Upon seeing this alert after a rather long update pause and/or knowing about my other alerts, you may be worried right now for the sake of this story.

Don't be. Requiem will not be deleted. Rather, like three other of my stories, it has been marked for Rewrite. This, hopefully you'll find, is preferable to the fate that has befallen another eight of my stories, who have been marked for removal.

Requiem is a story I hold fondly, and has a well-developed plot in my mind. However, I wish for it to be one of my masterpieces, and have been troubled by what I saw when reading over the first few chapters. While it's some of my best work anyway, I've notices flaws, character inconsistencies, and in general things I want changed. There has also been constructive criticism by reviewers which I would like to act on. Thus, rewrite.

Because of the small amount of chapters, it shouldn't hopefully take as long as the other 'under rewrite' stories, but considering the length of those chapters, it very well might. Please consider that I have two of my most difficult years of school coming up, and the two that might be most important to my life, and it will be very difficult. I'll likely drown in the coursework and homework they set. I've heard frightening rumours about the GCSE years, from fellows and teachers alike.

As mentioned earlier, other alerts have been sent out for others of my stories. The only stories which remain unchanged are Abyss, A Question of Loyalty, and Deus Ex Machina. It should be noted that two of those are oneshots...and I have fifteen fanfictions at the current time. Bleh. Large and alarming changes including mass deletion and rewrite are what define 'clearout', after all.

With regards to constructive criticism...I would like to see more, please. Preferably before I begin rewriting. I say without embellishment that I by far prefer criticism to simple words of encouragement. My story is by no means perfect and I know that very well, but without knowing what to improve, I can't grow as an author. I'm sure plenty of you would like to give me a word or two about some things, but don't want to come across as rude. I can guess this by the various forums I've found detailing comments on Requiem, few of which are as positive as those you might find on the story itself.

I stress this: I don't care if your advice might be harsh. If you have a problem with my story, tell me why. If you find a mistake, alert me to it. If you think something could be improved, I'd be more than delighted to hear about it.

My definition of a flame is a review that insults the author, the author's family/intellect/right to exist/story, and gives absolutely no justification for doing so. Sure, they might call it a crime against grammar, but they never say why. As long as you have justification when insulting, curse away. I'll take it and be grateful.

Please, please give some criticism. I keep asking, but it remains at a minimum, and I would appreciate it so much.

Thank you,