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"Mother!? What are you doing here?" Asked the bleached hair girl in the bright pink Love Me jumpsuit. Mogami kyoko did not expect when she woke up this morning the horror that awaited her. She had woken up this morning thinking it was going to be a good morning because she had gotten a call sayings there were some jobs for her to go over to see which one she would like. But now the day had gone bad just by seeing this woman.

"Come kyoko. We're going home and getting you out of that shameful outfit and this shameful life style you have here." Said the mother of kyoko, Mogami Saena. Kyoko just stared at the woman in the doorway of the Love-me room in total shock on how and why the woman in front of her was even there. ' How did she find me? And what does she mean we're leaving?' Were the thoughts going through kyoko's mind.

"What do you mean come? I'm not leaving here. You can go yourself." Kyoko said alittle scared not knowing how her mother would react to her talking back. But truth be told she didn't care if she had to talk back to her mother if that meant she could stay. But she knew her mother still had control over after all these years apart and she would still listen to her.

"Wrong. You are coming right this minute. Now we're going wherever you've been staying and getting your stuff because you're coming to live with me and Takeo. We have an apartment here in Tokyo. But I will not let you keep working here."

"Mother, listen I am not coming with you. I like it here, I love my job, I have friends. I also have R-." Kyoko trailed off when she saw her mom giving her a glare that could kill. One kyoko knew she could not with stand and gave in knowing she wouldn't win. But in truth she was going to say Ren. Who until about a few months ago was just her sempai but now things were different. Kyoko realized her feelings for him were more than just a sempai ever since he saved her from the stalker and was holding her trying to make her feel better when she thought corn wasn't around. With knowing how much Ren was trying to make sure she was ok and just holding her was enough to start breaking the walls around her heart and then she started noticing how Ren really acted around her. And on her 17th birthday when Ren gave her the rose the walls fell. After finding this out about herself and her feelings toward him she didn't know how to act around him. So she made sure she almost never ran into him at the office and when she would see him she always talk to him with her head down or looking everywhere but at Ren. Ren noticed her acting this way after a few weeks and asked her what was wrong and at first she didn't know what to say but she told him that she loved him knowing she couldn't lie to him and she couldn't hold it in any longer. Kyoko was frozen with shock when he told her he felt the same way and then they shared their first kiss which shocked kyoko even more but she recovered and kissed him back. So they have been a 'thing' for about 7 months alreadyand they saw each other pretty much everyday for lunch or a late dinner and talked on the phone before going to bed. Kyoko couldn't be happier and they were also talking about her moving in and here her mother is telling her to leave. That sent waves of pain to kyokos' heart because she couldn't stand being away from Ren and not just Ren but everyone Moko, Maria, LME. Kyoko was brought back from her thoughts when her mother said.

"Friends? You call the people who act for a living friends. Their just acting as friends just like they act everything else in their life out. Now we're going. Takeo is waiting in the car for us and you know I do not like to be kept waiting." With that kyoko was grabbed by the arm and taken out of the room to the front doors of the LME building. What her mother said about her friends really made kyoko mad. 'Moko would never do that to me. Everyone I have met has truly been my friend.' Kyoko knew that was just another way of her mother hurting her. Kyokos feelings of anger went to pain when just as they were walking to the doors she saw a big tall dark figure walking towards them and she knew who that figure was. ' Sure, Today he uses the front doors.' Kyoko thought knowing she couldn't hide with her being with her was hoping she would leave here without running into him because she didn't know what to say to him. But she also knew she couldn't just leave without telling him why. And it may even be a good thing she ran into him because knowing her mother she wouldn't let her explain herself to anyone. The tall man saw kyoko leaving with some woman holding her arm and dragging kyoko who looked like she was in pain and walked over to them taking kyoko's other arm.

"Kyoko where are you going? And who is this person?"

"Ren um...Th-This is my mother." Ren froze. He knew all about kyoko's mother from their childhood. And kyoko knew Ren would know all about this person holding her other arm because Ren told her about him being corn on their first date just like he found out about Bo but neither were mad just shocked and kyoko knew corn knew all about her mother. Ren was remembering everything he ever heard about this woman in front of him when kyoko says.

"And I'm leaving to go to her house."

"Wait,What!? You mean for a visit right. Just a visit and then your coming back." Ren asked knowing it wasn't just a visit but he had to ask. Kyoko just shook her head and Ren felt like his world just fell apart.

"But you can't. What about work? What about us? You can't just leave. What am I going to do?" Ren was frantic knowing kyoko would be leaving. Kyoko has tears forming in her eyes when she started to say.

"I'm so sorr-." But was cut of by her mother.

"I don't know who you are but would you let go of kyoko this minute." Ren didn't move while her mother kept talking. "Kyoko will be leaving this place and she will be finding a more fitting job and I don't know what this 'us' thing is but I can assure you kyoko will not return to here or any of the people here." Everything saena was saying was breaking both Ren and Kyokos heart.

"Ren I'm so sorry." Kyoko looks at her mother and asks. " Can I have a minute alone with Ren please? I will be right out." Saena was unsure on what she should do but she thought it would be ok.

"Fine but make it fast," With that her mother let go of kyokos arm and went to her car. Kyoko turned to Ren and was trying to put a smile on but it was coming out all wrong and Ren could see all this pained her too. Kyoko trying to lighting the mood said.

"So where's yashiro? Guess he isn't here yet." Ren could see she was about to break down crying so he pulled her into a tight hug as if never to let her go ever.

"kyoko do you really have to go? I mean we were getting ready for you to move in and your job is going great. I don't want you to go. I'll be lost without you. Give me one good reason you have to go because I can see you don't want to." Ren said into her hair as he rested his head on hers. He was getting ready to break down. He couldn't let her go. He couldn't live without her not when he just got her.

" She's my mother. I want her to be happy." This angered Ren. He knew she always wanted her mothers love and was always thinking of her mother before her but this so-called-mother hasn't been in her life since she was a kid and kyoko had no contact with her home in Kyoto since she left 2 years ago. and kyoko was finally doing well after the hard life she had. For all she has to just go away just because of one woman? Ren didn't understand any of it.

"Kyoko, She is not a mother! What mother leaves their child in the hands of others to have their son use her?" Ren nearly yelled.

"Your right, But what can I do? She still has a hold on me. I don't want to leave here. This job is the best thing that has happened to me besides you and other people in my life. I love it here and I don't want to leave the people. But most of all I don't want to leave you. I love you. But what can I do?" Kyoko said with tears running down her face.

Ren tighten the hug and whispered in her hair. "Please don't go. I can't lose you." This made kyoko cry even more. This whole thing was killing them both but she was right what can she do? Her mother had some kind of control over her that neither understood or could break. Ren then lifted kyoko's chin up so he could see her face. He took his thumb and dragged it across her cheeks getting rid of the tears then bent down to kiss her. Kyoko put her arms around his neck and he pulled her closer to deepen the kiss. The kiss was not as long as they wished it was because someone in his mid-forties with black hair combed all nice and neat in a suit came to them and said in a harsh tone.

"Kyoko your mother said it's time to go." Ren and kyoko pulled apart and looked at him confused and wondering who this guy was. Ren asked.

"And who are you?" Kyoko still in rens arms turned her head to get a better look at him.

"I'm Jumonji Takeo. I live with kyokos mother and kyoko now as well. Now let's go kyoko!" Takeo said the last part in an even harsher tone that made kyoko shudder. Ren felt her shudder under his arms and made his hold on her tighter while glaring at the guy who scared his kyoko then said.

"Don't ever speak to her in that tone again. If I ever hear you speak to her like that again or she tells me about it you'll have me to deal with. Another thing don't call her kyoko like you know her." Kyoko knew she had to leave before it got worse and they caused a scene. So she stood on her tippy toes and whispered in rens ear

"I have to go. But she says she lives in town so I'll try to contact you soon." With that she kissed him one last time then he whispered in her ear.

"You better. If you need anything call right away or if anything goes wrong." Ren paused for a minute before saying. "You know you can always come to my house. I mean that's where your supposed to be anyway and she'll never find you there." Ren said hopefully. Kyoko smiled up at Ren.

"Hmm tempting but I can't." With that Ren let his grip on her go as she walked to the guy her mother sent to get her but before she walked out she turned around to get one last look at Ren and he mouthed ' I love you.' Kyoko saw this and mouthed 'I love you too.' And Ren watched as kyoko turned to walk out of the LME building and for all he knew she could be walking out of his life forever after finally just getting her.

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