Chapter 4

Some time around August Bill and I started officially dating. He also started renting the house next to Meg's. "Hey Bill! Ya ready yet? The movie starts in 30 minutes!" I called to him as I entered his house.

"Yeah just looking for my shoes. You don't see them anywhere do you?"

"They're right here by the door!"

"Oh there they are! Thanks Jo!" He says and he leans forward to give me a quick kiss on the cheek. However as I turn to tell him something, our lips meet for the first time.

We're both temporarily frozen in shock, but quickly the kiss deepens. When we finally pull apart, our breathing is labored.

"Wow!" I whisper. "That was…. that was just wow"

"You have no idea how long I have been waiting to do that. You still wanna go to that movie?" Bill asks me.

"Yeah same here. I guess we can always just go out to eat instead? And rent the movie when it comes out on tape." I tell him giving him a very content look. "How about we go eat at that new Italian place?" Bill nods his affirmation.

As we leave the house I can't help but notice how beautiful the sky looks at that moment. 'I guess being in love will do that for someone. I just can't believe I never noticed how beautiful everything is around here. Guess I was too used to seeing everything look exactly the same. But it really does look different every day.'

I look at Bill and can't help but smile.

"What?" He asks with a smile of his own.

"Oh nothing much. I just can't believe how happy I am right now. I don't think I've ever been this happy." I say leaning into him and still looking u p at him happily.

He pulled me close and gave me a quick kiss on the lips. "You have no idea how happy that makes me." By this time we were in the car and heading towards the restaurant. Upon getting to the restaurant, we were seated quickly seated in a cozy booth near the back, with a basket of bread placed in front of us. Little did we know who was sitting near us, finishing his meal.

"Well, well! If it isn't the two lovebirds! Still trying to become teacher's second best Bill, by dating the teacher's pet? How's that going for you? Learning anything new?" Jonas said crudely.

"Yes Jonas I am learning quite a bit. And that isn't the reason I'm dating Jo. I'm dating her because we care about each other. But you wouldn't know anything about that. The only thing you know about is how to screw things up out in the field and how to enter data." Bill said.

"Bill, don't. He isn't worth it. You're twice the man and storm chaser he could ever hope to be. You'll be the one who makes a difference." I told him, remembering how troublesome Jonas had been on the last chase we went on, a couple of weeks ago.

"Jonas why don't you go find a camera to take some pictures with." I said, trying to refrain myself from slapping the guy.

"Why? So you can give lover boy the better job? And allow him to constantly get more experience?" Jonas said.

That's it! I'm tired of him always making these crude comments about Bill and my relationship.

"Jonas just because Bill is progressing quicker than you in the lab, does not mean that he is any better than you will be. It just means that he has more of a natural instinct. It is possible to develop the skills that he has. But for most people it takes time! If you quit being such an ass and put more effort into the work you did at the lab, you'd probably be learning more and getting to do the more exciting things like actually filming and tracking the tornados when we go on the chases!"

"So, what? Just because Bill has this "instinct" he gets all the exciting jobs? Are you sure he doesn't get his "instinct" and placing in the exciting jobs because of his relationship with you?" Jonas said snickering.

"Jo don't…." Bill started, but before he could finish, I had already strode over to Jonas and slapped him hard against his face, which snapped to the side from the force of my slap.

"That will be quite enough, Jonas Miller." I growled at him. "As of tomorrow I am telling Dr. Whetherbee I want you put on another team. Perhaps then you will start doing some work and actually learning things that will help you out in the field." I say stalking away.

Both Bill and Jonas stared at me with their mouths agape. Jonas who had been waiting for the waitress to return with his check stalked out the door once the waitress returned with his check.

"I can't believe you did that! I have wanted to do that for so long! How did it feel?" Bill said, his face alight with a smile.

"It felt wonderful! But can we talk about something else?" I asked snuggling up against his side.

Pulling me close, he gave me what was supposed to be a quick kiss, but quickly turned into something more. The waitress clearing her throat told us that our food had arrived. We ate quickly, enjoying our food, which we also shared with one another. Bill had ordered spaghetti with meatballs, while I ordered chicken Alfredo. I have to say mine tasted better, but then I never cared much for plain spaghetti. Once we finished eating and Bill paid for the food, we went back to his place where we ended up watching Fried Green Tomatoes.