Chapter 44: To the Stars at Last

At the appointed hour, the two appeared dressed as the SWAT Kats on their cyclotrons. Parking behind the Mayor's green sedan, they walked through the crowds that had already formed, heading for the top step in front of the main doors of city hall. Many touched them as they passed.

Feral had already arrived and was standing with his replacement on the left side of the Mayor. The SWAT Kats noticed immediately that he was wearing a new uniform and recognized it. They smiled and pointed at the clothing. He surprised them by smiling back and nodding. Just that morning when he was dressing Feral decided he would wear this to the ceremony rather than his former uniform, showing plainly he was no longer an Enforcer but a member of the Wotan's crew.

The SWAT Kats took a position on the other side of the Mayor and her deputy. Callie smiled briefly at them before turning her attention to the crowd before them. She signaled for silence and the crowd quickly gave it to her.

"Welcome. We are here today to transfer the reins of the Chief Enforcer position to a new generation as our older defenders head for new horizons. We thank former Commander Ulysses Feral for his selfless service in the protection of our fair city and wish him a sad but fond farewell. In turn, we welcome Commander Jason Sharpclaws as our new Chief Enforcer." Sharpclaws stepped forward a moment, bowed his head, then stepped back. Feral shook his paw to congratulate him.

When the noise eased off, Callie continued, "In recognition of his years of dedication and courage in the face of all the dangers that beset our city over the years, I am honored to be allowed to present the highest award the military can bestow. This was sent down by your superiors Commander Feral along with a thank you for a job well done." She opened a small case her deputy held for her, pulled out something on a chain, and walked to Feral, indicating he should lower his head so she could reach his neck.

Feral eyed her in shocked surprise as he complied. He'd never expected anything like this. "To Ulysses Feral goes the Medal of Honor for gallantry and intrepidity at risk of life, above and beyond the call of duty, in the battle against the omegas," she repeated the award statement solemnly, hanging the medal around his neck as she did so.

Before he could straighten up, she kissed him briefly on the cheek and whispered for his ears alone, "Thank you for keeping us safe, Ulysses and good luck in your new career."

Blushing, he smiled at her. "Thank you, it was an honor serving with you," he murmured back. Nodding she returned to the microphone as he straightened and cheers filled the air, cameras flashing.

The SWAT Kats clapped and whistled showing their complete agreement with the award, much to Feral's surprise, making him choke up a bit with emotion.

Above in the Wotan, the bridge crew and one other, watched the ceremony with their long range sensor array. Captain Ing turned his head to give a proud Lt. Kam, who stood beside him, a broad smile.

"Please confer my congratulations to your mate, Kam. A singular honor he well deserves."

"I will, sir, and thank you. I'm glad they recognized how important he was to them but I was surprised and pleased the SWAT Kats had felt the same way considering how much trouble and attitude they gave him all these years."

"Aw, they're good sorts, just cocksure and thinking they knew how things should be done, like a certain insertion team leader I could name," Ing murmured, casting an amused eye on Kam who blushed. They returned their attention to the screen in time to see Mayor Briggs address the crowd again.

"Though former Commander Feral was in charge of keeping us safe, the SWAT Kats aided him when the enemy overwhelmed the Enforcers no thanks to the former Mayor's failure to keep the Enforcers properly equipped. We thank them for saving us many times at the risk of their own lives. Since they aren't military, I can only give them the city's highest award for a private Katizen."

She pulled two small medals from another box the deputy held and walked toward the pair. "In recognition of your selfless courage and devotion to your city we'd like to present you these simple awards of valor to thank you for what you've done for us." She pinned a medal to each proud chest and kissed each on the cheek.

More cheers and applause rang out.

"Though we're sorry you're leaving us, we're proud you're our first representatives of our species to go out into space. We wish you good luck and safe travel as you leave us for your new positions aboard the Wotan. Show the universe what Katkind is made of...make us proud." Callie declared.

Again the applause and cheering was deafening. For a long moment, Callie let it continue then a chant began to be heard among the cheering... "Show us who you are...take it off...take it off...take it off..."

The SWAT Kats shifted nervously as they listened to the increasing cries, knowing exactly what the crowd wanted. Giving each other the eye, they reached up and removed their masks at the same time. A roar of surprise and confusion went up. Only the older Enforcers knew the pair, the crowd certainly didn't but the Mayor looked completely poleaxed.

When she managed to get the crowd to calm down, she said more to herself than anyone else, "I would never have guessed my favorite mechanics were also my heroes." Shaking her head, she smiled, turned to the crowd and said, "I wish to introduce two former ex-Enforcers who didn't let adversity stop them from doing what their hearts felt was right and that was to protect us from our enemies. Our thanks to you for your bravery: Chance Furlong and Jake Clawson, the one and only SWAT Kats."

In a house in the suburbs, a small crowd was gathered before a TV. When the pair on screen received their awards they cheered wildly then laughed when they saw the crowds reaction to pair's identity. The Mayor's look was priceless!

"Way to go Chance and Jake!" Chance's mother cheered. "About time you received the recognition you deserve!" Everyone else around her echoed her cry. They were so proud!

At the ceremony, the crowd quieted as the Mayor turned to the three and said, "Well this has certainly been an emotional event. I'm going to miss you three but space and new duties call. Just one more piece of good news I have to relay that I know you'll all be happy to hear." Turning back to the crowd she announced, "The United Nations made an official request to join the Galactic Alliance a week ago and this morning Captain Ing of the Wotan informed me our world has, unanimously, been accepted by the Galactic Counsel. We are now officially a member of the Galactic Alliance and within a year we will have a space station circling our world."

Though there were those few that weren't happy about becoming a part of a larger community outside their world, the majority of the crowd found this great news indeed and proceeded to scream and hug each other in a surfeit of joy. News camera filmed the momentous event and the crowds reaction for the evening broadcast.

When the ceremony was officially over, the group on the top step escaped inside to wait until the crowd thinned before attempting to leave.

"Food, cake and drinks have been set up in a press room off the lobby everyone. Please follow me." Callie gestured to the few members of the press, her deputy, Feral and his replacement, the SWAT Kats and members of the council as she crossed the lobby and opened a door, stepping through.

The room had a long table set up at the back with farewell balloons and banners festooning the walls. On the table were drinks, cake, and finger foods. Two sets of photos, poster size, were propped on stands behind the table. One was a formal shot of Feral in his Enforcer dress uniform, the other displayed the SWAT Kats standing back to back with glovetrixes drawn. The cake was a four tiered affair with amazing decorations on it. A replica of Feral's sedan sat on a second tier, two motorcycles sat on the bottom tier representing the SWAT Kats Cyclotrons and at the very top, held by wires suspending them in the air, were replicas of the Turbokat and Feral's chopper.

"Wow! That is one amazing cake, Callie!" Jake whistled. Chance could only nod and stare, reaching a claw out to gently touch the toy size Turbokat. "How cool, they got everything right," he enthused then realized he should take pictures of this amazing cake before it was cut. He stepped back a bit and pulled a mini cam out of his G-suit, taking many shots at different angles. "My mom is going to flip when she sees these pics," he murmured, still shooting.

"Make sure I get copies of those, buddy," Jake said, amused by his friend's kitten-like excitement.

Callie laughed delightedly then asked, "Hey, Chance, let's get a pic with you two and me with the cake?"

"Great idea, Callie but who will take it?" Chance said, pulling his mask back down and becoming T-Bone.

"I'd be glad to shoot that, Mayor!" Jaystar said, smiling warmly as he hurried close, taking the camera from the SWAT Kat. T-Bone showed him how to use his cam then pulled Callie beside him with Razor hugging her on the other side and the cake beside them. Jaystar took a few pics.

"It is a rather incredible looking thing," Feral rumbled, coming to stand by them, shaking his head in amazement at the cake. "Like how they made sure the Enforcers were respresented correctly."

"I'm glad you all love it. I told the top cake designer what I wanted and this is what he did for me. Best money I ever spent," Callie said, very pleased her surprise had been a success. "Come here beside me, Commander. One last pic with you please then we can cut the cake." She tugged him close as the SWAT Kats politely stepped away.

"Sure. I'm certain Kam would love a pic of this anyway," Feral said agreeably, then hugged her close much to her surprise just as Jaystar took the picture. He released her and smiled. "Thanks Callie, it was really a nice gesture." She could only blush with pleasure as Jaystar returned the camera to T-Bone.

"Now, let's eat, cut the cake, and mingle. You have to leave all too soon and I want a last few minutes with each of you," Callie said, leading them to the food where they all grabbed a plate and loaded up and got a nice big slice of cake which tasted fantastic.

Sharpclaws slipped close and coaxed Feral to speak privately with him for a few minutes. The former commander reluctantly agreed. Callie drew the SWAT Kats to a quieter corner of the room so they could speak privately too.

"I can't believe you guys succeeded in pulling the wool over my eyes for so long," she snorted, shaking her head. "I'll miss you so, especially because you were brilliant at fixing my car and, especially, for being my knights in shining armor...rescuing me from danger all the time," she laughed.

"You're welcome and we were glad to be your rescuers. You are without doubt one of the bravest she-kats we've ever known," T-Bone said gallantly. "As for your sedan, Jimmy and his crew will do right by you don't worry." Then he hugged and gave her a light kiss. "And we'll miss you too." She blushed with pleasure then turned when Razor tapped her shoulder.

"By the way, here..." Razor handed her his comm. She blinked at him in confusion as she took it while setting her plate down on a nearby table.

"I won't be needing it but thought you might have someone you would want to have a more secure form of communication with and here are the instructions for it's use. I gave Professor Hackle the blueprints for it so make sure you use him alone for any repairs or maintenance it will need. This will also ensure its security is kept," he told her handing over a small booklet.

"Oh, thank you, Razor, how very thoughtful of you," she said, giving him a hug, very grateful for his thoughtfulness. "Without knowing it, you've given me a safer way to keep in touch with a certain special someone." She released him and gave both males a secret smile. "As a matter of fact, I realize there's been no time to tell you about a special event in my life." She paused to look around, insuring no one was close enough to hear what she said next then leaned close to the two and said softly, "I'm mated to Abi Sinian."

Both toms gaped at her in shocked surprise. It took them a moment before either could react then they smiled happily and gave her another hug.

"That's great news. I'm glad you have someone of your own at last. I think I can safely say for both of us, that we were a bit worried leaving you but now we can go with a freer mind knowing you have someone who will watch over and take care of you. I take it, though, you're keeping her under wraps for her safety right now, hmm?" Razor murmured softly while they were still close, noting her caution before telling them her secret.

"Yes. With things so unsettled right now, I thought it best to keep her secret until after the election," Callie admitted.

"Worried about that shadow power that put Manx in the Mayor's seat, huh?" Razor asked astutely.

She nodded. T-Bone asked, "There's been no leads to their identity then?"

"No, even though Commander Sharpclaws and Jaystar have been investigating the matter since Manx was put into jail. They've found no trace of where or who this nebulous organization might be and who's funding them. Whoever they are, they've hidden themselves really deep."

Razor gave her arm a gentle squeeze. "You'll find them. I have faith in you. And don't forget, you're magical now...perhaps that will help you track down whoever it is?" he suggested quietly.

She blinked in shock. "Oh, Razor I am so going to miss that sharp mind of yours. Of course, you're right and I could kick myself for not thinking of it."

Razor shrugged. "Hey, you've only just became a sorcerer and I bet you haven't used it much since your return from the Wotan so why should you think of it yet? Don't worry, it will soon become habit and hopefully will help you run this city better besides taking out the Pastmaster."

"Destroy his ass, Callie. Make sure he can't threaten anyone else again," T-Bone commanded firmly then smiled, "You'll be the best darn Mayor this city has ever seen, don't doubt it yourself. The next time we speak to each other, I want to hear you have everything under control."

Smiling, she raised a paw and made a vow, "I promise I will, T-Bone." Then turned to the smaller SWAT Kat. "Thanks Razor for all the advice. I will miss you so much...both of you. Hope it isn't too long before we see each other again," she added, wistfully.

"Don't know. We have a lot of things to learn and a lot of universe to see. It will be over year, I know for certain since that is how long it will take before your space station is built. But after that we'll be able to speak and see you through the more advanced interstellar communications system they'll be installing at the station so we can talk to each other with ease no matter how far away we are," T-Bone reassured her.

"Really? I hadn't known about that. How wonderful. I was so worried it would be years before we saw or spoke to each other again. That so relieves my mind. Thank you." She suddenly felt tons better about her prospects now knowing she would be able to speak with them and Feral in a years time and not be permanently cut off from their valuable knowledge and expertise.

"Thought that might make you happy. My girl friend says the images are so clear it will be like we were standing right here in front of you. It was that fact that made my departing much easier on my family too."

"That's great to hear. So, you got to spend time with your family then?" Callie asked.

"Oh yes. They hadn't seen me much over the past seven years so they were thrilled to have me around a few months. Got to see old school friends and haunts too. It was a wild and fantastic time. I'll miss them but I'm looking forward to my new life out there," T-Bone said.

"Wish I could see those stars too, but I have a big enough job here to keep me busy," Callie sighed, a little envious. "What about you Razor?"

"I don't have anyone left alive here which is why it was easier for me to agree to leave and, of course, I couldn't leave Genus now."


"The engineer from the insertion team...we sort of clicked right away, nearly like Feral and Kam though we're not bonded." He was glad his red fur hid the blush he was sporting.

"Oh Razor, that's wonderful, I'm so happy for you." Callie beamed with pleasure, glad he had someone special too. Then she turned to the tabby to ask, "And did you say you have a girl friend, T-Bone?"

"Yea, Tara, the communications and medical specialist, remember her?"

"Oh yes, a very beautiful she wolf she is too. Nice catch. Hope you keep her," she said, winking at him.

The big tabby blushed. "Well, we'll see...but thanks." He looked out the door and past it to the lobby windows. "Hmm, looks like the crowd has finally gone. Think we'll grab some more food to go and be off. We've got a few favorite places yet to visit before we leave the planet."

"Yea, and there's some things that are only native to our planet that we want to stock up on so we better hustle," Razor added.

"Good idea. Well, have a great time," she said, warmly. "You'd better grab those sandwiches there, seems everything else has gone fast even the cake." The three noted the cake was nothing more than crumbs and ornaments. "Here, take these as souvenirs," she said, wrapping the Cyclotrons and the Turbokat decorations into a napkin and handing it to Razor who tucked it into a pocket of his G-suit. "Thanks." He and T-Bone wrapped up some sandwiches, tucked them away and gave Callie a last hug and kiss before heading for the door.

"Good luck my friends, be safe, and return to me in one piece."

"We will...promise. Good luck to you too, Callie. Stay sharp and alert," Razor said in parting before the pair quickly slipped out the door before they were halted by anyone else.

She sighed, already missing them. Looking around she saw Feral trying to edge his way out of the room as several council Kats kept trying to ask him more questions. His gold eyes landed on hers, a plea for help glinting from them.

Smiling, she went over to rescue him. "Ulysses, I'd like to speak with you, please," she said, casually, nodding at the council Kats politely. They, less than graciously, bowed to her authority and moved away, leaving Feral and her alone in their part of the room.

"Thank you. They just kept yammering at me about the ones who'd been arrested, wanting to know exactly what those members had done so they wouldn't get caught doing the same. What? They hadn't read the damn report?" Feral hissed, annoyed.

"No, probably only cracked the first page open and saw how much there was to read and closed it again," Callie snorted, disgusted with her fellow politicians.

"Their problem not mine. Anyway, I need to leave."

"Yes, I'm sure you have duties to attend to aboard your new ship," she acknowledged. "I'm going to miss you, Ulysses. We got along very well this past year and I'm going to miss that camaraderie," she said with a sad smile. "You know you look very handsome in that new uniform. Kam is a very lucky guy."

Feral blushed at the unexpected compliment. "Thank you. I'll miss you too, Callie. Keep your head about you, gal. You have new enemies to worry about but, hey, you're magical, use that on them," he reminded her, a brief warm smile on his face just for her.

She laughed. "That's just what Razor told me too and I could kick myself for not even considering that might find those bastards. God knows we've dug everywhere without visible results. Whoever they are, they've made themselves very invisible."

"If they'd been obvious, we would have found them much earlier, Callie. Stop beating yourself up about it. See if Razor's advice will work. It certainly couldn't make the situation any worse and might dig them out for you. But don't forget you have a weapon on your side which is unknown to them."

"Huh?" She blinked at him in confusion.

Feral leaned close and said more softly, "No one, not even your allies are truly aware of just how powerful you are. Because magic is still thought of as parlor tricks despite the Pastmaster, your enemies are going to be underestimating you which will take them by surprise the first time you use it against them. You may be green but the Wotan's wizards said you were ready and powerful. Don't show all you can do, hold back your full abilities until you really need it. That will keep your enemies off balance. Strike the Pastmaster the instant he appears, don't delay. And I would suggest you contact the Wotan's wizards before we leave orbit to ask for a seeking spell to find your hidden enemy...if there is such a thing. Once you've dealt with both your enemies, only then will the Katizens and city council truly believe you can protect them as you said you could." Finished with his advice, he wrapped her in his huge arms and gave her a tight hug before releasing her startled form. "Now, I really have to get out of here."

She stared at him in stunned surprise a moment before regaining her composure enough to say, "Thank you for those words of wisdom. Keep yourself safe out there, Ulysses and drop me a line to let me know how you're doing in your new post."

"I will. Take care." With that he turned and made his escape.

With the last member of the protectors of the city gone, Callie suddenly felt alone. Except for Jaystar, everyone in the room was new and unknown to her. For a brief moment, she wished for Abi's company but shook the desire off, took a deep breath, then let it out slowly. Time to step into the fray and be the perfect politician. She would take her friend's advice and play her cards close to her chest.

Everyone here except for Jaystar and Sharpclaws, saw her as a weak female despite how well she served as deputy. They inherently thought she just wasn't going to be up to the task of running the city much less protect it from its enemies like she'd promised them. She'd already heard rumors of them supporting that unknown dark horse. She would have to teach them she wasn't to be underestimated but when she did, would they fear her or respect her? Only when it happened would she know which it would be.


Feral was greatly relieved to be done with all the hoopla. Taking a taxi to Enforcer Headquarters, he spent a little time saying farewell to officers he knew well before heading for the flight line to wait for his mate to pick him up.

Standing near the end of the landing ramp, he stared at the city he'd guarded and loved for most of his adult life. The late afternoon winds blew rather chillingly about him as he drank in the view he wouldn't see again for a very long time. A pang of loss struck him suddenly but the shuttle arrived allowing him to push the sadness away. It landed smoothly just a short distance from him. Casting a last look, he resolutely turned away and walked to the shuttle, whose door was slowly opening for him. He quickly boarded and made for the co-pilot's seat, impulsively giving his mate a kiss before strapping into his seat.

"Take me home, Kam," he said softly.

Giving Ulysses a knowing look, his mate murmured, "As you wish, love."


Chance and Jake lucked out in having decent weather that allowed them to visit and enjoy all their favorite haunts one last time. They visited friends they'd made when running the garage, went to the beach as well as Anakata Island for some fun and, when they'd done all they could think of and stopped to purchase last minute things, they were finally satisfied and returned to their old stomping grounds one last time.

They loaded their Cyclotrons aboard the jet and secured them, made another quick pass through the hangar, garage, and apartment, sealed the entrances to the hidden hangar then without a backward glance, jumped aboard the Turbokat for their last ride out the runway. Roaring out of the hangar for the final time on Aristal, they decided to make a pass over the city so the Katizens could see them one more time then swung past the Enforcer Building as they headed out.

Wagging their wings in farewell at a squadron of Enforcer jets and choppers that had come out in mass to see them off, T-Bone turned the jet's nose upward and headed toward space. It took them over forty minutes to reach the stratosphere.

"Engaging speed of heat shield," Razor called out.

The shield slid up and over the canopy smoothly. Only then did the pilot push on into space itself to rendezvous with the majestic beauty that was the Wotan.

Smoothly docking aboard the huge starship, the two warriors climbed down into their cargo hold and lowered the ramp. Waiting for them were Genus and Tara. Smiling the pair came forward and hugged the newest members of the crew.

"So, you've come to help me carry my stuff to my quarters, eh?" Chance asked Tara, pulling his mask off his face for the last time, no longer needing it.

"Yep. I've managed to get you quarters down from mine. Shall we unload? I've got a gravity sled to carry it." She gestured to the neat little cart that floated in the air.

"What a cool looking cart. Yeah, let's get cracking!" Chance grinned and began handing her boxes.

Genus and Jake, who'd taken his mask off too, were engaging in something much more romantic ...kissing. When they finally came up for air, they saw Chance and Tara already heading for the hangar door. Laughing, they set about loading Jake's stuff on the second cart, which was a bit bigger than the one Tara had brought. Besides his boxes of personal effects, Jake loaded the cart with his various projects, files, and tools till the cart was piled high with stuff. Finished, Jake signaled the ramp to close then sealed the jet. They wouldn't need anything else from it for awhile then he and Genus walked off to their shared quarters.

Looking around his new home, Jake asked, dubiously, "You sure all my stuff will fit in here?" The room seemed far too small.

"Your personal belongings will fit in here, trust me, however, your inventions, tools, and other work related items will have to go next door," Genus told him, smiling broadly.


"Yea, the Captain want's to insure when you have that midnight urge to invent something you have your own space nearby to do it. We all expect great things from you, love."

"Wow, that's...I don't have words to say how great this is, Genus." Jake was nearly speechless with joy.

"Well, perhaps you can show me how appreciative you feel about it, hmm," the wolf rumbled, suggestively, wrapping his arms around the small tom's waist.

"Ohh, I think I can manage that," Jake purred, allowing his love to undress him.

Meanwhile his partner was not far away in his own quarters giving them an appreciative look. "Nice digs. I like it."

"You're welcome. Want help unpacking, love?" Tara asked, hopefully.

"No, thanks, doll. I'd like to putter around by myself for a bit. Take me to dinner later, though?" He asked, smiling warmly to take the sting out of his refusal.

"It's a date, Chance," Tara said, giving him a kiss before leaving him to his unpacking.

After the door closed behind, Chance walked to the window and stared down at his world. It looked amazing from out here. Well, you've done it, you've left home, both family, SWAT Kats, and planet. Hope it was worth it he said to himself. Sighing, he turned away and tackled his unpacking again, refusing to allow homesickness to get a hold of him.

In Kam and Feral's quarters, the dark tom sighed and stripped his uniform off. He'd just completed his duty day and was supposed to meet Kam for dinner in the dining hall in about an hour. After the long day and the ceremony on Aristal, he felt wrung out emotionally, which surprised him.

Drifting over to the window, he mirrored Chance's actions, staring down at his former home. It did funny things to his stomach and heart to realize he was truly leaving all that he'd once known for outer space. An hour ago, he'd been informed the Wotan would be departing this solar system. That was when this feeling of loss and sadness began, he realized. It just solidified the fact he was well and truly leaving. Before that moment, he'd thought he'd accepted his decision without any regrets but now here he was feeling of all things...homesick.

Unaware the door had slid open, Feral kept looking out the window. Kam slipped inside and eyed his mate thoughtfully. Familiar with this behavior as it afflicted all newcomers to the ship, he knew exactly what he had to do to help his mate overcome his feelings of sadness and loss. Moving silently toward the figure, he halted directly behind Ulysses and wrapped comforting arms around his mate's waist.

"Homesick love?" he murmured, gently.

"I don't understand why I should be. I've had plenty of time to adjust to the idea of leaving but now that it's really happening, I find myself feeling...I'm not sure what..." he spread his paws helplessly as he couldn't find the words he needed.

"It's alright Uly. All newcomers feel this way when they leave their home. It's far more intense than for those simply leaving their family home for the big city. All those aboard have experienced it but I'm here to help you through this difficult time. For a while, I've been assigned to stay close to you to keep you from floundering until you get your second wind and are able to accept this is what your life is now. You'll get there love...it simply takes time," Kam murmured encouragingly.

Feral turned in his lover's arms and stared into those warm brown eyes he'd fallen in love with and smiled wanly. "I know I will but it's nice you'll be by my side always. I love you Kam."

"And I love you, Uly, with all my heart," Kam said softly, pulling his lover into a passionate kiss, promising himself to keep his mate too preoccupied to be homesick.


On Aristal, cold eyes watched a replay of the award's ceremony from earlier in the day. He turned around to face his council of evil.

"How goes our plans to enter our candidate?" He demanded.

"All the funds are in place and we're ready to start campaigning. Now that the SWAT Kats and Feral are gone, the time is right to push our way back in, sir," one of his minions assured him.

"Good. We'll make Ms. Briggs regret forcing our puppet out. Our next candidate will be smarter and more charismatic. If we play our cards right, he'll simply sweep her off her feet," the leader said, grinning evilly.


As midnight fell over the city of Megakat, above it in space, the Wotan sailed away and by morning was out of the solar system and heading out into deep space.


Well there you have it, the first arc is finally finished. Arc Two will begin as soon as I can find time. We'll see what life in space will be like for Feral, Chance, and Jake. And occasionally return to Aristal to see how Callie is dealing with the shadow organization trying to take over the city and how she manages to take care of the Pastmaster when he finally appears. And are kittens in the future for Feral? We'll see. Until next time, happy reading! Ulyferal