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~Outside kyokos apartment~

Sho stood infront of what he now knows as the apartment kyoko is living in. As he stood there he started thinking about what he had to go through to get this far. He had to sit and actually talk with the guy he hated most in this world. It was bad enough that guy was number on in Japan and had kept it that way so Sho couldn't beat him. But now he also had kyoko. But he had put all his hate for the man in the back of his head for now. He wasn't doing this for himself. He was doing this for kyoko. So he put up with Ren for now.


As Ren sat across from sho he began telling the pop star what he was thinking.

"To get to kyoko we need to find out where she lives or works. Since we can't contact kyoko we have to go through her mother. And there's were the problem comes in." Ren stood and started pacing not able to sit still. " She knows what I look like. And that I work with her. Kyokos mother won't let anybody from here talk to kyoko. So that's where you come in. She knows you as an old friend. Maybe she'll talk to you. If we're lucky maybe she'll even meet with you. But before we even think that she'll meet with us we have to get ahold of her. That will be the hardest part."

Ren sat back down but didn't look at fuwa. Instead he looked down at his folded hands on the table looking deep in thought. Sho just sat there thinking as well. Then his face took on a look that said he got an idea. Then sho pulled out his cell phone and started dialing. Ren looked up when he heard she typing the numbers. Wondering who sho was calling Ren sat there listening.

" Yea shoko it's me.....Calm down I'm at LME....I'm talking with someone....No. Not her. Anyway I called to ask you something....Remember a few weeks ago when you said someone came looking for kyoko?.....Yea. So it was a woman. Did she leave a name?....Saena. Thought so....No. Nothing's wrong. Did she leave a number or address?...." Sho started looking for a pen and paper when Ren gave him his cell phone. On the screen was the text message page. Sho took it and went back to his call. "Ok. Did you find that card yet?......Ok give me both......Thanks. Also could you cancel all my work for the next two hours?.......Sorry. I can't say, later" Sho hung up. He looked back at Ren to find Ren glaring at him. Confused sho said. " What?"

" You didn't tell me she went to your agency. And she talked to your manger. You could have told kyoko . Then none of this would be happening!." Ren yelled the last part.

"I wasn't really listening when shoko told me. Plus I didn't see the woman and shoko didn't say her name." Sho said defending himself. Ren knew there were more important things right now. So he stopped glaring and asked

" So did you get her number?"

"Yes. Also her work address. I'll call and see what I can do.

"Ok. Then call me and we'll think of where to go from there." After exchanging numbers, which both men hated, Sho then saved saenas number and address. Both left alittle more happy knowing they may have a chance to get kyoko back.

~End Flashback~

Sho rang the doorbell. He heard the all to familiar voice of kyokos mother tell kyoko to answer the door. Sho waited until finally it opened to show a very sickly pale looking kyoko. She wore a black business jacket with a matching skirt that hung loosely on kyokos small frame. It looked like she hadn't eaten in awhile. And though sho hadn't seen kyoko in awhile he knew she didn't look this thin and pale before coming here.

"What are you doing here?" Hearing kyoko speak in a worn out voice finally brought sho out of his shocked state at seeing her looking this way. Able to find his voice again sho spoke

"Oh...Um your mot-." Before he could finish said woman showed up behind kyokos. Saena said in a spine chilling voice

"Well are you going to let our guest in? Or are you going to let him stand there all night looking like a fool?" Kyoko looked up at her mother shocked.

"Gu-Guest?" Kyokos mother just looked down at her with a cold glare.

"Yea. Guest. Now I will not repeat myself. Let him in." Kyoko looked down hating that she had to let him in. But she couldn't say no to her mother either.

"Yes mother." Kyoko looked up to lock eyes with sho. Hers not showing that hate that was usually there but sadness. And his showing how much he wanted to help her. After a long pause she spoke.

" Won't you please come in?" With that sho walked in followed by saena. Then lastly kyoko who shut the door after letting the person she hated the most into her house.

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