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The Millennium Falcon was not a particularly streamlined ship, but that had no bearing at all in space. What she was was a fast ship, a good ship, a ship that was almost always fixable.

Almost always.

Luke Skywalker, his head morosely resting on one shoulder, stared off at nothing in particular, thinking. He really hoped the ship wasn't going to break down- she'd shuddered oddly when entering hyperspace, and despite Han's reassuring words, Luke knew full well that that was not a good sign.

And he needed to get where he was going soon.

Those had been the conditions. He was a wanted man and a valued pilot. He had been given two days, and if he went over them- High Command had been sympathetic, but not that sympathetic.

He supposed he might've been given more time had he not been taking a member of the Command along, but Leia had seen something in his eyes and insisted on joining himself and Han.

"I've heard of her," she had said. "She was- I think my father knew her. She was a great person."

Luke had looked at her. "Do you think she was my mother?"

It was the same question he'd asked Mothma, Reeikan, a very unhelpful Han for goodness sakes- anyone who looked like they might have some memories of the Old Republic. Even Mon Mothma, who'd told him Padmé Amidala's name to begin with, had told him- multiple times, trying to spare him from being crushed- that she wasn't sure.

"I just know that if Anakin Skywalker was in love- and I can't quite get my mind around that, the Jedi poster boy- but I didn't know him. I only really knew the Senator herself through reputation. But, Commander, if he was in love, she would be a probable candidate. He was her bodyguard on and off for years. There were I a few times I caught them staring at each other- I didn't wonder then. But sometimes I wonder now."

It was the only lead Luke had. His mother. He'd known his father's name for years- back when he thought that the Jedi- the Jedi hero, according to what little information he'd found- had flown on spice freighters.

And he knew that his father was dead. And he knew that that was all he was ever going to know, because with Ben Kenobi dead, the only other person- thing- in the galaxy apt to know anything about Anakin Skywalker's death was Vader.

And Luke doubted he'd have many chances- or really want many chances- for a heart-to-heart interview with him.

But Padmé Amidala was different. She had a history. Leia had heard of her, for instance, though Han drew a blank. (Luke doubted Han could name any former senators who weren't Leia, and possibly not even her.)


And there was Leia now.

"Luke, are you all right?"

Luke nodded slowly. "Yeah. How much longer?"

"Captain Solo says about two hours." Her tone suggested she doubted this.

"Han figured out what that thing jumping into hyperspace was?"

Leia shook her head. "No. He doesn't seem too worried, but I doubt he'd be worried if one of the engines fell off."

Great. They were having another one of their arguments. Over the months he'd known them, this pattern had established itself. There would be cheerful periods where everyone was on a first name basis and supply missions and command briefings went well- and then there would be the days on end when they'd refuse to speak to each other and Han would threaten to leave the Rebellion.

Frequently, in fact, this cycle could occur in a matter of hours, and as the months had gone by it had gotten worse.

But Luke had other things to worry about. In fact, he had a great deal of things to worry about.

Several more than he knew.


The Emperor had been in a nasty mood since the destruction of the Death Star. Darth Vader could sympathize up to a point, if sympathy remained in his nature, which it didn't. But he was also a bit upset- the Death Star had been a mistake, of course, and he had almost been pleased it was gone and attention could be focused onto more important aspects of the galactic conflict.

Such as the name of the Force-strong pilot who'd made that lucky shot.

But Palpatine, being furious, had decided to take out his anger by tormenting those who served him, and that was the reason that instead of prowling around his ship glaring at incompetent flunkies, Vader was on this accursed mission.

He did not really understand the point of sending him to Naboo, unless it was solely to make him detest Sidious more than he already did, which, to be honest, it probably was. It was her planet, the planet where Anakin Skywalker had had some of his few happy days, the place that still bordered on the edges of his dreams when he let his guard down.

So far in the voyage from Imperial Center, three officers were dead and another had deserted, and Vader was trying fervently to meditate and ignore all sentient presence around him.

Returning without a crew was almost certainly what Palpatine wanted.


"I'm worried about the kid, Leia."

Leia sighed. "Captain Solo, Luke is going to be-"

"He's convinced himself this woman he's never even heard of is his mother! He's giving himself false hope, and then he's just going to-"

"I didn't realize you cared."

Han just glared at her.

Leia sighed again. "Luke knows better than that, Captain. He's just trying to explore all the possibilities-"

"You and I both know that's not true, your Highness."

There was silence.

"He just wants a family, Han." Leia's voice was soft, and she wasn't completely sure she'd spoken aloud.

Han was about to make another remark about how she didn't understand the situation at all- he'd spent a few years back when he was Luke's age wondering who his parents had been, but it was a big galaxy and you couldn't go chasing off after every little sparkle in the distance when you had real life to live- but then he thought better of it.

"He's got you," suggested Han. You've got him.

Leia shook her head, staring at her fingernails. "I'm worried about him, too. Padmé Amidala- she died, unmarried, twenty years ago, a few days before his birth's even on the records. He won't listen."

Han, without really considering why, put his hand lightly on her shoulder. She did not shake it off.