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AN: This is set in sometime after the Cullens return at the end of New Moon


Marcus was surprised by the extraordinary strong bonds between the Cullen siblings and the pale human girl- He had never seen such strong ties within a coven, or even between vampires (excepting of course the bond between mates) and to be so attached to a human was simply… unheard of. Now, Aro has devised a way to use it to his advantage. Even better, Edward's human mate provided him with all the excuse he needed, should anyone look too closely, not that they would but Aro did so like for things to be tidy.

The human was the key- hold her and you could control Edward and Alice. Hold Alice and that would mean control of her mate- a skilled warrior who also had extra abilities- although Aro had only seen him through the minds of Edward and Alice he was sure the tall blonde would prove to be an added bonus in the situation- not to mention another tie that could be used to bind them to him.

Chapter one: Lost equilibrium

The black recedes from my eyes and for the tiniest moment I am left feeling disoriented. As a Vampire I cant faint or sleep but if waking up is like this then its little wonder Bella stumbles so much in the mornings.

As I think her name, everything snaps back into place. I had taken her to our meadow for a lazy Sunday picnic, despite an overcast sky the weather had been warm, so it had been nearing dusk before we were ready to leave. That was when they had appeared and surrounded us- Alec, Jane and several of the guard. I had pulled Bella to my side ready to defend her wondering as I did how had I not heard them as they approached?

My top lip curled back when I spoke "Jane, Alec, may we help you with something?"

Then almost as if acknowledging them had pierced the camouflage they had been using I could hear their thoughts, hear them trying to block me, thinking of anything except their orders. Alec was running through the botanical names of the trees as he slowly shook his head at me and then there was nothing.

I blink and the room swirls into focus, my eyes immediately search for her. That was a fast recovery. Alec's thoughts are slightly shocked. Apparently the disorientation from his gift usually takes a few moments longer to dissipate. We were in an unusually large square room. There were no windows, rather several paintings and some large tapestries adorned the walls. Underground then. By the cinnamon stone of the walls I already knew where we were Volterra. There was an empty fireplace with half a dozen leather smoking chairs arranged about it at the far end of the room. Loser to where I stood was the only door, complete two of the guard positioned in front of it. I note all these details with the periphery of my mind and vision. Bella was the first thing I had seen and as always she was immediately the centre of my focus. I am motionless, still as only a vampire can be for the infinitesimal instant it takes me to check for her heartbeat. Its there, thank god, a little weak and a little slower than normal but she's alive albeit unconscious.

My Bella looks like a doll held by a child as she is cradled in the arms of the massive Felix. Vicious snarls rip through me and I take a step toward him. That bastard how dare he even think to touch my angel! I can hear Jane's intention but before I can react I am thrown to the floor and the agony is ripping through me. Her childish laugh rings out as I writhe with the pain.

Finally it stops and I can stand again. My eyes move back to Bella. Felix looks at me, meets my gaze and then deliberately ducks his head toward Bella and inhales. "Mmm, delicious." An even louder snarl explodes from my chest at his thoughts. I had heard rumour of some of Felix's more perverted feeding habits. Hearing the rumour was one thing, but seeing in his mind as he imagined doing that to her was enough to coat my vision with a red haze. I drop into a crouch ready to spring and another wave of agony roars through me. It is not severe enough to throw me to the floor but it's definitely a warning. I turn slightly and look directly at Jane "What is this about?"

Alec however is the one who responds. "Aro wishes to speak with you Edward. He has several matters of importance that he wishes to discuss." His thoughts reveal a little more than his words, only enough to indicate that this was going to be a rather one sided discussion. "I'm sure someone around here could have looked up my cell number" My voice is cold and hard with anger. "Aro feels that matters of this importance warranted discussion in person" Alec's tone is still carefully bland but Jane flashes me a vicious smile. I keep my face neutral but it feels as if my dead heart is going to explode. In her glee Jane's thoughts had revealed what Alec's had only hinted at and now my worst fears were about to be realised. "He shall be here in but a moment he was just finishing up some other business as we arrived"

"Fine" my voice is still hard "I will speak with him. Now give Bella to me" Jane and Alec share a swift glance. Jane wants to say no, not because Aro specifically forbid it but because she knows the refusal will upset me. Alec however considers more deeply and realises that if I am holding Bella then I am unable to attack suddenly. I stride toward Felix as Alec he shakes his head at Jane telling her not to stop me. Her tiny face forms into a pout. Suck it bitch.

I reach out and take my Bella out of Felix arms. As gently as if she were made of bone china I hold her to me and turn back to Alec. "Why is she unconscious?" He thinks the answer rather than speaking aloud "She was distressed by the situation so we used a little chloroform to knock her out." The images in his mind of Bella panicking as I was frozen motionless by Alec's gift made me seethe. I tighten my grip on her a little noticing now the slight blue tinge of her lips and the slight tremors in her hands and feet. "She's freezing cold" it comes out as a growl "get me some blankets or something for her" I was already moving to the far end of the room.

Jane responds with a hiss, but her twin nods to one of the guards at the door. He opens it and speaks momentarily to someone waiting outside.

I lay Bella gently in one of the large wingback chairs and wrap my coat around her over the top of her own. I am cursing, not for the first time, that my cold stone body has not able to warm it for her. A stack of soft woollen blankets appears by my side, delivered almost silently by a vampire in a pale grey cloak that marks them as one of the lowest in the group hierarchy. Carefully I wrap one blanket about her legs and another about her shoulders. Then repeat the process so she now resembles a Bella cacoon. I ignore the thoughts that swirl around me. I am already so close to loosing my temper and attacking but I mustn't I have to protect Bella. To distract myself I watch her face and softly rub the blankets that cover her arms, hoping that the friction might help warm her faster.

The door opens and Aro enters the room flanked by his bodyguard.

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