to see the other dresses when a cute sapphire- colored dress caught my eye.

I always liked darker colors, but this dress was gorgeous.

It was knee length and had a floral print with small bunched sleeves with straps too and in the middle was a sequin/ bead design. (1)

I normally wouldn't like things like this, but I thought it might just look good on me.

I walked over to it to show Alice my choice.

" suits you. I think we'll take this one," Alice smiled.

Alice took it off the rack and I followed her to the register.

As she was paying for it, she turned back and spoke.

"Now all you have to do is relax, let me do your makeup and hair and you'll be a beautiful as a doll in no time!"

I rolled my eyes and laughed.

"I have no choice in the matter anyway."

Alice was right, however. She was a beauty expert.

The dress she had chosen for herself was beautiful. It made her look almost surreal when she put on makeup to show me how it looked.

It was purple with one side longer than the other and it was covered in ruffles. (2) She bought silver heels to go with it and had a purple scarf to put around her arms. Sometimes I envied her beauty. That was one of those times.

I was never one for makeup. Keep things plain and simple was always my way of thinking.

But, considering tomorrow was such a special day, I would go along what whatever they had planned.

Happy that the long day of shopping was over, I was glad when we were on our way home.

Tonight I would wrap my present for Carlisle and take a nice long nap.

After all, tomorrow is going to be a long day.

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(1) (2)- The links to the dresses are in my profile. Check them out; they are beautiful!

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