Title: You Can't Fuck Your Junior! (1/18)
Author: Emono
Rating: PG-16
Fandom: CSI: Las Vegas – Miami – New York
Pairings: Grissom/Greg, Horatio/Speed, Mac/Danny
Disclaimer: Poetic license, CSI will never be mine
Summary: Stella and Don's reaction when they find out Mac and Danny have been together.
Author Note: It's only called this because it's my favorite line in the whole story, and because I kept laughing as I was writing it. But this is part of the series because I wanted to show how people could react to the pairing. This is also like the pre-story ficlet, showing what happened when Mac and Danny got together.
Beta: gil_follower
Warnings: Stella-bashing, Don-pervert, cute Danny

I've started a new universe of stories, though it's not a big one. It's just a universe where the pairings of Mac/Danny, Gil/Greg, and Horatio/Speed exist big time.

Danny and Speed grew up together, and in later years they both met up with Greg at a concert. Since then they've been inseparable, nicknaming themselves 'Diamond Dogs' because they are all sleeping with their bosses and I love Moulin Rogue. Horatio and Gil have always been close, and Mac was accepted into their circle easily. So I'm going to write ficlets only in that universe, and it's called: The Trinity Series. Ok? Thanks!

"You and Mac, huh?"

The words made Danny jump, freezing in the middle of his lunch. Don moved out from behind the blonde, sliding in next to him in the booth. Danny's fork was poised half-way to his mouth, but he promptly dropped it back to his plate as he saw the mirth in the blue eyes of his friend.

But of course all he could do was gape stupidly, "What?"

"Mac and you, you and Mac" Don smirked "So spill...what's the secret side of the boss?"

"Don, you've got it all wrong" Danny flushed right up to his roots "Mac and I aren't-"

"Dan, shut up" Don cut him off, his smile fading "Stop lying to me, 'kay? I've waited for Mac to snatch you up for almost a year, it's not fun breakin' my heart."

Danny ducked his head, "Are we that obvious?"

Don's smile came back, "Nah, I've just been lookin' for so long that I noticed when you guys changed."

"And...you don't care?" Danny looked up curiously at the man "I always told Mac that if someone found out, I hoped it wasn't you. You seemed the least-"

"Likely be pro-gay?" the dark haired man chuckled "I get that a lot. But I've actually got me a man, down in Miami."

"Really?" Danny's brows shot up "And you don't think me fuckin' Mac is...wrong?"

"Hell no" Don tisked "Best thing that's gonna happen to this team. He's gonna be a lot more relaxed, I'm looking forward to going to work now just to see what little things I can see him doin' to you."

Danny smiled secretly, oh he knew exactly what Don meant. The touches on the back of his neck, his lower back, usually in all casualness while passing him to look into a microscope or to lean over him in a crime scene. The obvious leering at his ass, but only someone looking for it could see it. Mac's subtle intimacies were seen in flashes, but easily dismissed with a double-take as a trick of the mind.

"This is good for us, good for you guys" Don leant in "One question though."

Danny's brow drew in confusion, "What?"

Don grinned like a Cheshire Cat, "How much for a tape?"


"What the hell do you think you're doing!?"

Mac jumped a little at the harsh voice, turning around to see Stella approaching him fast in a rapid click of heels. His brow creased, cocking his head to the side as he wondered what the hell he had done to piss her off.


"I know what you're doing, Mac" she hissed, stepping up to him "And I won't stand for it!"

Mac glanced around, knowing that this would have to be a private conversation if Stella was this pissed. He took her by the elbow, down the rest of the hall, and into his office where he shut and locked the door.

"Alright now" he stepped away from her, putting his hands on his hips after he shut the blinds "What has gotten you so wound up?"

"You can't fuck your junior!" Stella practically shrieked. Mac pounced her quick, clamping a hand down onto her mouth and cupping the back of her head with the other. He got right in her face, eyes blazing and jaw set.

"Ok, Stella? Stella, listen to me...are you listening? Do I have your full attention?" Mac commanded lowly, she nodded at him with wide eyes "Good. Because you need to shut the hell up right now, you got me?"

She nodded again, he removed his hand from her mouth and stepped back.

"I can't believe your fucking Messer, of all people" Stella hissed "What the hell are you thinking? You could lose your whole career."

"It's not your business, now is it?" Mac snapped "I have no patience for this, Stella, and I'm running out of tolerance for you fast."

Stella made an indignant face, "But what about us?"

"I...what?" Mac deflated "There was never an us, and if there was...where the hell was I at when it was happening?"

Stella just broke down, "Ok, so there wasn't really an us. But there could have been! And it would have been less trouble than fuckin' your junior. If anyone found out Danny was sleeping with you, they'd think he was just doing it to move up in the system. His reputation would be shattered-"

"That's enough!" Mac barked, and he was sure anyone outside the office could hear him. He deliberately softened his voice, but all his rage was held in the tight line of his jaw and in the depths of his eyes. "First, it takes two to fuck...so I'd be just as screwed as him. And second..." He got right up in her face again, backing her up until she hit the wall with a soft thump "If I ever hear that again, anywhere at all, the blame's going right on you. Don't stir up shit for Danny, he doesn't deserve it."

Mac backed off, rolling his neck and sighing hard through his nose.

"This is stress I don't need" he muttered, fed up with ignorant people who thought they could push him around "I'm not ending it with Danny, so you better accept it fast. Everyone else has."

"Everyone?" her eyebrows shot up to her hairline "You mean-"

"Everyone" Mac assured her, going for the door "Just remember this, Stella...if I go down, if my boy goes down...we're taking you with us."

He opened the door, "Don't light the fire if you aren't prepared to crash and burn."

Mac seized her firmly by the shoulder, guiding her right out the door.

Struck dumb, she let him.


AN: If you didn't like this, PLEASE give the rest of the series a chance! It's really good, I swear, and all three pairings are shown really well. This is just a pre-story thing, so don't knock this series yet! 3