5 months have past since the battle with Ozai. Zuko now fire lord was watching the servants prepare a table. he had a special evening planned with his girlfriend Mai. Looking upon the table there were plates of roasted turkydeer with a side of rice, A bowl of rolls, a plate with crackers and a little cup for sauce. two plates sat on the opposite sides of the table. the table was covred with a fine deep red table cloth that reached the floor. a candle sat in the middle. Zuko notest that no one has lighten it, not wanting to make a scene he unfolded his arms from his sleeves and with his index finger he shot a little flame to the candle and it flicked on fire.

I'm gonna let that little mistake slide he though to him self. He felt a arm slung over him, looking to the left Mai was staring up at him

" We'll, you had to over do it did you?" she asked, Zuko gave a week smile

" only for a beautiful girl" he said " I didn't hear you sneaking up on me". Mai rolled her eyes

" Zuko when are you going to learn" she said, quickly she pecked him on the cheek, his cheeks started to turn red

" so shall we eat?" he suggested as well changing the subject. Mai shrugged her shoulders as she walked over to her seat. Zuko helped seated her in while a servant came up and seated him two sat quietly eating at the food, Zuko decided to break the silence

" so Mai how's your day been? he asked, Mai looked up from her plate

" boring" she replied " my mother made me watch tom-tom while she and my father went over to Omashu for a conference with King Bumi" she started. Zuko found out about Mai's brother a few weeks ago. " Then Tom -tom though it was fun to throw his mush carrots at me, along with the rest of his meal" she continued. " I did manage to get him to take his nap" she finished when she took a sip of the wine that was offered to her

" oh that awful to hear about your brother doing that" Zuko said,Mai looked up from her cup, she placed it down on the table

" oh really i like to see you deal with this toddler" she said with a sarcastic tone " you wouldn't last for 2 seconds with that brat"

" it's not nice to call your brother that" Zuko said

" but it's ok to call Azula insane right?" Mai shot back. Zuko shook his head

" lets not talk about her tonight ok" he suggested, he took another bite of his food when he though about changing the subject " i hope you can handle the spice in the food" he said, Mai looked at him

" you got to be kidding" she said " you think i can't handle spicy food? " she said

" Uh..no thats not what i meant " Zuko said " I was just..."

" Zuko I've eaten five bowls of fire flakes with out taking a sip of water" Mai cut him off " i think i can handle any spicy food". Zuko smirk

" oh really?" he asked " one of the cooks discovered a new recipe" he said " and it's pretty good"

" oh" Mai replied " lets see it then" she said. Zuko clapped his hands for a servant, a middle age man came out

" yes my lord?" he asked while bowing

" we would like to sample the new creation" he said

" yes my lord" he said going back to the kitchen.

Out the window a messenger Hawk flew in, he squawked as a drip of Poo laned on top of Mai's head. Mai felt the poo slip down her head, The chop sticks that were in her hand snaped into two. Zuko rushed over two her, his chair getting knocked down. a female servant came out

" My lord is something the matter?" she asked. The messenger hawk perched on the window sill. Zuko turn to the maid

" will you help mai clean up?" he asked, The maid gasped at the sight of Mai with bird poo dripping down to her face

" why yes my lord" she said,, she ran over to Mai " come with me" she directed Mai away from the dinning hall, the first sevant came back with the dish

" your dish lord Zuko" he said Zuko looked at the plate

" just set iit on the table" he said, the servant place it on the table and left. Zuko walked over to the messenger hawk. He took a sample of the food that was steaming hot. taking Mai's chair he sat down while taking a bite of the food. The flavor of the spices and the meat it was delicious

This spicy RabbitLobster is really good he tough. He Undid the scroll that was attach to the bird's leg, he took mai's cup and started to drink out of it as he read. One part of the mesage cause him to spit up the wine, he coughed as he re-read the message again

dear fire lord Zuko.

I know where your mother is,.......

Oh Some one know where Ursa is hidding? where could she be?

OK for the weird food just go with it ( I mean ther'es Mooselions, kolalaotters, Owlcats, Platypusbears and horseostriches) i think you get it

and poor Mai get's bird poop on her head

Before you gang up on me for my grammar errors i want to say i did Space and start paragraphs but the site likes to smoosh them together