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It was a cold, rainy day in New York City. Everyone sloshed through the wet streets and sidewalks, grumbling to themselves about moving to Florida or wishing they had taken the subway today. All around me there was a sea of black umbrellas.

This was one of those mornings where I knew I should have stayed in bed. I had known it as soon as I had pressed the snooze button on my alarm clock one too many times and had finally woken up with a start, finding that I was now ten minutes late. I had rushed through getting dressed, finding that my favorite black skirt had a rip in it, and I was now stuck in ugly black dress pants and a blue blouse that I had never been a fan of. And I came outside and it was raining.

I rushed through the people filled sidewalk to my office, trying to avoid slipping on the wet ground, or being hit in the head by someones umbrella.

Of course things didn't get any better when I finally got to work-15 minutes late-and apologized to Mr. Crowley, my boss, and sat down in my office. I started up my computer and tossed my jacket on the back of my chair. I sat down, trying to relax for a minute. Coffee would have helped, but I hadn't had time to stop at Starbucks on my way here.

"Good morning!" Rosalie Hale chirped, walking into my office, looking as beautiful and cheerful forever. My annoyance at her happiness disappeared the moment I realized she was holding two coffees, though.

"Please say that's for me," I said, aware that I sounded desperate.

She laughed and held it out for me. "Don't worry, Bella, it is. I could hear you swearing at your closet this morning when I left, so I figured you could use it."

I took it, taking a long drink before looking at her again. "Why didn't you wake me up?" Rosalie and I were best friends, more like sisters, really. We had known each other our entire life, and had been friends for all of it. We had lived next store to each other, in our little New York suburb. My mother had died when I was three, and Mrs. Hale had taken care of me whenever my Dad-a police chief-hadn't been around, which was often. I had grown up with Rosalie and her twin brother, Jasper. Rosalie and I had gone to college together, and moved to New York City together. We had even gotten lucky enough to work at in the same building, for the newspaper. She wrote the gossip column, though, while I generally worked on my serious pieces.

She shrugged. "I had to leave early, remember? I'm working on that Cullen story."

Ah. The Cullen's. New York's most well known family, and probably the richest as well. They were constantly in Rosalie's colum, and we were often doing pieces for them, engagements, anniversaries, birthdays, etc. Therefore Rosalie knew the Cullen's well.

"What's the big story there?" I asked, wondering if one of them was getting married or something. They had three adult children-all single-so that seemed likely.

Her astoundingly blue eyes lit up. "It's a party for the youngest son, Edward. He passed his bar exam, he's a lawyer now. It's to celebrate. I'm covering the whole thing."

I rolled my eyes, taking another drink of my coffee. "They would have a party for everything, wouldn't they?" I muttered.

Now Rosalie rolled her eyes. "C'mon, Bella, this is important. People don't become Lawyers everyday-"

"Actually-" I started to cut her off.

"-and it's going to be a great party. And I get to go!" Of course that would be all Rosalie cared about. I loved her, but I didn't share her love for parties.

"That's great," I told her. "You'll have a great time."

She smiled, and I saw that glint in her eyes and groaned, knowing was coming. "They told me I could bring a guest, Bella. And since I'm not dating anyone right now, please come with me!" I opened my mouth to say something, but she went right on talking before I could get a word out. "It would mean so much to me, and we'd have such a great time, and you can take the pictures, if you want. I know you want to prat ice your photography a bit more, and we'll get to dress up and-"

I shook my head. "This is why you brought me coffee, isn't it?" I demanded.

"C'mon Bella!"

"Fine." I growled.

She squealed and I winced at the noise. She tossed her arms around my neck. "Thanks! I'll find you the perfect thing to wear and-"

"Great, great," I agreed, turning to my computer. "Now if you don't mind, I really have to work on the story about that fire..." I trailed off and she nodded, still grinning. She headed for the door, turning to look at me for a minute before actually leaving. "It'll be great," she promised.

Yeah. Great.


Rosalie and I walked home from work together. The rain had let up, and only a few umbrellas still lingered in the crowd.

Rosalie was positively bubbly, her arm through mine as she talked about the party and what we would wear. I knew I lucky that she hadn't brought this party up until today, or it probably would have entailed a shopping trip as well. At least I would be skipping that torture.

"You'll love the Cullens, they are so nice," she gushed, as we got to our apartment and I pulled my key out, unlocking the door.

"I'm sure I will," I murmured, setting my briefcase down on the counter as I walked into the kitchen. I headed over to the fridge to find a soda. I needed caffeine if I was going to put up with Rosalie dressing me up and a party. The fact is, I didn't think I would like the Cullen's. I had never met them before, only seen them from a distance and read and heard about them through Rosalie. They were so rich, all with nice careers like doctors and lawyers. They were always dressed to the nines and they drove expensive sport cars. I had always gotten the impression that they were flaunting their wealth. And because of that I found it hard to imagine them being nice people, and not snotty and arrogant. Rosalie loved them...but I couldn't help but wonder if it wasn't just because she had a huge crush on their oldest son, Emmett.

I pulled the pop tap on the soda and took a drink.

"Bella!" Rosalie called and I sighed, walking down the hallway to my room, where she was going through my closet. She pulled out a pale blue dress and held it in my general direction, then shook her head and shoved it back into the closet, going through the rest of my clothes. She finally pulled out a deep blue satin dress that was knee length with spaghetti straps. I eyed the dress doubtfully, but she assured me that the color looked great on me, and ordered me to change into it. She spent the next hour humming to herself while she curled my hair and applied makeup. When she finished I to admit I looked pretty good.

My brown hair fell down my back in waves, and my makeup was light, but brought out my brown eyes.

Rosalie disappeared into her room to change and came back out wearing a red dress that showed off her figure perfectly. She had her hair straight and loose, and was wearing only a little bit of makeup. Rosalie was model pretty, she didn't need to work at it.

"Hoping to catch Emmett Cullen's eye?" I teased.

She smirked. "You never know, Bella, he might ask me out. He's been very...sociable, at the last few parties. I think it's just a matter of time," she smiled, her eyes lighting up.

"Well, I hope he asks you," I told her honestly.

"Me too!" she laughed, and tossed a pair of dark blue heels in my direction. I caught them and made a face.

"Are you serious?" I asked, staring at the three inch heels.

"Put them on, Bella," she almost growled.

I grumbled a bit, but put them on, hoping that most of the evening would be spent sitting down. I was bound to have even more clumsy moments than usual in these heels.

We grabbed out purses and Rosalie grabbed her notepad and camera-which she gave to me-and we called a cab, to take us to the country club.

"This is going to be so much fun!" Rosalie declared, grabbing my arm as we waited for our cab to stop.

I shoot her a weary look. I had a very bad feeling about this.

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