Warnings: A bit of Sirius/Remus-ness. Is that a warning or a promise? Hmmm

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Bits and Pieces:

Threatening the Blond Kid

By Rekahneko


"Padfoot, I think you should just tell Remus how you feel."

Sirius scowled at his godson. "Listen, I don't tell you how to threaten the blond kid."

"Actually…" Harry raised an eyebrow, not realizing how uncanny his resemblance to his father was in that moment.

"A few pointers hardly count," defended Sirius.

"You gave me notes. Pages of them. With diagrams."

"The little git's a cousin," Sirius muttered, looking sulkily down at the table and tracing a line in the grain of wood. "If he's family, he deserves everything he gets."

"What about Tonks? You like her and she's related," Harry responded sensibly, a bit amused at his godfather's sudden bout of embarrassment.

Sirius frowned. "I'm not so sure about her anymore. You can never tell with those metamorphmagus types."

"You're just mad because she started flirting with Professor Lupin, aren't you?" Harry was grinning and Sirius wondered how the conversation had come back to the very topic he most wanted to avoid.