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"Sis…? You ok?"

Ugh…what did I do this time…?

"Give her some time—she's been through…a lot."

"Her fault—it's not like anyone forced her to."

Opening her eyes, one Lana Skye found herself lying down on a worn couch in a disorganized office with people crowding around her in a worried fashion.

"Lana!" Ema cried out with relief, about to collapse on the floor with worry. That supposed fop was there to catch her if she fell…

"Miss Skye!" Trucy said happily, holding up Lana's hand. "Or should I say…Mrs Skye!" the magician continued, having observed…

The detective's expression went from relieved to annoyance in a split second. "You're…married?" she asked venomously, staring at the gold ring on her sister's hand.

"It's a long story." Lana replied tiredly, gently taking her hand back from Trucy.

From that moment, Ema became sullen—hardly talking, and communicating via dirty looks and heavy silences.

Apparently, it had been a day since Lana had passed out—they had taken her to the doctors for examination, but it wasn't anything serious.

She just needed to take things a little easier.

Phoenix took over tending to Lana alongside Edgeworth, leaving Trucy, Apollo and Klavier to try and investigate more into Ema's sudden withdrawal.

The former attorney looked over at the foursome going out of the office with a lazy smile.

"Ah, young love." He said, adjusting his beanie and walking

"Young love?" Edgeworth asked.

"More like mismatched love." Lana said, getting up with a sigh.

"Just look at her Edgeworth—already fighting with her sister about who's married." Phoenix smiled.

The purple-clad prosecutor stayed quiet. How could you argue against that? It had been so clear on the girl's, not so much the jealousy, but the annoyance and sulking!

It struck Edgeworth, though—only children behaved like that. Would an adult really be so…


"I would think that fighting amongst siblings is more common in childhood, rather than in your adult years." He said pensively.

"Hm." said Phoenix. "I'm curious though." He continued, looking out the window to see three people chasing after a fuming detective.

"About your marriage, that is." The attorney turned around to face the prosecutor.

"Are you talking to me, Mr Wright?" Lana asked.

"Well, I sure don't see a ring on Edgeworth's hand."

"Arrrggh!! How could she?!"

"Ema, please calm down—you're causing a scene!" one attorney pleaded, cursing his short legs.

"She—she was married! What's she trying to do, keep me from being married so she can have all the fun to herself!?"

"Emaaa, stop walking so fast!"

"Or maybe she was scared she was going to be jealous of me being married to the most eligible bachelor in America?!"



"Just letting you know that everyone's staring." Klavier said casually, sweeping the area with his eyes.

A quick look from the detective made anyone who was looking turn back around again. "Buy a guitar and get over it." Ema snapped, storming down the street to wherever her anger would take her.

"Wow." Apollo said in amazement. "I haven't seen her like this in ages."

"Oh, she's always like this." Klavier said, looking at the walking lab coat with a loving smile.

"Trust me."

Trucy blinked, looking back and forth between the two lawyers. "Shouldn't we go after her?" she asked, looking at Ema in the distance with worry in her eyes.

"Why don't we give her some space?" Klavier suggested, placing a hand on Trucy's shoulder in a restricting manner.


"She'll come back—trust me."

Walking was good for you—when you were angry, upset or happy.

The surroundings changed to the higher-living part of town, and it wasn't until Ema's anger faded that she slowed to a leisurely pace. For once, it seemed that all was normal.

Until the paparazzi pounced.

"Miss Skye, has he proposed yet?!"

"You idiot, he has! It's Mrs Skye now! Or Mrs Gavin? Will you change your last name, ma'am?!"

"Miss Skye, look over here!"

"No, over here!"


The clicks and flashes of cameras alerted Ema, slightly startling her.

"Omigosh, it's Ema Skye!!"

Uh oh…I'd know those screams anywhere…

The paparazzi were joined by rabid fangirls, both envious and enchanted by the detective.

"Lucky duck—getting Klavy-kins all to herself!!"

"She stole him!! He was mine!!"

"Omigosh! She's so pretty!!"

"Omigosh, I can't believe Klavier likes her! Who would have thought that he liked nerds!?"

It was overwhelming, to say the least.


"Yes?!" roared the crowd, eager for her response.

"No comment!"

Detective Skye made a run for it.

It had been a full ten minutes since Ema had stormed off, leaving Trucy, Apollo and her fiancé to wait for her to "come back".

The attorney was about to give up when he heard a rumbling noise…and felt the ground shake beneath his feet…

"Earthquake?!" he said in disbelief.


"What on earth are you talking about Fore…"

"I said no comment!! Isn't that good enough for you people?!" cried a voice.

"Forehead! There's a huge stampede of paparazzi and fangirls alike coming this way!" Klavier shouted, not exactly sure what to do.

"I can see that Mr Gavin!" the attorney replied, equally hindered.

"Oh, I almost forgot something." said the prosecutor. "I told you she'd come back!" he added triumphantly.

"As if that's not the least of my problems!" Apollo cried, staring in fear at the huge of paparazzi and fangirls behind Ema, who was running frantically.

"Ruunn!!" Trucy shouted, grabbing both Apollo and Klavier.

She didn't get very far, unless running on the spot counts as "far". What kind of sixteen year old has the strength to pull two grown men off their feet?!

The rumbling suddenly stopped. "It's Klavier Gavin!" cried a fangirl, screaming alongside the other fanatics.

"Kyaaa, it's Klavie-kins!"

"Mr Gavin, I heard you proposed!"

"Mr Gavin, over here!"

"Mr Gavin, how many kids do you think you'll have?!"

"Mr Gavin, Miss Skye!"

"Run I tell you—RUUN!!" Ema screamed.

Trucy had jumped on Apollo's back. "Giddy up Polly! Yeehaw!"

"Hello there fräulein!" Klavier greeted, running alongside Ema and Apollo. "Had fun modelling for the cameras?" he asked jokingly.

"No!" Ema snapped.

"How'd they know it was Ema?!" Apollo wheezed, struggling to carry the magician on his back.

"Well, as you know—I'm very famous, ja? It was about time they recognized the fräulein detective. After all, there aren't many fräuleins who go about in a lab coat in public." Klavier said, still running with ease while talking.

"Wow, Ema's famous!" Trucy said in amazement.

"Not that I wanted to be!"

"Less talking, more running!"


After a quiet talk with tea in the office, Edgeworth was the first to notice that the liquid in the teacups had started shaking. So had the ground, and the other possessions—he had only just noticed—that were precariously placed atop the shelves and piano.

He was close to passing out anytime.

Phoenix was looking expectantly out the window whilst Lana was slowly putting her teacup back on the table, also watching out the window.

"Coming through!" Trucy announced as she quickly jumped off Apollo's back and held the door open for the remaining two runners.

"But didn't you know, fräulein?" Klavier panted, collapsing on the floor. "That's exactly why I moved to your place! Surely by now, the paparazzi would have figured our relationship out, ja?"

"And you waited until now to tell me?!" the detective snapped, leaning against the door and also taking gulps of air.

"A little exercise doesn't hurt now and then, ja?"

"A…little?!" Apollo gasped, leaning against Mr Charley's pot.

"Mr Gavin's right—it's good to exercise!" Trucy said happily, being the only one who wasn't lacking in oxygen or the strength to stand up.

Phoenix stared with a slightly open mouth at the three adults gasping on the floor. He turned to Trucy.

"Had fun?" he asked, casually sipping at his tea.

"Sure Daddy—running is always fun!" Trucy smiled.

"Especially when you're not the one running." Phoenix said, also with a smile. He laughed at his joke, and Trucy joined in.

"Ema! What on earth were you running for?!" Lana asked, staring at the people on the floor.

Her sister stared back at her with a face that said plainly "You really want to know?"

Past the window, the huge crowd of paparazzi and fangirls combined ran on, having lost sight of the foursome. The rumbling got a little worse, but it soon passed with the stampede.

Trucy got over her laughter and noticed someone in the very corner where the door and Mr Charley was.

"Mr…Edgeworth? What are you doing in the corner?" she asked.

The man was shaking, but despite that, he looked like he was trying to stabilize himself against the corner.

"Don't mind him." Phoenix said. "He'll get down when he needs to."

"Looks like we'll need more tea." Trucy observed. "I'll be in the kitchen!" she said, skipping past the mass of people on the floor to the kitchen door.

It took two pots of tea, five hours worth of talking and seven people to get over what had just happened.

And yet, even after all of that, one person couldn't stop thinking about it.

Lana and Ema had gone outside for some fresh air.

"Well." said the prosecutor.

"Well what?" Ema asked, looking up towards the reddening sky. Was it already this late?

"After all of this, you still want to be with him?"

The detective was a little taken aback by the question. "What do you mean?"

"You've seen for yourself what happens, Ema—people hear things, gossip goes around…"

Lana took a pause before continuing. "The media, fangirls and people alike will have their eyes on you. There won't be anything called privacy anymore."

"Of course there will be." Ema said.

"Really…" she continued, looking at her sister with a slight worry.

"Really?" Lana asked dryly. "Things happen—journalists and reporters alike will start sniffing back into the past, judging all those who are involved. Things we want to forget will be brought back up again."

Wait, was she talking about…that case?

"But that was almost ten years ago!" Ema argued. "And…you were found innocent." She added quietly.

"Mr Wright's case was seven years ago, and he did nothing wrong."

It was then, that a few things came up to mind—firstly, Lana was being slightly selfish.

Second, it was for a good reason.

The prosecutor didn't want to deal with what the media could—would do. But she also didn't want others to be put through the same trials. There were so many people who could get hurt…

Mr Wright, Mr Edgeworth, Apollo—and even Trucy.

"I take it that Mr Edgeworth hasn't yet talked to you." Lana said nonchalantly.

"Actually…he has."

"He has?"

"It was just before I went to meet Klavier for the circus."

"Ahh…Miss Skye."

A hand tapped her shoulder, and Ema turned around to find a certain cravat-wearing man behind her.

"M-Mr Edgeworth! What are you doing back?" she asked, surprised at the visit.

"For a number of reasons." He replied, looking to the side. "Including you, of course." Edgeworth added with a serious look.

Ema sighed in annoyance. "It's my sister, isn't it? She put you up to this."

"Yes, that's true. However…"

Edgeworth paused before continuing. "After a small chat with Wright—"

"You were also here to see Mr Wright?" Ema interrupted.

"Yes. And after talking with him, I decided I would also do this on my behalf as well."

Ema was surprised—sure, Prosecutor Edgeworth was undoubtedly an awesome guy. But she never would have thought in her wildest dreams that he would be looking out for her.

After all, she'd only been another fangirl of his. Nothing more.

He was like…a father. Or uncle. Whichever fitted best.

"Ema Skye, I ask you to answer this as sincerely as possible—are you truly prepared to…as they say 'get hitched' with Klavier Gavin?"

Yes, of course! "I…think."

She wondered which one of her thoughts she'd voiced.

"As I thought…Wright is always…right."


"Yes, he'd seen your doubt, Ema. That is a portion of what concerns many of us—as long as there is the smallest doubt, there is the possibility that something will go wrong."

"And would you say your hypothesis has a high chance?"

"Perhaps. This is not my decision, so I cannot give you a proper answer. I ask you to think hard about this—it's a life-changing decision. One you can't reverse its effects very easily."

She felt scared all of a sudden—this daunting question. Did having a relationship with someone mean you had to get married?

Edgeworth looked guilty of making her feel bad—his facial expression clearly showed unease.

"Oh, but there's no need to worry!" she assured, putting on a brave face. "I'm sure it's just…"

"Stage nerves." Ema quoted.

Edgeworth raised an eyebrow in question.

"It's like…when you're nervous before a trial." She explained. "Once it's all finished, I'm sure I'll be fine, Mr Edgeworth."

The prosecutor did look slightly better. "Well then—I trust you've made the correct choice. On your way, Miss Skye."

"Thank you, Mr Edgeworth!"

Over the last year, it looked like she was getting better at lying—she still felt nervous, despite what she'd just said.

"You know…they already found out about you and Klavier Gavin."


"I don't mean your proposal or of your relationship. I'm talking about your working relationship."

"B-but there's no actual law against it!" the detective said indignantly.

"There have been a lot of conspiracies about it. I never said anything about the law."

There was an awkward silence between the two…

"You do realize…what kind of person this boyfriend of yours is?"

Ema hesitated to reply. "He's not my boyfriend anymore. Remember? He proposed."

"Ah yes…yesterday?"

The detective said nothing.

"Have you thought this over?"

"It was a surprise, actually." said Ema. "I wasn't counting on him to propose so…"

"Early." She finished with a sigh.

"Early?" Lana repeated. "I heard you were together for a year?"

"Almost two years." Her sister corrected.

"Two years..." Lana repeated.

Ema sighed, looking up towards the setting sun with an "I know" face.

"Will you stay with him, despite all this?" Lana asked simply.


"Yes Lana. Because I love him…." And he wouldn't let all that happen to me.

"I see."

"B-but I'll do everything I can to stop what you said!" Ema said determinedly. "Y'know, Mr Wright says that flattery will get you everywhere…" she quoted hesitantly, remembering a certain magician's words.

"And most reporters will kill to see the bride's choice of wedding dress beforehand."

The two Skyes turned around in surprise to find the entire group behind them.

"Y-you guys!" Ema snapped—had they been listening into their conversation!?

Their PRIVATE conversation?!

"Hey, hey—we only heard from 'will you stay with him'!" Apollo defended.

"And then we heard Ema's love declaration!" Trucy said happily.

"Touching." Phoenix said with a smile.

"Quite, quite, Detective." Edgeworth added, smirking.

"Well said, Herr Wright." said Klavier. "You too, liebe."

"W-what did you just call me?!" the detective asked, a little uncomfortable that Klavier had actually heard her say…

Lana laughed—for once. "He called you love."

"A-and you're ok with this!?" Ema gasped.

"Well, it seems I have no choice in the matter. However, should anything happen…"

Lana turned to Klavier with a stern look. "You know already, Mr Gavin."

He inclined his head in acknowledgement.

"And besides…" added Lana. "There are things far worse than a marriage to worry about."

Phoenix laughed, a gentle alto sound that got everyone else laughing.

No doubt he'd figured out what was worse than a marriage…

"Mr Edgeworth?" Lana asked. "Where is Adrian Andrews?"

"She's due to arrive at the office about now." Edgeworth replied. "I called her a little earlier, should things…arise." He explained, unable to hide a smirk.

"Who's Adrian Andrews?" Ema asked.

Trucy gasped. "You're getting married and you haven't even found out about Adrian Andrews?!" she said shockingly.

"She was a former client of Mr Wright's." Apollo explained. "And she's a wedding planner." He added quickly.

"W-wedding planner?" Ema whimpered, feeling light headed. She'd forgotten about all the movies she'd watched on planning events like these…

"I'm getting married?"

It got complicated real quickly.

"Are…you alright fräulein?" Klavier asked worriedly.

"I think…I'm gonna—"

Ema Skye fainted with shock.

Luckily, Klavier was there to catch her.

And as for those who were in anyway anxious—they needn't have worried.

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