Author's Note: I know it's already after Thanksgiving, but oh well. Besides, I think it has been sufficiently enough time after Thanksgiving so that everyone won't cringe at the mention of the word turkey… I know that some other authors may have already used some of the names I've given the children… I'm not copying them or stealing their characters, I just like the name and how it sounds.

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Thanksgiving at the Maxwells

by Dorothy Winner


Maxwell Residence

Thanksgiving, AC 207

Six-year-old Jason Maxwell tried to twist away from his mother's hands. "No, mommy, I don' wanna wear a tie…"

"Jason, it's Thanksgiving, everybody's coming," said Hilde. "We haven't all been together in years; don't you want to look nice for everyone else?"

"Don' care…"

Duo was standing in front of a mirror, tugging uncomfortably at his tie. "Yeah, Hilde, I don't like these things either…"

Hilde glared at Duo. "You're not helping. He gets it all from you, you know." Jason was exactly like his father, both in looks and personality. She adjusted Jason's tie. "I don't want to see this coming off for the rest of tonight, understand?"

"Yes, mom," Jason said glumly.

"All right, you can go. And you'd better not touch the food!" Hilde called to her son's retreating back.

Four-year-old Helen went into her parents' room, her blue-black hair draping down to her waist unbound. "Mommy, can you braid my hair?"

"Sure, honey." Hilde parted her daughter's hair with a comb and began braiding it into two Dutch braids with practiced ease.

"Hilde, can you braid my hair too?" asked Duo.

"No, Duo, you can braid your hair yourself; it's not like you don't know how. And besides, you've already braided your hair, there's no point in me doing it over again for you…"

"Yeah, but I like it when you braid my hair…"

Just then the doorbell rang. "Oh no, they're here already!" Hilde exclaimed. "Duo, can you get that while I finish Helen's hair?"

"Sure thing, babe." Duo went downstairs to the front door and opened it. "Wu-man! Sally! Great to see ya!"

Wufei and Sally were standing on the doormat, each with a three-year-old girl in their arms. Duo remembered the day they were born with relish. Sally had not wanted to find out the sex of their child until the birth, which meant that she and Wufei argued the whole nine months about whether it was a boy or girl, Wufei, of course, insisting that the baby would be a boy, while Sally remained adamant that they would have a girl. When they found out that they were having twins, the arguments simply became more heated. So when Sally gave birth to fraternal twin girls, Wufei's "NNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!" could be heard more clearly from the delivery room than any of Sally's cries of pain.

Mia, with honey blonde hair and dark brown eyes, was clinging to Sally, while Wufei was holding the more Oriental twin, Jade, who had long black hair and crystal blue eyes. "Well, do not just stand there, Maxwell, invite us in," snapped Wufei.

"Right, come on in, you guys," said Duo, stepping aside. "Make yourselves comfortable; everyone should be getting here soon."

Wufei and Sally settled themselves on the couch with their daughters when they heard Hilde yell, "Christopher! Come back here!" Everyone looked up to see a three-year-old boy run, stark naked, from the bathroom and down the upstairs hallway, laughing raucously, with Hilde running after him.

"Maxwell, your children are undisciplined. I would not let any of my children behave in such an unruly fashion," Wufei said as Mia climbed around the couch to his back and started tugging on Wufei's ponytail. "No, Mia," he said, reaching behind him and prying his daughter's fingers from his hair.

"They're not undisciplined, they're just… active," Duo said, watching as Hilde shouted, "Gotcha!" and hauled the dripping child back into the bathroom.

"Christopher is only a few months older than our girls," remarked Sally.

"Exactly." Wufei looked sternly at Mia and Jade. "When you are older, I do not want either of you getting involved with that Maxwell boy. Is that clear?"

"For God's sakes, Wufei, they're only three years old," said Sally.

"Well, it's best to start them young," declared Wufei.

Sally rolled her eyes. Jade and Mia climbed into Sally's lap and each began tugging on a twist. "No, no, girls, don't do that," said Sally, wincing as she tried to get her daughters to let go. "I don't know what it is with them and pulling on our hair. We're always trying to have to pry their fingers off."

"Oh, don't worry, just give them a few more years and they'll be pulling each other's," said Duo, thinking of how Jason and Helen had recently started pulling each other's braids when they fought.

"Oh no," said Sally, "don't say that, don't say that…"

The doorbell rang again. "I'd better go answer that," said Duo, getting up and going to the door. "Hey Heero, Relena, come on in." Jonathan, their five-year-old son, looked very much like Heero, scowling in Sanc Kingdom suspenders and bowtie that Relena had obviously made him wear. Relena was carrying their one-year-old daughter, Serena, who was wearing a cute little pink dress. "Hi, Duo," she said. "Where's Hilde?"

"She's still upstairs, getting the kids dressed, I think," said Duo.

"Not an easy thing to do, I'm sure, since they're your spawn," remarked Heero.

"Hey, they're not just any spawn, they're the spawn of Shinigami," said Duo.

"Really, Maxwell, is that the best you can come up with?" scoffed Wufei. "It's through your genes that your children are corrupt…"

"I wouldn't talk, Wufei; isn't it the guy's sperm that determines the sex of the child?" Sally quipped.

"You don't have to rub it in, woman. OW!!!" Wufei yelled as Mia gave his ponytail a rather sharp tug and giggled.

"Careful, Mia," said Duo, "your dad's ponytail is already tight enough as it is; pull any harder and you might yank some hair out."

"Maxwell! KIS—grrrrr, you are lucky the children are here; other wise you would be in considerable pain…"

"Wouldn't want to set a bad example, now would we?" said Duo, smirking. Sally laughed.

Wufei glared at Sally. "You're enjoying this, aren't you, woman?"

"Immensely," said Sally with a grin.

"Heero, Serena's diaper needs changing, could you do that, please?" Relena asked, holding the baby out to him.


"Yes, now," Relena said sternly.

Heero sighed. "Mission accepted," he said sullenly, taking the baby and diaper bag. Heero laid out the baby blanket on the coffee table and lay Serena down on it. He opened the diaper tabs and flinched slightly at the smell.

"Um… ya know, you coulda just gone upstairs to one of the beds," said Duo, wrinkling his nose.

"And run into one of your brats? I don't think so," said Heero, wiping the baby's butt.

"Heero's very quick at changing diapers, anyway," said Relena. She put on a monotone. "'I can change her diaper in under 30 seconds…'"

"The same time it took you to defuse a bomb, I recall," Wufei quipped.

Heero deathglared at Wufei. "Done," he said, handing Serena back to Relena. He held the smelly used diaper out at arm's length. "I'll go dispose of… this," he said, walking out of the living room.

"Oi, put that in the garbage cans outside, okay?" called Duo.

"You know things are sad when the Perfect Soldier's missions are reduced to changing diapers," said Wufei.