Come on Get Higher - Matt Nathanson

Frida knelt down amongst the wreckage of the ruined banquet hall, her dusty torn gown pooling around her as she did so. She listened to the few people sorting through the debris and chattering amongst themselves; her parents, her sisters, the Miracle City Police, and the owner of the hall. The Titan was nowhere to be found and neither was Diego.

Frida had sort of wished the guacamole scientist hadn't run off after the battle. She would have liked to thank him for at least attempting to defend her. She supposed she could do so at school though.

Moving aside a broken ceiling tile, she reached down to the ripped red packaged underneath. Dusting it off slightly, she set it in her lap and tore off the rest of the tissue paper.

Frida smiled at portrait inside the shattered frame, examining every detail of the drawing and giggling slightly at the chosen pose.

A shadow crept over her from behind and Frida slowly looked up over her shoulder.

Manny smiled down at her, a light blush on his toned skin as he watched her look over the picture. He knelt down beside her, slipping an arm around her shoulders as she looked back down at the picture. "I'll get you a new frame."

"You're getting really good Manny," she complimented, still staring at the picture. She turned her smile towards him. "Thank you."

He melted at that smile. "Happy Birthday."

Frida beamed and leaned up towards him. He met her in the kiss, hugging her shoulders slightly and drinking in the moment. He'd never get tired of this, Manny mused to himself.

The two parted at the sound of giggles across the room and looked over their shoulders at her sisters. Manny chuckled nervously and Frida rolled her eyes, pushing herself to her feet and setting the broken picture frame down on possibly the only surviving table.

"So much for that," she shrugged, looking around the demolished building.

Manny tilted his head at her, watching her stare at all the destruction, some hint of longing in her indigo eyes. Despite the huge tear in the stained hem of her gown, the bruising and gashes across her arms and neck, and the dirt and dust smeared across her face; she looked absolutely radiant standing in the light of the setting sun. Her wavy long hair was a mess of cerulean falling over her bare shoulders and curling at the ends. He couldn't stop staring.

Frida looked down as Manny gently took her hand, following his arm up to his face. He smiled and gracefully dipped into a bow.

"May I have this dance?"

Confused and blushing she felt his other hand slip down her waist to the dip in her lower back, pulling her against him. The corners of her mouth turned upwards in a touched smile and she slid her other hand up his chest to his shoulder, letting him guide her into the Vals.

Frida and Manny locked eyes as they moved around the cracked dance floor, laughing every time they stepped on each other's foot.

So come on, get higher, loosen my lips
Faith and desire and the swing of your hips
Just pull me down hard
And drown me in love


A/N: Thank you for reading and a special thanks to all my reviewers. You're very kind and all the feedback was delightful to read and helpful for improving my skills. I hope to write more Tigre fiction in the future and I'm very inspired to do so by all the nice comments. If anyone is interested I also draw and have a link to my gallery in my profile. I expect to have a few images inspired from this fic up soon.

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