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A Cruxis Angel

"So you then intend to give him his first mission?" the older man asked, quirking a brow up.

"That's right." answered a man dressed in a white jump suit, sitting in a chair that appeared to be a throne. "I do. It's about time that child of yours actually does something worth wild here in Cruxis. I must admit I've grown a bit tired of the normal cleaning routines you've got him doing. At first I hadn't mind the laugh but after 14 years it's gotten really stale."

"I see." he kept his garnet eyes on the floor. "And what will be his mission?"

A smirked played over the lips of the man, he pushed a few strands of blond from his face and took the time to lean back against his chair and get comfortable again. "Kratos..." he now said slowly, as if contemplating whether or not to tell his subordinate. He uncrossed and re-crossed his legs, seeming to want to find a way to stall. "Do you know how many times my plans have failed me?" he now asked.

Kratos only nodded. Not exactly sure what his Lord was getting at.

"To many times if you ask Me." the man glowered. "I'm not about to lose another possible vassal just because one of their escorts decide to let them get fried." he sighed at the very thought of the mortals he had lost in previous situations. "No. This time you and your offspring are going to be personally handling things."

The man stood up from his kneeling, his eyes widened with surprise. "Don't you think this mission is far suited for me alone? He has no form of experience or-."

"If the boy can't handle this then he is no use to me, Kratos." his Lord quickly interrupted almost instantly. "It's a mortal world out there. He needs to learn who he's fighting for and what he'll be doing whether killing or harming. I won't tolerate half-asses." he merely explained, pushing the topic to a close. "Nevertheless, I want this one and I don't want any screw ups, Kratos. Do you understand?"

"Yes sir." Kratos muttered softly. Once he was dismissed he left without glancing back, he could not fathom the task ahead of him and his son, Lloyd.

How could he? He was forced a hand of cards he couldn't play with ease but instead difficulty. Lloyd was not experienced with the world out there, sure he had knowledge that Kratos had provided and once in awhile the angel would allow him to venture out doors but not for long.

He sighed. "What am I going to do?"


The grass that surrounded the path to the Chapel was cleared, cut, and clean as the priests of the Curch of Martel walked in an organized, orderly fashion. Following behind them was a young female with long straight blond hair, whom kept her huge sapphire eyes on the scenery they passed by, though curious they seemed: concern and guilt plagued them.

The girl's gaze went from the long fields of grass to the filing men behind her that was just as organized and orderly as the priests that led the way. These men had been selected first hand by the Mayor to guard and protect the Chosen One. On their left hip lied their swords that had been fashioned in a way that made the men look a little strange. Upon their faces were straight thin lines of their lips, all looked ready and willing to battle if something were to happen and a surprise strike were to be dealt at any given moment throughout the trails that they would encounter.

Colette Brunel.

The Chosen Of Mana.

The key to salvation.

The whole world's key to salvation.

The World Regeneration.

Now she looked beyond the soldiers to the small town not far behind them yet far enough to see just how small Iselia really was compared to many others. Iselia was not only a small town located almost to the edge of the contintent but also her home, where both her family and friends lived. She oftened wondered if she would ever call anywhere else home or if she might meet new people to know as friends or family.

She gave a sad smile now. Though she could not see them this clear anymore. The two who had stood at the gate and waved until she had disappeared, her most loving, dearest and close friends she'd probably ever know; Genis and Raine Sage. Genis Sage was her most beloved friend who she always enjoyed listening to when he found an interesting book he found from his older sisters collection of stuff. Genis would do nearly anything for her as he had told her on so many occasions and she always knew he would. Raine Sage was her professor and Genis's older sister, though she was a bit rough around the edges when it came to schooling, the woman always cared for Colette as if like her older sister or mother.

She was grateful to them-For everybody who loved and cared for her.

She loved the world

Colette loved what she got to see of Iselia. The families she had met and spoke with. She was willing to do anything for it. And that was what she intended to do, no matter what. She took a deep breath now, a determination could be made out from the expression she gave as she gazed up at Iselia's Temple staircase. Without much said the group climbed the stairs to the top. Once the entrance to the temple was seen, the men that filed behind Colette took to their positions up against the walls and windows. The priests moved forward in a straight line as they approached a circle where the Chosen would receive the oracle, they split into pairs and stood on either side infront of the drawn colored circle.

She took a small breath before stepping forward and making her way closer to the circle, the priests kept their eyes on her as she walked past all of them. She looked up at the opened hole in the center of the chapel, looking back down she closed her eyes and clasped her hands together in prayer. Silence befell the room and after a moment she spoke. "Oh Goddess Martel, great protector and nurturer of the earth, grant me thy strength." it wasn't long before a spark of light from the circle blasted up and through the sky, signaling to the people of the village and everywhere else that she had indeed received the oracle.


"I suppose a young trainer is out of the question," sighed the mercenary tired as he ran a hand through his hair, trying to relieve his eyes of some of his stress.

"Huh?" the young boy to his right asked, having not heard him. "I don't understand why I can't go as your son."

"Lloyd, we're trying to appear as normal as one may get." Kratos told him, glancing down to the fields that flew by the two.

It had been a long conversation from Derris-Kharlon to the mortal world that the older male wasn't so sure he could take much more from his now seventeen year old son, Lloyd; who was beginning to fancy his mother more and more these last couple of years. The years had gone by so fast to the mercenary, his son had learned a lot from both him and those in Cruxis. The stone that Kratos had given Lloyd, secretly, soon gave the boy wings and so training him during his first couple of trails was a bit interesting. He jerked his attention back to the boy clad in red now from his original garments that resembled Kratos's cruxis uniform. The boy looked average now, other than the fact his colored wings were blazing out from his back.

"How so?" he heard. "We've already got the father-son thing down. All we'd have to say is that we investigate ruins and look for treasure." the seventeen years old pointed out.

"Lloyd," sighed the older male. "my occupation is a mercenary. It has been and it always will be because I'm not changing it."

The boy pouted a bit and sighed, looking down at the scene below and a smile swept over his face, "Oh wow! What's that?!" he pointed childishly down at a small village, small black dots could be slightly visible with the keen sight of Kratos.

"That's a village."

"Let's check it out!"

"Lloyd, we've-" before he could finish the boy was swooping down. "Lloyd!" he shouted after him, now diving down to stop the boy from causing a castastrophe. He reached a long arm out and grabbed hold of the boy's collar which caused his son to stop abruptly for air almost immediately after taking hold.

"W-what the hell?!" Lloyd demanded, choking.

Kratos sighed again, "We haven't the time to mess around. We need to make it towards the light coming from that temple." he pointed in the direction of a straight lined light reaching up into the heavens.

"W-whoa..." the boy breathed. "Hey dad... what is that light anyway?"

The mercenary glanced over to his son and narrowed his eyes on him, his son was staring intently at the light so mesmerized it seemed. Kratos shook his head and glanced back over towards the light in question, "It's kind of a symbol. Letting the people know that the chosen has received the oracle."

"Oh right!" Lloyd exclaimed. "The Chosen is the one closest to Lady Martel's mana signature, right?"

Kratos merely nodded in response.

Lloyd turned from the light to Kratos, "Our mission is to protect her so she can make it to the Tower of Satuation, right?"

"Salvation..." sweatdropped his father.