Master of Puppets

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Chapter 1: A one way love leads only to a broken heart


The one word that twisted my wretched soul, the one word that filled my entire world with despair.

'Why won't he love me?'

The one phrase that made me cry every night since he first rejected me. Those words came to me like demons in the night, tormenting me, mocking me, insulting me until I was nothing more that a shivering weakling, begging for rays of hope. A dawn that will never come.

'Why won't Sasuke love me?'

Sasuke, the source of all my pain, of all my hurt. Him, the one I wasted countless nights crying over, the one who constantly mocked and insulted me. Him, the one I love more than life itself.

I can't explain why I was so drawn to him. Was it his aloof attitude? Was it his awesome strength? The way he moved, the way he talked, sat, slept, the list goes on. All I know was that I was irresistibility drawn to him.

And it was that magnetic attraction that had me here now, deep in the woods surrounding Konoha, crying my eyes out.

"Why...." I begged to the pale full moon, suspended weightlessly high in the sky. The clear night giving me a unhindered view of the celestial arrangement surrounding the moon. Like city lights in the distance.

For a moment I was caught in it's heavenly grasp. I wanted lustfully to become one with it, to be surround by stars and far away from all earthly matters. It was so beautiful, I could finally be free from him, forever out of his reach, and far, far away from his influence.

I could almost touch the bright stars with the tips of my fingers. I was there, among the stars and away from him. Right when I felt like I could forget all my pain, all my suffering and finally be in the light.

But he wouldn't let me, his icy cold hands grabbing me, pulling me down, and down. I cried out in desperation but even those desperate cries were covered up. With one finally tung he hurled me back to earth, leaving me to wither in pain, never to rise up again.

"No..." I whispered into the cool night, "no..." Tears flowed evenly from my puffy red eyes, in the distance I could hear people calling my name, no doubt Naruto and everybody else. I could hear Naruto's and Ino's voice clearly above the others.

The thought to answer back to their calls tempted me, I could call out to them, and they would come racing over. They would be so happy and begging me to let them carry me back and take care of me. I could confide in the girls, but most like they'd only tell me to keep my spirits up and try harder. How shallow.

I could feel a hard lump rising up in my throat, yearning to be released, to turn that wonderful fantasy in my mind into reality but he wouldn't allow it. Even in my inner most thoughts, in the depths of my heart he's there.

'You're so weak.' His frigid hard voice sneered, I winced as if I was struck violently. It was that way all the time. His words never failed to lash out at me with malice, imaginary or not. 'Always depending on others, than again you're too weak to stand up on your own.'

"He's right." I cried as I curled up into a ball on the hard, filthy ground. More tears stung painfully around my eyes as the desperate, horse voices of my friends slowly faded away, giving into the hums and chirps of the thousands of bugs residing with in the forest.

I sniffed, a painfully sad sound, a stark contrast to the peaceful night. Nothing was peaceful in the chaotic storm taking place with in my heart.

He had yet again rejected me, only this time it was different. This time not only did he break my heart but this time he broke my arm.

A high, humorless laugh fell past my lips, startling a nest of birds high above me. I thought it ironic how thinking about him distracted me from the angry, red ,throbbing wound running all the way up and down my arm.

At first it burned in waves of endless pain, almost crippling me motionless. Eventually as I ran away from him, my tail between my legs the pain would come and go. For moments it would be blissfully pain free and for a moment I cold breath easy, but then it would come back with vengeance, causing me to stumble and my breaths come out ragged and forced.

Now it was nothing more than a dull throb but I knew that by night tomorrow I risked losing use of my entire arm. Such injury could abruptly end my career as a proud shinobi of the hidden leaf village.

Is that why he crushed my arm? So that I could never walk through the streets of Konoha with my held held high out of pride, pride that came from knowing that I, even in a small way, was helpful. Or did he do it to simply remove a useless tool that was too weak to stand up to the rigors of work. Yes that's it, he removed me like one would pull a weed from a garden. To him I was nothing more than a parasite, someone who lived off of the wealth of the village, never giving back in return.

'People like you are only a nuisance' How many times had he told me that? How many times had he repeatedly brought me down with all the fowl things his wicked, yet oh so beautiful, mind could think of.

Any smart person would have quit, requested for a new team or stood up to him but not me. I never quit or appealed to switch teams. No I never did any of those things because I loved him and I could never leave him.

I laid there, in that dark forest for hours upon hours, wallowing in self disgust. Even when the sun peeked out at me from the west, towering over tree tops. I did not move. Not even when the sun was high in the sky looking down on my frail and beaten body. I hardly moved a muscle.

It was almost twilight and I was getting the irking to move or walk. To do something after staying still for almost an entire day. My stomach growled restlessly and the dull throb in my arm had, over the course of the day, escalated to a hard pounding pain that made my entire frame to shiver uncontrollably.

Using all my remaining energy, despite my aching bones and muscles from lack of use I was able to stand up and limp back towards the village.

Truthfully I didn't want to go back. I wanted to stay there, on the ground in the middle of a forest where no one could find me. I would slowly rot away and die. I would have done it too, I should have done it but it was my love for Sasuke that pulled me back to the village. An irresistible force that never failed to pull me back in.

I was trudging through the thick undergrowth that caught endlessly on my clothes and hair, hindering my every move when, from behind, I heard the snap of a twig.

Sasuke may believe that I do not have what it takes to be a shinobi but when I heard that snap I was instantly on guard with a kunai already in hand. Pain shot up and down my arm and legs and my vision blurred into flashes of red and black but I stood firm.

Had I delayed for an instant the unmistakable whoosh of a thrown kunai that came seconds after would have no doubt embedded its self into my heart, killing me instantly. Even so my reaction was slow and while I still deflected the dangerous knife it still skirted off to the side grazing my shoulder.

"Impressive." Said a deep voice that reminded me of gurgling water said from behind me. I could only react, no time to panic or hesitate. Forcing chakra into my feet I pushed off hard from the ground, away from the voice.

Sweat rolled down my pale skin as I did another run/jump forward, away from the voice, I didn't think to look and see who was speaking, it didn't matter, at least it didn't matter at that very moment. I couldn't waste a thought at wondering who my assaulter was when it took all my concentration just to remain standing.

"Nice try" the voice said again, only now from my left, My face snapped to the side catching a glimpse of my attacker. A gasp escaped my lips, I knew who he was. I had never seen him before but Naruto and told me about him once, weeks, mouths ago.

"Sasuke's brother..." Naruto stared blankly into the bowl of ramen Sakura had decided to treat him to.

"Uchiha Itachi, right?" Sakura asked, her face serious. Naruto nodded meekly and halfheartedly took a sip of his ramen.

"Yeah him and that shark guy."

"Shark guy?" Sakura questioned.

I gasped in pain as the man punched me in the gut, knocking the wind out of me. I hit the ground hard, pain ricocheting up my now broken leg.

"Yeah." Naruto looked up from his ramen, staring her right into the eye. "He was blue skinned with blue hair, small beady white eyes and spiky blue hair with gills on his face."

"He sure sound like a fun person." I laughed hoping to cheer Naruto up. I could see a small smile tug at the corner of his mouth but there was no more reaction from him.

"Kakashi-sensei told me that his name was-"

"Heh, resistance from here out is futile," The males deep voice said from above me. I could only look up at my attacker, waiting for whatever painful end will come and end me.

"Hoshigaki Kisame" I breathed, trying in vain to hide the pain that dulled my senses and blurred my vision.

"Well, well, it knows my name." Kisame smirked down on me "Well I must say that saves me some valuable time explaining things."

"Wheres..." Blood quickly filled my mouth, my breathing came more and more labored. My vision fading. "You're... crime" I coughed, blood spurted from my lips, coating them in rich crimson red.

"You mean Itachi right? Heh, he's distracting Konoha's ANBU from us."

"Why...?" I was barely clinging to consciousness, my vision almost entirely gone, in just a matter of seconds I would pass out.

"Simple." Kisame reached down, grabbing me by the collar of my pink shirt and hulling me up. "We're here to kidnap you."

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