Bedtime Stories

3rd Person POV

"Mama, i don't wanna go to bed! I won't be able to sleep without my story!" Nessie cried, determined not to go to sleep before Jake tells her another story.

"Honey, Jake had to go help out at La Push, and he won't be back until in the morning," Bella said, desperate to get her to go to bed. "Why don't you let me tell you a story?"

"NO NO NO JAKE JAKE JAKE!!!!!" Nessie shrieked, and Bella could fell the oncoming of a tantrum.

"Okay, okay, I'll just have to call Jake and see if he can come back up here. Will that make you feel better?" Bella asked.

"Yes," she whimpered.

Bella got out her cell phone and called Jake.

"Hello" a husky voice answered.

"Jake you have to come home. Nessie won't go to bed and she's throwing tantrums because you're not here to tell her her story."

"Okay, we were just finishing up here anyway," he said, a little reluctant.

"You don't have to rush. I know you don't get to see them alot," Bella said.

"No I'll come home, see you in a minute," and the phone went dead.

"Honey Jake said he'd be here in a few minutes, Why don't you go sit on the porch and wait for him?" Bella suggested.

"Okay, Mama"

Bella watchd her daughter prance out of the house, wishing she would stay that way for a normal length of time. *sigh*


"Hey sweetie, why we go put you to bed?" I heard Jake pick her up and bring her inside. He carried her upstairs and layed down with her and started the story.

A/N I don't know whether or not I'm gonna do the story so tell me if you want it Thanx.