This story is a continuation in what is now a trilogy. This is the sequel to Deepest Blue.

Olivia rolled over into a cold spot on the bed where Alex was supposed to be. Olivia felt around the bed with her eyes closed. When Alex was nowhere to be found, Olivia slowly sat up and opened her eyes. She scanned the room and smiled when she saw Alex sitting in the rocking chair by the baby bed, their baby safely snuggled and sleeping in her arms. Alex's eyes were closed and her head was tilted back as she gently rocked. Next to her on a small table was a large, open book next to a notepad and a pen.

Olivia smiled contently and laid down again, watching Alex and their baby.

A few minutes later, Alex looked down at the sleeping baby and carefully stood up. Alex walked slowly to the crib and placed her inside.

She saw Olivia as she walked back to the bed and smile, "How long have you been awake?"

Olivia shrugged, "Ten minutes?"

Alex slid into bed and Olivia wrapped her arms around the Bureau Chief. "Go back to sleep," Alex whispered, closing her own eyes.

Olivia nodded and closed her eyes, "Did you bore the baby into sleep with the New York Penal code?"

Alex chuckled and opened her eyes, "No. Serena called yesterday because she needed some help. Christina has been sick and Serena had to delegate those along with taking care of all my cases."

"Have you figured out how to save the day?" Olivia asked, eyes still closed.

"Yes," Alex snuggled more into Olivia.

"Good," Olivia kissed Alex, "Now go to sleep."

"Mhmm," Alex closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep.

They'd gotten into the swing of things and mornings weren't busy or hectic anymore. Olivia was still on maternity leave and Alex could quickly get ready while still looking professional and put together.

"You have to go," Olivia told Alex, handing her a bagel on the way out.

"Thanks," Alex smiled and kissed Olivia, "Love you."

"I love you too," Olivia pulled Alex back in for another kiss.

When they pulled away Alex kissed the top of her baby's head, "Bye sweetie. I love you."

Okay so I can't decide if the baby is a boy or girl and what the name should be. So if you have any cool interesting names put them in a review or PM me. To vote on the gender of the baby, see the poll on my profile and vote. Thanks for reading.