"Ally!" Alex called as she set the dinner on the table, "Can you get the door? Your cousin is here."

She couldn't stop a laugh as she heard Ally thunder down the hallway. She was amazed at how big her daughter had grown in the six years since she was born. Her mother swore that Ally looked exactly like Alex at that age.

Just as Ally got to the door, there was a pull at Alex's pant leg. She looked down and smiled at her little boy. Troy Nathaniel Benson-Cabot's brown hair was shaggy and his deep brown eyes were constantly curious. Alex was delighted when Olivia had reminded Alex of her promise to name their son after her father.

The blonde ruffled her son's hair and picked him up, "Are you ready to see Aunt Serena, Aunt Casey, and Noah?"

He ginned and nodded. His ability to talk wasn't impaired in anyway, but he was used to having his big sister speak for him. Every time she looked at him, she saw Olivia. They shared their eyes, hair, skin, noses, and eyebrows. He was everything Alex could ask for in a son.

Alex looked up when she saw Ally run in with her cousin who had become her best friend. Noah had been adopted a few years ago and was a couple months older than Ally. Serena met him during the trial of the man who smuggled Vincenzo Marino, his parents, and a few others in a metal shipping container into New York. Noah and Vincenzo were two of the ten people that survived that trip. The remaining seventeen people in the container died on the way over including Noah's only parent, his mother.

The case had moved Serena so much, she quit her job at the DA's office and joined the Attorney General as a special prosecutor for human traffickers. She moved to senior prosecutor in a matter of months.

"Hey boss," a redhead smiled at Alex as she walked in with Serena. Casey slid into the spot vacated by Serena when she left for the Attorney General's office and then into Alex's bureau chief position when she was elected to Manhattan District Attorney.

"Hey Troy," Serena took the little boy out of Alex's arms and spun him around, causing the sweetest laughter any of them had heard.

Casey watched Noah and Ally run off toward Ally's room, "Where's your better half?"

"I'm right here," Olivia walked out of the hallway that led to the bedroom.

The District Attorney smiled and raised an eyebrow in Casey's direction, "How come I'm not the better half?"

Casey looked at the table and saw an empty sippy cup on the table, "Oh look Troy's out of juice." The redhead picked it up and disappeared into the kitchen.

Serena sat in a chair at the table with Troy in her lap, "Noah told me that Ally corrected the their math teacher on his improper use of jurisdiction."

"The man shouldn't be making legal references in front of my daughter, unless he knows what he's talking about," Alex grinned, proudly.

Olivia chuckled and shook her head, "Next thing we know she's going to be trying to negotiate her grades."

"It'll be like Alex in high school all over again," Serena added.

"I only negotiated my grade once," Alex defended herself, "And it was P.E."

"God forbid you sweat a little bit," the other blonde deadpanned.

Olivia tried to stop from laughing and got a playful glare from Alex. The detective walked over to Alex and kissed her cheek, "I'm going to go see what's taking Casey so long."

Alex walked over to the chair next to Serena and Troy and sat down. "How's it going at work?"

"Great," Serena smiled and played with Troy's hair, "We got a huge trafficking ring convicted of the murders of six people they let die crossing the Canadian border."

"Good," Alex nodded, "How's Noah doing?"

Troy was squirming in Serena's arms. She let him down on the floor and he trotted off to his toys that were in the living room floor.

"He's doing great," Serena leaned on the table, "No nightmares last week. He's been doing great in school. I think Ally may actually be the US Ambassador to Italy someday."

"She could be," Alex offered, "She knows more Italian that I do."

Olivia and Casey returned from the kitchen and sat across from their significant others. "This food looks great Alex," Casey reached in and picked a carrot out of the fried rice.

"Shall we call the children?" Olivia asked her wife from across the table.

Alex stood, "I'll go get them."

"I'll go with you," Olivia got up and followed Alex down the hallway to their daughter's room. Alex stopped at the doorway to watch the two children playing and Olivia stood behind her, wrapping her arms around her wife's waist. They smiled as Ally and her cousin played until he noticed his aunts at the door.

"Dinner time," Alex told them both.

The district attorney and the detective laughed as the two best friends streaked out of the room and into the living room. Alex started to follow them, but Olivia grabbed her hand and pulled her back. She smiled sweetly and held Alex's body to her own. "Did you ever picture your life like this?"

Alex closed the gap between them, sending them into a long, drawn out, tender kiss. She slid her arms around Olivia's neck and slowly pulled away. After looking into Olivia's eyes for a long moment and knowing that the brunette loved her with everything she had, she bit her lip and shook her head. "This is so much better than I ever imagined."

Well this is it. I'd like to thank everyone that read this. It probably wouldn't have gotten finished if it wasn't for you guys. Goodbye and Good Night.