Disclaimer: Not mine, unfortunately.

Challenge Word: Wrench(ed)

Word Count: 100

Just before the Impala reached their current motel, Sam turned towards Dean.

"Let's keep going."

Dean glanced at his brother.

"Where and why?"

"The bar down the street. I'm still wired. Besides, this is a first—neither of us got banged up."

"C'mon, Sammy, that's nothing new."

Scoffing, Sam replied. "Name one hunt in the past year where we both didn't get hurt."

"The banshee in DuPont."

"Dislocated shoulder."

"The wendigo in Eastport?"

"Wrenched knee."

"The kelpie in Alachua?"

"Sprained ankle, partial drowning."

"The aswang in Gallup?"

"First asthma attack in 14 years."

Dean shrugged.

"Huh…guess this is a first."