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Warning: this IS a parody about Ana/Drustan, so if you're a fan of them, this isn't for you! Don't say I didn't warn you!

Ana, beautiful Princess of the Light Isles, stood outside in the gardens of Broichan's cottage, combing out her long gold hair as she hummed a traditional love song. Nothing in the world could stop her from smiling as her mind conjured up images of her betrothed, Drustan: tall, muscular, handsome beyond measure with his head of fine, tawny hair, his warm smile, his bright, starlike eyes.

Oh, how she loved Drustan! She had known from the first moment she had met him that he was the perfect man for her. No fault could be found in him; he was so kind, wise, brave, strong, and embodied the true meaning of goodness. She had always known that Alpin had lied to her when he had told her Drustan was a madman who needed to be confined.

She had to go see him now. She could barely bear to be parted from Drustan for too long. She needed those eyes to be regarding her with their warm love, and his strong arms encircling her, making her feel as though no-one else in the world mattered.

She headed straight to the room she and Drustan now shared and opened the door without knocking.

And automatically went very still, suddenly feeling as if a million spears had pierced her heart and shattered it completely. Her whole body went very cold, and Ana found herself almost sinking into a deep faint on the spot.

For, on the bed, now lay her fiancé Drustan in the embrace of another woman.

Ok, guys, just to let you know, this will be a very short story with only 3-4 chapters, and each one will be pretty short too. Please review and tell me honestly what you think. Thank you!