Ozai Chuckled

" oh my dear sweet Ursa" he said " is this what you came to see me about" he said " I though you missed me"

" Ozai look at your self" she said " your selfish ways got you in prison"

" DON"T TELL ME WHAT TO DO" he barked. Zuko stepped in

" Don't yell at her" he said defending his mother

" Quiet you" Ozai hissed

" Again Ozai" Ursa spoke " what have you done to our children

" I've done nothing" Ozai lied

" why has our daughter gone insane?" she demand

" I had nothing to do with that" Ozai told her

" and our son" Ursa was clutching her fist " where is he?"

Ozai chuckled then laughed out loud " Oh Ursa you amuse me" he said

" ENOUGH!!!" Ursa shouted " WHERE IS MY SON!". Ozai gave her a dead cold stare

" are you blind woman? he asked " you son has been with us the whole time, i though you would of seen him by now but I guess his scar scared you away"

" what do you mean?" Ursa asked

" My dear Ursa your son is right behind you" he said. Ursa turned around Zuko stood there almost ashamed to speak, Ursa gasped and covered her mouth, with her free hand she wanted to reach out to is face but drew back

" you see Zuko " Ozai started " your own mother is ashamed to see you with that". Ursa just felt heart broken, her son, what happen to his face

" what.." she stared " what happen to you?"

" we should leave" Zuko suggested, Ursa turn back to Ozai, she glared at him

" what did you do to him?" she asked

"me" Ozai asked as if he was accused of a fake crime " your son dishonor our nation "

" you..." she tried to hold back the tears " I HATE YOU OZAI" she cried " YOU MONSTER!" she fled out of the room

" mom" Zuko called out to her, he turn back to his father who was laughing to him self

" so now she hates me" he said " i guess Our marriage was not to be". Zuko fled out to catch his mother leaving Ozai to laugh in his sanity


down on the shore Nai didn't go into the prison hold with Zuko she stayed out waiting, she saw Ursa fly by her crying

" Ursa" she called but the elderly woman didn't hear her, Then Zuko came out

" Nai did you see where she went" he asked her

" yes she went that way" she pointed, He and Nai went after Ursa

Ursa stopped running when she found a tree with a rock underneath it

" Ursa" she could here her named be called

" Mom" she heard that calling for her

" Zuko she's over here" Nai said, then found her, Ursa got off the rock she was sitting on, she stared into her son's eyes

" Zuko" she spoke " is it really you?" she came closer

" mom it's me" he said, tears were now rolling down his eyes " it's me". Ursa threw her self on to him

" oh Zuko " she cried " oh my son why didn't I see it before" Zuko hugged her back

" it's ok mom" he said " it's me " he told her " it's really me" he kept on repeating that it was him

" my little boy" she started " my little boy is all grown up". Nai smiled to her self, she ad finaly reunited Zuko with Ursa, now she'll be going back to her home.

it's not the end just yet...theres more to this