A/N: hey, remember me? So yeah, I kinda started a Bamboo Blade fanfic after being all obsessed with this series. In case you aren't familiar with Bamboo Blade, I suggest you read it first before you read this fanfic so that you won't get confused. I think it's serialized in Young Gangan and for the English version, Yen Plus. It's pretty much a light comedy manga about kendo, believe me it's hilarious! So yeah, enjoy!

Disclaimer: Bamboo Blade belongs to Masahiro Totsuka and Aguri Igarashi.

At the kendo dojo…

"Miya-miya! Make your strikes more precise!" Kojiro-sensei yelled as Miyako tried to keep her strikes in the proper position. "Tama, please show her!" A small dark-hair girl nodded. She took her shinai and stroked the air with a precise chop. Kirino and Dan-kun on the sidelines clapped and cheered. Yuji was putting on his kendo gear and smiled cheerfully.

If only all of the girls were as disciplined as Tamaki, Kojiro-sensei scratched his head, watching the rest of the kendo club. The team captain, Chiba Kirino, was preparing tea for everyone and giving cheerful comments.

"ARRRRRGGGHHHHH!!! STUPID SHINAI!" a girl loudly growled, banging the shinai on the floor. "STUPID SHINAI, STUPID SENSEI!!!!"

"SAYA! Don't damage the shinais!" Kojiro-sensei yelled, "and don't blame it on me!!" Note to self, tell Saya to control her anger.

"It's all YOUR FAULT sensei for NOT teaching me properly!" Saya continued yelling and banging. Unfortunately, the shinai split into four pieces and it's lifespan ended.

""What did I do?" Kojiro-sensei exclaimed, "YOU BROKE MY SHINAI!!! DID YOU KNOW IT COST ALMOST ALL OF MY SALARY?" A shinai whacked Kojiro-sensei's head really hard. Kirino, holding the shinai, started laughing.

"Stop procrastinating! It was donated, plus you didn't pay anything except for the gear kits. Everyone knows you are broke." Kirino said, "come on Saya, don't be mean to sensei!" Saya muttered and trudge towards the sidelines.

"Why is everyone mean to me?" Kojiro-sensei started crying. Tamaki stared in confusion.

There were only four girls and two boys in the dojo ever since Iwasa and Toyama caused trouble. Nakata Yuji and Eiga Danjuro were sparring with each other in one corner.

"Sensei, I'm tired…" Miya-miya collapsed on the ground, "can I have a break?" Kojiro-sensei shook his head and gave a loud sigh.

"You haven't even done 15 strikes!" he replied, "oh fine, everyone five minute break."

"Everyone, have some tea! You must be exhausted!" Kirino happily announce, "come on sensei, have a cup!" Everyone grabbed a cup.

"Arigato Kirino-sempai," Dan-kun said as he took a sip, "when is our next tournament?"

"There's no tournament for us, Dan-kun" Yuji replied, "we can only join the individual matches." Besides, Kojiro-sensei only wants to have a girl's team for the sushi bet.

"Tama-chan, wanna spare with me?" Saya asked. Tamaki looked up and shrugged.

"Okay, let's go!" Saya dragged Tamaki away from the group and prepared her stance.

"Men! Men! Men! Men!" Saya loudly yelled, whacking her shinai all over the place.

"SAYA! YOU DO NOT WHACK YOUR SHINAI WITH ONE HAND!!!" Kojiro-sensei yelled. Saya grumbled and started whacking with both hands.

"Men! Men! Men! Men!" Saya called and continued to whack the air. Kojiro-sensei shook his head. Kirino, Yuji and Miya-miya stared in awe while Dan-kun looked confused.

"Saya-sempai didn't have enough practice…" Dan-kun trailed off.

"MEEEEEEEENNNNN!!!" Tamaki screamed and stroke her shinai on Saya's helmet. Saya crumpled to the floor and was still.

"Don't say anything." Kojiro-sensei said, sweat-dropping. "Kirino, can you move Saya to the side?"

"Hai!!!" Kirino cheerfully called, pushing Saya towards the wall. "Everyone, find a partner and start sparring!" Miya-miya sparred with Dan-kun, Kirino sparred with Yuji-kun and Tamaki watched everyone.

"Gimme your all, Yuji-kun!" Kirino called, ready in her stance. Yuji nodded and charged towards her.

"Men! Men! Men!" Yuji called, targeting at Kirino's helmet. Kirino smiled and blocked the attacks with her shinai.

"Try going for her hand guards or the torso, Yuji-san." Tamaki called and Yuji targeted his shinai at the torso.

"DOOOOOOOOUUU!!!" Yuji yelled and whacked his shinai at Kirino's chestplate.

"Ehhh, Yuji-kun you are improving a lot!" Kirino smiled happily, wiping the sweat off her face. Yuji blushed behind his helmet.

"Arigato, Kirino-sempai." Yuji replied, "Tama-chan, wanna spar with me?" Tamaki shrugged and started putting on her helmet.

"Tama-chan, do your best!" Kirino gave a thumbs up while tying her hair in a ponytail, "I'm gonna watch Miya-miya, kay?" Tamaki nodded and prepared her stance.

She's gonna beat the crap out of me, Yuji thought as sweat dropped all over his face, Even though I've started kendo at her dad's dojo, I'm still no match for her.

"You ready, Yuji-kun?" Tamaki asked. Yuji snapped out of his thoughts and stared at her.

"Whenever you are…" Yuji trailed off not noticing Tamaki charging straight at him.

"MEEEEEEEEEEEENNNNNNNNNNNN!!!" Tamaki yelled whacked her shinai at Yuji.

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"Tama-chan!" Kirino skipped towards Tamaki, "Wanna join me and the club for a trip?"

"Eto..." Tamaki began. I don't wanna go because Blade Braver Special might be on but I don't want Kirino-sempai to be mad at me. Tamaki let out a sigh. "Okay..." Kirino happily dragged Tamaki.

"Yay! now we have the club, first stop at the Chiba Deli!" Kirino skipped across the schoolyard towards her family's deli.

Why did I agree? Tamaki thought, Blade Braver is starting now...