A/N: So AmatorLinguae and I decided to do some crazy S.H. challenge, but each of ours was uniquely made to a certain extent. I'm pretty sure it's anachronistic, and I'm not wildly happy with how I did, but oh well. My challenge: describe a scene, which takes place directly after Watson has seen his first auto accident. You may not write out thoughts anyone is having. You may not describe body language, including gestures or rate of breathing. You may only describe what happens. Be selective in description and metaphor to show what the emotions and thoughts are. You have ten minutes to write…

Watson came into the sitting room, shut the door behind him and crossed the room to sit before the fire.

Holmes looked up after a moment from where he was removing flasks from a brown paper bag and placing them on his deal-top table. "Enjoying the fire, I see."


"The temperature must have indeed taken a dramatic turn, for it was nearly mild when I visited the chemist earlier."

Watson did not speak; he continued to hold his hands very close to the flames.

"Watson." Holmes set down the bag. "Are you planning on taking off your hat?"

"What the devil does it matter?"

"I am only wondering what has prompted this new behavior. Normally you hang it on the peg as soon as you've a chance. Perhaps you are coming down with something?"

"I will own I feel ill."

"Well, there you have it." Holmes nodded and returned to his table, where he began to label the flasks in both English and Latin. "It doesn't take too much to throw off the normal way of behavior."

"It doesn't take much…to change a life, or end it."

"True." Holmes wiped excess ink off his pen's nib and continued writing. "Very true, you are in fine form to-day, Watson."

"I am better off than some, that is all I can say."

"We are always better off than some, there's only one who's the worst or best at anything, and it's a rare person who has the peculiar distinction of being either. At any rate, perhaps you should rest a bit."

"Yes. I think I will." Watson went to his room.