"How're you doing in there, Emily?" Lia called through her friend's bedroom door.

"One more second, and I'll have everything on," she called back.

"Everything? What the hell did you two shop for?" Cheryl frowned, clearly confused.

"She picked out something special for under her dress."

"I'm sure Matt will be happy."

"He better, it wasn't cheap." Emily finally came out of the room, straightening a dress strap.

"I don't think you need to worry," Cheryl smirked. She couldn't imagine Matt not enjoying his girlfriend in lingerie.

"Thanks, beautiful dress, by the way." She nodded to the sleek, angle-length strapless dress of dark emerald encasing her boss.

"Thanks, yours too." Emily's dress was a deep, almost burnt purple, knee length with thicker straps that were part of the V-neckline.

Both addresses accentuated their curves, though Emily's also gave the effect of very long legs. Lia went the more playful route, with what was more or less a cocktail dress. It was black and white, and ceased being sleek at her waist, where it poofed out a little until it stopped at her knees.

"See Lia, I told you those shoes would work, it looks great. Duff will swallow his tongue." Emily grinned.

"I'm not wearing it for Duff," she insisted, blushing. They'd only been on a few dates with no sex, tonight she wanted Duff unable to resist.

"Sure you're not," Cheryl said.

"Alright, I need to do make-up, what time is it?" Emily shook herself back to business.

"Six-thirty, you've got ten minutes, so you better hurry," Lia said.

"Damn corset," Emily mumbled, charging into her bathroom.

"Uh, more information than I needed, Emily," Cheryl called helplessly.

In ten minutes their dates would arrive at Emily's apartment, where they'd decided to be girly and get ready together. Tonight was the annual FBI Ceremonies Dinner, where they gaped at their coworkers in formal-wear, congratulated those honored for whatever reason, and ate expensive, hard to identify foods off over-priced china. Obviously, Matt was taking Emily, Duff was taking Lia, and Cheryl surprised everyone by deciding to go on the arm of her CIA friend. She still owed him, and his chosen payment was dinner, though he didn't specify anything about the dinner. Cheryl took complete advantage.

Emily was struggling to get on her eyeliner thinly when the doorbell sounded, and nearly made her screw up. "If that's Matt tell him that he's going to have to wait a minute!"

"It's Duff, don't worry! I'll see you there, Em!" Lia called, as she raced out the door on the arm of the young HRT agent. He cleaned up nice, and matched Lia black and white to black and white.

Emily was walking out of her bathroom the second time the doorbell rang, and Cheryl introduced her to Special Agent Scott Cooper of the CIA. Unfortunately, Cheryl picked green and he matched his shirt to her, giving him—with the red hair—a leprechaun look. He didn't seem to mind though, as he led her out the door.

Emily grabbed her clutch and fell onto her couch exhausted from the marathon of getting ready after work but in time for the dinner. Fortunately, she'd decided not to screw with her hair and just let it naturally curl. Actually none of them had messed much with their hair, both Lia and Cheryl left theirs straight and down. Who had the time?

After ten minutes of waiting, Emily started to get nervous. How could he possibly be late? All he had to do was shower, throw on his suit, and comb his hair. How complicated did that get? Perfume! She forgot perfume, and raced back to her bedroom to apply the expensive Italian fragrance she saved for formal occasions like these. The clock continued ticking, and getting dangerously close to seven.

Five minutes to and phone in her hand, there it was finally, the doorbell went off for the third time.

"Where the hell have you been, we're going to be late?" Emily demanded, opening the door.

There was Matt, looking very apologetic with a small bouquet of white lilies and red roses in his hands.

"I drove halfway here and realized that I forgot to get flowers," he explained.

"You didn't have to get me flowers."

"One thing my old man taught was that you never show up at a women's house in a suit without flowers in your hand."

"Even for a work function?"

"You don't know my old man," Matt said shaking his head.

If there was one thing Flannery Sr. wasn't shy about teaching his boys, it was about how to treat a woman. He loved their mother more than anything, and made sure his boys knew that, that was what was important.

"Well then, thank you." Emily smiled and kissed him, leaning into him. Matt wrapped his arms around her and held her closer, noticing something interesting.

"You have something underneath that dress," he stated when they broke apart.

Emily just grinned, and retreated to her kitchen with the flowers.

"Where the hell have you two been? They've already started giving out commendations. Duff just got one for jumping in that laundry shoot," Cheryl whispered at Matt and Emily as they slid quietly into seats beside her.

They looked toward the stage where a very serious Duff stood among several other men and women holding certificate-looking folios. Emily turned toward Lia, who's eyes hadn't moved from her date, and grinned, nudging Matt. He looked over, and offered his girlfriend an unimpressed look. Guys just don't find things like that cute.

"Sorry, we'll explain later," Emily whispered to Cheryl.

"Thank you, Ladies and Gentlemen for your courageous efforts," Assistant Director Kirby Daniels spoke to the agents on stage and led them in a round of applause.

The ceremony went on and on for another forty-five minutes, in which Frank received a special leadership commendation, and a whispered promise from the AD of a pay raise. He'd earned it the last several years, as Cheryl and the other SAC's only had good things to say about him.

"And now, ladies and gentlemen, we'd like to honor two of our agents, who've been partnered the last two years. Washington has chosen two of LA's agents to receive Medals for Meritorious Achievement, so to present those, Deputy Director Kersh," Daniels announced, stepping aside.

An older man they all knew as their boss's, boss's, boss's, boss, right below the director himself, took the microphone, cleared his throat and began.

"Washington has been watching these two Agents since their SAC paired them, and we haven't been disappointed. The top of their field, they've navigated numerous life or death situations, and come out successful time and again. More than once their own lives have been in jeopardy, and they haven't balked. And—though obviously against policy—they've both put their lives on the line, to save the lives of others. So please join me, thanking and congratulating Special Agents Matt Flannery and Emily Lehman of the Crisis Negotiation Unit for their courage and bravery," he finished calmly, clapping his hands.

Cheryl smiled and nudged her two wide-eyed friends toward the stage. They hadn't known this was coming, but as their supervisor she'd been consulted as to their merit and recommended them whole-heartedly.

Once out of their seats, Matt and Emily managed to wander through the tables amidst applause and reach the stage. Like a gentleman, Matt assisted his girlfriend, partner, and now fellow medal recipient up the steps.

Kersh handed the still surprised agents small wooden boxes with metals displayed elegantly on ribbons, as all three smiled for the cameras. Neither were much for attention, but smiled pleasantly, accustomed to faking it for the press. They were finally released, and walked back down the steps to more applause, which died abruptly, allowing someone's words to carry loudly through the hall.

"Yeah, now if only they could stay out of each other's pants."

Everyone went dead silent, leaving two once again stunned, and now embarrassed negotiators to maneuver through the tables back to their own. Daniels took to the microphone again.

"Well folks, we can't expect everything now can we?" He asked, earning the crowds laughter.

Back at their table, Matt and Emily were trying to melt into the floor, and their friends were cracking up.

"Your agents seem more interested in each other than in their awards," Scott pointed out, as he and Cheryl walked around mingling. A few agents knew him, but many gave Cheryl strangle looks when she mentioned he was CIA.

Cheryl followed his gaze toward Matt and Emily, who were still at the table, facing each other and completely focused on their conversation. They were both smiling too, something she was used to seeing when she walked by their cubicle. If they weren't turned into their computers, they were facing each other, smiling, and talking. Scott was right, and that didn't surprise her one bit.

"That's because they are more interested in each other."

"That doesn't worry you?" If two of his subordinates were so obviously taken with each other, they wouldn't be partners.

"They were just given honors from Washington, why should I be worried?"

"You have a point. They just seem…"

"Happy together?"

"Yeah, that works," Scott nodded.

"I was partnered with Matt five years, and I don't think he smiled as much in all five as he has the last two," Cheryl said.

"Good for them. Now, how about you and I dance?" He grinned, he figured Cheryl would turn him down in five seconds.

"Dance? Sure," she grinned, and grabbed his hand, leading the surprised CIA agent off.

"You know, I still want to know what's under that dress," Matt whispered close to Emily's ear.

"Do you now?"

"Very much."

"You think we have a shot at getting away?" She asked, grinning.

"If you're serious, I will make sure we do."

"I'm serious." Two little words and a smile was all she needed, and she knew Matt would get them out of there.

It wouldn't be easy, people had been coming to their table to congratulate them all night, but he would most definitely find a way. He wasn't the only one that would rather be naked in a hotel room than sitting in the dining room, waiting for cake and coffee. The place was so huge, if people came looking for them, they'd just keep looking. All they had to do was actually get away.

"Alright, I've got a plan. You head toward the bathroom, powder your nose or whatever, and I'll get a room, and meet you outside," Matt suggested.

"Powder my nose?" Emily raised an eyebrow.

"Or whatever," he stressed.

"Alright, but be quick getting the room, I can only hang out in the bathroom so long," she said.

"What are you two whispering about over there?" Frank asked from across the table, having been watching his two friends whisper and grin at each other for ten minutes.

"Dirty thoughts, Frank," Emily said, smiling.

Frank rolled his eyes. "Why did I even bother asking, I could have guessed that."

Emily just smiled, as she got up and left for the ladies room.

Matt sat patiently as Frank's attention was diverted back on to his date, and Lia and Duff got up to dance. Grabbing their medals, he dodged one of their superiors heading his way, and made it to the lobby with minimal evasive maneuvering.

"Sir?" The young woman at the desk asked.

"Uh, I'd like a room for tonight." He looked around the lobby, hoping no one from the Bureau saw him.

"What kind of room?"

"Regular room, two adults…" Matt tried, not sure what she meant. He began to fidget.

"King or Queen bed?"

"King." May as well, right?

"Alright, that's $320," she said, taking his offered credit card, ignoring that he was growing even more fidgety.

After five minutes, she presented him with two receipts and his credit card. Matt hurriedly signed one, grabbed the other, his card, and the key card she handed him, and practically leapt away from the desk. He power-walked to the ladies room, just in time to see Emily coming out, and swept her against his chest.

"Smooth, did you get the room?" She asked, not to be distracted from their mission.

"Yep, 710, elevators over there, let's hurry before someone sees us."

The two agents rushed over to the elevator bank, where Matt began jamming the button until the car came. They dove in together, watched the doors close, and managed to stop fidgeting. They were safe. No one could stop them now.

They refrained from groping each other in the elevator—barely—and walked, cuddled closely, down the hallway of the seventh floor until they hit room number ten. For once, the key went in and unlocked the door without a fight, and Matt had the presence of mind to hang the 'Do Not Disturb' tag on the door.

That was the end of their self-control.

Everything in their hands fell to the floor, and they pressed against each other in a flurry of kisses and caresses. While pressing his body into hers, Matt unzipped Emily's dress down to her ass, which he found happily to be bare. He ran his hands from her ass up her back, before easing the dress from her shoulders. Emily worked it the rest the way down, until it was on the floor, and she could step out of it.

Matt swallowed. The woman he loved stood in front of him, wearing blue-grey and black lacey bustier, matching thong, garters and stockings, and her three-inch heels that put them at the same height.

"I've died and gone to heaven," he blurted.

"Come here." She smiled and gestured him with a finger.

Emily pressed her body against his, moving ever so slightly against that one special part until she heard him moan. Then she pulled away just enough to begin working calmly on his shirt buttons. Matt worked much less calmly on his pants, forgetting about his shoes as he pulled them down, and nearly sending them both to the floor. Emily giggled and kissed him, as she eased his shirt off, leaving it to fall to the floor with his jacket and tie.

She pushed him against the bed until he fell back, enjoying having all the control. Matt actually seemed a little overwhelmed by her…attire. She enjoyed that feeling, knowing the effect she had on him. Watching him struggle to swallow and breathe, seeing him stare at her in unbridled lust, that was a better aphrodisiac than anything she could imagine.

Matt laid on his back, completely at the mercy of the beautiful woman straddling him. Normally, he liked control, they tended to vie for it, but right then, he had no desire to take it from her. Emily leaned in over him, and Matt gasped; he didn't think he'd ever been quite as turned on as he was then.

They began to kiss and touch, growing more heated with every little bit of contact. They were the only two people in the room, but they may as well have been the only two people in the world. Emily moaned as Matt pressed against her, between her legs, the soft cotton of his boxer-briefs rubbing against her thighs. They were so focused, so intent on each other, neither heard the soft little ding from the lock.

They didn't hear the door open either, but they did hear it close.

This story will be about three chapters, a short little divergence from Falling. Thanks for reading!