Ok…let's do this!

This short story was inspired when I watched this tv episode of something—this older sister (who happened to look a lot like Lana Skye) meets her little sister in AGES, and she finds out she has a boyfriend.

I decided to do my own version of that—Gyakuten style! Some things are different, so I haven't copied every last detail of the plot. I can count it as mine :)

I'll let you read the rest~

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters, but I own this idea

In the law staffroom of a famous England law school, Lana Skye sips at a cup of coffee whilst chatting with her other teacher-friends.

"Really now—consider yourself to be lucky, teaching the best of this school." Edgeworth said, sipping at his tea.

"Mm…" Lana replied, a troubled look passing over her face. "Sometimes, I feel like I'm pushing them too hard. They may be the best students here, but they're only juniors…"

"Nonsense! I've never heard such contradictory rubbish in my life, Miss Skye!" Prosecutor Payne joined in, adding his opinion into the conversation. "What did they call you—the Iron Maiden?" the retired lawyer continued, adjusting his glasses and doing that ridiculous hair pose.

She decided to object—a simple retort would put the veteran back in his place.

"Mr Payne, the only reason my students are kind to me is because I know how much they can handle—a teacher's duty is to help the students learn, not overload them with study they might not even have time for!"

The old man stopped playing with his hair and meekly quietened down.

"Well said, Miss Skye." Edgeworth commended.

"I do my best." She smiled.

Several squeals erupted from the room next door—the Law Lounge with the new wide-screen tv.

"Lana! You'd better come check this out quickly!" cried a female voice, obviously shocked at whatever was happening.

"I'll be right there!" the former prosecutor called, setting her cup of coffee down.

"Eeeyaaaah! No way!" gasped another voice.

"Is that really our little girl…?!"

"Well, we can always ask Lana—who just happened to walk in right now, ladies."

There were three women, all in formal courthouse worthy clothing—all lawyers turning law teachers.


And they pointed to the tv.

"…exclusive pictures of this new-found love of the former rock-star slash prosecutor have been taken by our lovable paparazzi!"
Rock-star…slash prosecutor?

There was indeed a picture—it was at a restaurant of sorts, an outdoor balcony with a table for two.

There was a man, blonde, wearing a purple jacket, black pants and a v-neck black shirt.

Then there was a young woman, wearing that unmistakable lab coat.

They were both leaning to each other quite closely and smiling.

"Introducing Klavier Gavin's new love—Ema Skye! Currently, our rock-star's partner is in Europe, retaking her forensics exam! Plans of marriage are possible, remembering our quotes!

"When fräulein Skye finishes her exam, everything will be set for the final performance." End quote!

"Awww, it really is our little girl!" sniffed one of the women.

"A girl's dream come true—to have a relationship with Klavier Gavin. That girl doesn't know how lucky she is. I mean, my daughter's had a crush on that guy for years now!"

Another picture came up—labelled "Caught Red-Faced—the Skye turns red in broad daylight!"

It was most definitely Ema Skye, blushing furiously (or was that red-faced with furious anger?) at that same man—so called Klavier Gavin.

Where had she heard that name before?

Gavin…it surely rang a bell…

"Hey Lani—aren't you lucky? Having Klavier Gavin as your 'brother-in-law'! It's not everyday you get a celebrity in-law!" smiled the youngest of the trio (32), named Yukai.

"That's interesting…I thought Emmie didn't like those types of boys—more of the Edgeworth kind, right?" asked Trinity (35), pondering the thought over her latest cup of tea.

"I believe I heard that!" Edgeworth called from the previous room.

"Mmhm…I wonder what grabbed our girl's attention to a playboy like him?" the oldest asked out loud, fiddling with a name tag on her lapel that said "Candice" (36).

"Lana?" Yukai asked, worryingly.

"I…think I feel a migraine coming on." was all that the prosecutor said.

That day, Lana Skye fainted and Miles Edgeworth had to take her class—full of fanatic Edgeworth fangirls.