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A long time ago, in a Galaxy far, far away… (This is where you hum the theme song) STAR WARS THE DARKENED FORCE

It has been a total of two hundred and fifty years after the fall of the empire. With the death of the Sith Lords, Sidious and Vader, has come a time of prosperity and peace for the galaxy. The Republic has been reformed and the Jedi slowly rebuild their numbers.

But despite this time of peace, danger still lurks in the dark depths of space. One man may tip the scales.

Every Jedi in the galaxy has had orders to come back to the Jedi temple on Coruscant, and so far, none of them have returned.

In the Jedi Temple, the life of one boy will never be the same again.

Chapter One: Dreams

The planet Coruscant: a planet-wide metropolis with every being the galaxy has ever known. But our story doesn't begin in the cities of Coruscant, it begins in the Jedi Temple, now rebuilt since the Jedi returned.

A young boy with Padawan-cut hair and braid was right at the entryway to the Jedi Temple that had been his home for almost six years. He couldn't have been much older than seven, was clad in white Jedi robes, and was holding a blue lightsaber in his hand, holding it in a Soresu battle position.

He stood right in front of a door in the Jedi Temple, immediately sensing that something was wrong long before he crossed the threshold. Slowly, he entered the temple and his hold on the lightsaber's handle tightened.

Inside the temple were five Jedi surrounding one man wearing the a mask with a visor. The mask itself seemed emotionless: white, save the black vocabulator just below the visor. The figure was clad in black robes similar to the boy's own, the only exception being the stone-gray armor plating that covered his chest.

The Jedi had drawn their lightsabers, which were varying in the colors green and blue. Yet the intruder didn't seem to be intimidated by their numbers; he was just standing there.

"Give up." One Jedi said, his face as cold as stone, "The Sith lost the war long time ago. Today is no different."

The person in black merely laughed a humorless laugh, then pulled off his helmet to reveal a human face. He had sickly-pale skin, greasy black hair, and blood-red eyes. His eyes seemed to be much larger than any human's and were shaped like almonds. A huge scar cut across his face and connected both ears, crossing his nose in the process.

"Lost?" the man asked in a cruel, accented voice. He reached out with the Force and a lightsaber flew into his outstretched hand. "Sidious was only the beginning." He ignited his lightsaber, which turned the color of old blood, then fresh blood, and finally open flame.

The boy watched as this "Sith Lord" spun his blade in a complex form of Jedi art, then readied it so that the bar of plasma faced behind him. "Let this remind you…" the Sith threatened, "Why the Jedi once feared the Dark."

Right there and then, one Jedi just couldn't wait anymore; he sprang. The Sith Lord backflipped to avoid it, landing on the floor. Reaching into the force, he jumped in the air and caused the floor below him to collapse into a massive hole over three meters wide. None of the Jedi knew how deep the hole was, but for some reason the Sith Lord fell right into the hole. He fell to the floor below and all remained silent.

The five Jedi, thinking he was gone, deactivated their lightsabers. The Sith were always the type to run away…but the next second, a Jedi fell to the ground, clutching his foot in agony. The Jedi Knight had a clean burn wound that started at the heel and went all the way up to his knee.

The Jedi that had fallen was dead one second later, because a crimson bar of plasma shot through the floor and stabbed him through chest. The red bar disappeared back underground the hole in the floor along with the Jedi's lightsaber.

"WHAT?!" a female Jedi exclaimed, but was more than surprised when a pair of lightsabers raced out of the hole in the ground, suspended in midair. Before she could contemplate it further, one of the crimson blades began to jab at her legs. She parried madly, filling the air with crackling plasma, then continually jumped away from the oncoming lightsabers.

One Jedi met his death after he had jumped away from a lightsaber. When he was out of harm's way, a chunk of the temple floor suddenly flew up…with the Jedi still standing on it. The chunk of debris continued rocketing upward and smashed him into the ceiling. He was crushed in an instant.

That left three Jedi against one Sith, but he had killed two of his opponents without even coming out of his hole. Whoever this Lord of the Sith was, he was certainly a far cry from Vader or Sidious.

The female Jedi parried the oncoming blades, then backflipped to avoid one final swing. She was less-than-expecting a pair of pillars on each of her sides to come crumbling down…right on top of her.

Only two Jedi remained, though one was certainly facing troubles containing himself. This Sith had killed three of their number without even trying. "Come out and face me, you coward!"

The second Jedi looked at his comrade in shock; his fellow warrior of light had just let his anger take control. The lightsabers stopped in midair, as though they had been lodged into a ray shield, then went back into the gaping hole in the ground.

For one split second, nothing happened, then another chunk of the ground exploded like a land mine and the Sith Lord jumped out of it. The Sith landed right in front of the two Jedi and he called a lightsaber into his hand.

"Coward?" the Sith Lord asked, walking towards the Jedi with a menacing glare in his eye, "The Jedi are the cowards. You were basically afraid of the dark, but WE explored its depths."

The Sith Lord pulled out his lightsaber and pointed it at the Jedi like an accusing finger. The Jedi readied his own lightsaber, green facing crimson.

The Sith charged and lashed out at the Jedi, who raised his weapon to block it. He swung for a counterattack, but when he swung, the Sith simply jumped back to avoid it. The Jedi sprang after him only to raise his blade in a maddeningly fast parry, because had he not raised his blade, he would have lost both legs.

The second Jedi charged in to assist, but the Sith Lord stood his ground and held out his hand. The force brought a second lightsaber into his hand and he parried the oncoming attack. To make matters more impressive…the attack was from behind him.

The Sith Lord mentally smiled to himself. He had seen this Jedi art before: blocking and occasionally attacking to get an insight of what he was up against. But he had come prepared by preparing his own form of lightsaber combat: the Art of the Nexu. He would move with the flexibility of the late Darth Maul, but retained enough focus to keep an eye on his opponent. Since this was his own original art, his Jedi opponent stood no chance.

The Sith flipped in midair to block an oncoming swing, then sprang at the Jedi and swung his crimson blade at him. The Jedi blocked it and the Sith quickly flipped backward to avoid another swing. The instant the Sith landed on his feet, he jumped backwards and slashed at the Jedi who was behind him. He was blocked, but that was what he wanted. He landed RIGHT in front of the second Jedi and used the Force to send him flying away.

The Jedi first Jedi swung at the Sith, who spun on his heel to parry with his lightsaber. Both pushed against each other, their weapons crackling in the process. The Jedi pushed away, then tried to slash at him…half a second too slow. Lightning forked from the Sith's fingertips and electricity pulsed through the Jedi's body, causing him to scream in pain. The Sith was going to shock him to death, slowly and painfully. Eventually, the Jedi succumbed to the pain and fell to the floor… never to rise again.

The Sith smiled in a maniacal way and chuckled, then turned around to face the last Jedi, the Jedi pulled out a lightsaber but the Sith lifted a finger, and with a twitch of the Force, the lightsaber went flying out of the Jedi's hand.

The last Jedi raised an eyebrow, then pulled out some sort of device and pointed it at the Sith, who did not resist, his crimson lightsabers hanging at his side, passively. The Jedi stared wide-eyed at the device.

"Your Midi-Chlorian levels…" he said in total awe, "They're…"

The Sith was right in front of the Jedi in the blink of an eye, then took his fiery lightsaber and ran the Jedi through with it. He then put his head right next to the Jedi's ear and whispered, with a serpentine smile, "Over fifty-thousand."

The Sith pulled his lightsaber out of the dying Jedi, then turned around to face the child. "Why, hello child." The Sith greeted, causing the boy to raise his lightsaber, "I didn't notice your presence before. Let this be a reminder as to why the Sith are superior to the Jedi."

"You're not from this galaxy…" The Sith turned to see the dying Jedi still wheezing enough words to speak. "Are you?"

The Sith paused and turned around to look at the Jedi, who was now staggering to his feet. "You're absolutely correct. But, why ask a question you already know the answer to?"

The Jedi looked the Sith in the eye, then answered, "So that the child knows."

The Sith laughed a humorless laugh. "For what good it will do." He raised his lightsaber and pointed it at the boy, who took a step back. "He won't live to see the light of day."

The dying Jedi summoned the last bit of strength he had left in him and the ceiling started to crumble. "RUN, BOY! RUN!" the Jedi roared as he used the last of his strength to bring the whole roof of the Jedi temple crumbling down. The Sith gasped in surprise and put his hands up to defend himself.

The Sith used the Force to shield himself from the debris, but it seemed to be getting harder and harder as the building chunks simply piled on top of him. The boy ran just as the dying Jedi used another hand to bring the entryway to the Jedi Temple down.

11 years later…

A young man shot upright in his bead, realizing that he was in a cold sweat and gasping for breath. That was the third time in a month that he'd had this dream.

He was a well-built young man with finely tuned muscles, brown hair that stuck up like grass, and sapphire-blue eyes. The man looked at his alarm clock.

"Four in the morning?" he asked in shock, then pressed his forehead into his hand, "Man I wish I could have woken up a bit later…another three hours later." He said to himself

He laid back into his bed and tried to go back to bed. But still, thoughts of what had happened in the dream echoed in his head. "But this dream…it was a lot more realistic then any of the others. And it's far from fragmented."

The young man suddenly shot back up in his bed as something hit him. "OH CRAP!" he cursed, "I forgot to finish the droid father asked me to finish."

So he got up and walked over to some metal form of some kind of strange droid. It was time to get to work…

Prepare for a long night Haduun Jaal.

Hey, hope you like this story so far. Dimensiondude and I will be working as hard as we can on chapter 2, without over doing it. We will be working on it Monday through Wednesday. And again I have NO IDEA when Chapter 2 will come out, probably sometime this week if we're lucky.

On another note we have a voice cast for the Sith Lord and Haduun (The man at the end)

Sith Lord: Luke Goss (Prince Nuada, Hellboy 2 The Golden Army)
Haduun: Steve Burton (Cloud Strife, Kingdom Hearts series)