Hello everyone! This is not a new chapter. Despite all I have said and done I WILL NOT be continuing this story. It is done, finished, over with. Yeah I had a few new chapters for it but I deleted them. Yeah I said I would continue it but the new chapters didn't feel right to me. I was happy when I finished this story, not that I don't like it cuz I love this story, but I just wanted it to be done with.

So in apology and because my brain works best at midnight on a school night I have a new Sasori/Sakura story. It is NOT related to this story in any way shape or form. It is a totally new idea and position from this story.

The new story is called 'Hallucinations' and it is a romance, a real romance this time with 100 percent real romance. And if you ask me, this new story is going to be 10 times better than this one.

So check it out, read it, and especially review it! I need 30 reviews to write the new next chapter! And I mean it! (puts on mean face) so don't be stingy on that review button! It wants to be pressed! I wants love!

Again the story is called 'Hallucinations'

P.S. Another story of mine that could use some love (because quite honestly its about to get dumped soon) is 'The Dog's Loyalty'.