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"I'm Guy. How can I help you?" his voice was deep, and I had to admit he was handsome.

"I'm Ashley. Ashley Hart." He motioned to the chair.

"Take a seat." I inclined, tucking my brand new dress underneath me. I had needed something to wear. This was my last interview of the day. As it turned out, I had put off job-hunting for a day and went clothes shopping. I had put all the finishing touches on my apartment also. I was in need of money.

"So you are here for the position of….?"

"Typist/secretary." My voice was quiet. What if he hated me? Would he not hire me? He speaking cut off my worried thoughts.

"Do you have a résumé?" Oh no…

"Actually… I have no work experience. Or references. But I can show you my typing skills." I offered. I wasn't going to get this job.

"Be my guest." He leaned back in his swivel chair and gestured to the computer. There was a word document typed up, with the same paragraph repeating. I assumed it was from the other people going for the job.

"And would you like me to type this or something different?" He answered back to type the same thing. I began to type rapidly, partly using my vampire speed. He made no sign of acknowledging this. I finished, and stood up.

"Leave your number. We'll call you." I wrote it down, feeling his apologetic stare on my back as I left. He couldn't hire me, not without a résumé. I walked out, dejected.

"Hey! I know you! Do you work here?" I turned to see Violet charging at me, still impatiently pushing her hair out of her face.

"Hi Violet. Do you work here?" She shook her head, rolling her eyes. I didn't answer her question.

"I would never work her. All the men are gay. " My eyes widened.

"I'm just kidding. That wouldn't influence anything, even if that was true. My boyfriend, Rick, works here.

"Yeah, I'm on the job hunt." I answered her earlier question.

"You could try… No, you wouldn't want that."

"I really need money."

"Okay, well here it is. My mom… she's a manager at the morgue, and my dad's a plumber. I'm sure they could use a hand…" she trailed off.

"I'll take it." She looked surprised.

'Which one?"

"The plumber."

"Ew. But all right. Would you like to go pay a visit to my parents?"

"Sure. They're not at work?" I inquired. It was after the typical lunch hour, most people were back at their jobs by now.

"Even they need days off." I blushed. Obviously.


When we got there, her dad was sleeping on the couch and her mom was baking cookies. They both had grey hair and wrinkles.

"They had me last. They were kind of old. I have three older brothers." I nodded, looking at the pictures that were adorned everywhere. This place was homey, lived in, and warm. Is this what a real family was like?

"That's cool." She led me into the kitchen, being greeted by a hug from her mom who smelled like…love. There were two small kids, grandchildren I presumed.

"Grandma! The cookies done yet?" The older one cried, kicking his feet under the table.

"Not yet. Patience, dear." Her voice was soft. "And who is this?"

"I'm Ashley." I said. She looked me up and down.

"Call me Mary Anne. You're too pretty. Girls are better off large, robust, and almost unpleasant to look at." I didn't quite grasp her logic, but I didn't say anything.

"Tsk, tsk. And too quiet!" she turned to Violet. "How long have you known her? You need to rub off on her."

"Not very long. Don't worry, if she spends enough time here, she will be more than large. And I don't think there's a way to make her look 'unpleasant'. She's almost inhumanly beautiful!" I laughed anxiously with them, although their laughter was light and carefree.

" So, mom, Ashley's looking for a job. How's Dad doing? Does he need any help?"

"Only part time. That isn't enough financial support. I'm all good at the morgue… maybe Caleb has an opening? Or Greg? I think Tommy's all booked up…" she trailed off.

"Daddy says he needs more hands." Shrieked the older child, a blonde boy, at the table. "She could be his hands. I'm sure Daddy wouldn't care since she's so pretty."

"Mommy would…" said the younger child. She had dark red hair, and was very serene compared to her brother.

"Quiet, squirts." Violet teased.

"What does their father do?" I inquired.

"Their father is Greg, he's the oldest. He is a real estate broker." Mary Anne answered.

"Why are we talking about me?" a voice said behind me. I turned to see a short man wearing an attractive suit. He held himself so assuredly; you could tell he was very confident.

"Hi daddy!" the two kids chorused.

"Ashley, this is Greg. Greg, Ashley. Ashley needs a job; she's a new friend of Violet's. If you have room for her…." Said another voice behind me. It was Ashley's father. I guess he had been listening from the other room.

'I'm Ashley's father. You can call me sir."

"Okay… sir." I had never called anyone that before. Violet rolled her eyes.

"Don't listen to him. He's crazy."

"Well, Ashley," said Greg." It just so happens that I was handing my business over to my buddy, Connor. He said he would prefer to have a partner. I guess I can stop my search. I'll just give him a call and let him know."

My mind whirled. Her family was so open and helpful, and teasing. I could feel the tears threatening to build up in my eyes.

"Wow… Thank you all so much. I appreciate this, all of it."

"Honey, we haven't done anything. What are you doing tomorrow night? Would you like to come for dinner? I'm going shopping tomorrow so I can buy and make whatever you'd like." My mind drifted back to Esme's burnt, inedible food. No homesickness pangs filled my stomach. And then it hit me.

I didn't miss them. Not at all. In fact, relief was an overwhelming emotion. They hadn't found me yet. And I had a feeling that they weren't even looking. I could make a new home here, all the proof I needed was in my apartment, and in Ashley's house. I wasn't Renesmee Carlie Cullen anymore.

My name's Ashley Hart now. I am a young woman, with a new job in real estate (most likely). I had found someone I could see myself being friends with, and maybe even two people. These people could be like family. And, most of all, I hadn't caused death for the only thing that mattered to my family here. I was still guilty, insanely accountable, but no one knew that here. I would just put it aside. A slow warmth spread in my chest. Happiness was a strange emotion for me. It was unusual to feel anything like it at home. Home was my shadow, where warmth and sun disappeared. Only, ugly, gnarled things could grow there. And even if they did grow, it would be deformed, and wrong. I myself was wrong. Yet, maybe here, with sun and love and happiness, I could be something else. Just like the ugly duckling. I could transform, like an old caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly. Or, like how stale bread can make the best stuffing. And like-

My thoughts were cut off by Violet laying her hand on my shoulder.

"Ashley? You okay in there?" I snapped back to reality, a smile faintly showing on my lips.

"Yes. I'm just fine."

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