Twenty Ways That Cristina Annoys Owen

She gloats when she wins at Monopoly. For days.

From what he understands, most men don't even put a new roll of toilet paper on, so what difference does it make which way he does it?

He has to pick up her underwear and put it in the hamper before they can have anyone over.

She is a terrible driver.

She hates bowling.

He suspects she sings along off-key to the Rolling Stones on purpose to annoy him.

She says she's not a princess and to stop treating her like one, but she turns into a princess when he leaves the toilet seat up.

She sometimes gets dressed in black lace lingerie before going to work, where he can see her, knowing that's all he will think about all day.

She thinks Chewbacca is an overgrown Ewok.

Meredith has to make sure she never forgets his birthday after that one time.

She never checks the oil in the car.

She often wins their arguments by using logic and facts.

She hates camping.

She never cleans but doesn't want to get a dog "because of the mess".

When she gets sick, she is a terrible patient.

She thinks he can read her mind so she doesn't have to explain things using words.

She sulks when he beats her at chess.

She knows that she just has to flick her hair in the right way to make him turn the football game off and follow her into the bedroom.

She never sorts the recyclables from the trash.

From their very first kiss, he knew there would never be another woman for him but her, and he would be spending the rest of his life trying to be worthy of her love.