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Gwen's pov.

Yesterday everything changed.

Yesterday was the worst day of my life.

Yesterday changed my life forever.

I was at home went I got a phone call. The kind of phone call you never want to get. He was in an accident. He was gone forever. I cried, cried, and cried. In only a few hours, the single most important person to me, was gone. I would cry every night asking why he had to leave. He didn't do anything wrong. It was a drunk driver. He crashed into him and ended both of their lives. It wasn't fair. I needed him. I missed him so much. He was my world. He was the love of my life. He was my everything. I missed the way he always sang songs to me. I missed the way he always took me out. The way he always hugged and kissed me. I missed everything about him. I don't remember much that happened in those very painful days. I only remember crying.

I got to the point where I couldn't take it any longer. I wanted to end my life. If I did that I would get to be with him again. I would do anything to be with him. Even just to hear his voice again. I was so close to ending my life when I had a strange feeling. A feeling I've never felt before. It felt like I needed to go see a doctor. It felt like he was telling me to go. I ended up going. That's when I found out that I had his child inside of me. I was shocked, upset, and happy at the same time. I never would of guessed that I was pregnant with his child. I was upset because now this child will never get to meet him. I was happy because now I had a reason to live. I had his child.

Now, years later I have a son. A son just like him. I have someone who means the world to me, just like he did. My son is now my reason to live. Even now, years later, I still cry every once in a while about him. No one will ever be able to fill the deep hole he left in my heart. I will never forget him. My love. My Trent.