And now the last one, which is the originally inspired sequel. More ice. Um. Yeah.

All of a sudden I'm nervous.

Anyway, if you picked up this link from an LJ comm, you might want to read the previous two first. If you've read the previous two…um, hits make me happy? : )

She has nightmares, now.

It's not that much, really. The bang/crack, and then his face—cold white ice in the darkness, adorned with that goddamn smile.

And then she wakes up.



Hey, don't cry. You never cry. At least not in front of me. Right?

His face is forever carved in ice, now. And she's the same.

Her police work hasn't faltered, even though the nameless new guy isn't Bobby. Ross gave her worried looks for not taking enough time off—but she doesn't feel sad.

She doesn't feel anything anymore.

Not all ice thaws, she tells him.

And there we go. There's our January special. : )

Hey, maybe one day I'll learn to write something happy.