This is my third fic in the Law & Order franchise relating to a character's death. It's my fifth fic in the Law & Order franchise in general.

Does this tell you anything?

In January, the water bowl for her sister's cat freezes over often. Her nephew likes slamming it against the wall until the ice tumbles out, shatters into little pieces.

He likes the sound.

To her, the gunshot that hits Bobby sounds the same.

A bang. A crack.

Then the fall.

"Bobby. Bobby. Hey. You're going to be fine. Do you hear me?"

She grabs his hand.

"Bobby. Hey. Do you hear me?"

"Eames…" He smiles.

"Goddamn it, Bobby, don't even think about dying! Don't you dare—"

He's still smiling, even as his face goes white and ice sets in.

By the way, the challenge this week was "ice." Yay for ice. Whoo.

Also by the way, I'm actually the one who likes slamming the water dish against the wall. What can I say? It's January.