Day 15: Muroe vs. Kamasaki Match Arc Part 1

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Previously in Chapter 14...

"YABAI! Tamaki just got herself involved for no reason!" Azuma panicked.

"But wasn't their captain the one who harassed Tamaki?" Miya-miya pointed out, "and I'm pretty sure Narumi-san isn't the only one who's heated up about this." The group turned and found Yuji glaring at Takeshi. Yabai, Yuji looks like he's going to get revenge…

"I do not want to interrupt your personal affairs but it's already 3 hours past our scheduled match," Kojirou finally said as he walked towards the four, "I believe we didn't make any plans on staying overnight here, senpai."

"Well, er of course not!" Isihibashi lowered his shinai, "I will provide lodging at the student centre if needed. My deepest apologies." He bowed towards Kojirou in embarrassment.

"Okay everyone! Put on your kendo gear immediately! We've got no time to lose." Ishibashi announced, "Saeko and Miyuki; please ask the student rep and the principal if we can prepare last minute accommodations for the Muroe kendo team. Please tell them that it's because it's really late and that it's better if they go home tomorrow morning."

"Hai Sensei!" Saeko and Miyuki said as they rushed out of the dojo. Ishibashi let out a sigh as Kojirou handed him the flags.

Back at the Kamasaki Highschool Dojo...

"Hai hai! Everyone we need to warm up now!" Kirino's cheerfully announced as the rest of the Muroe kendo club finished strapping on their gear and their men helmet. "We have to do our very best in order to get to the prefectural finals, ne?" Everyone nodded.

"Why do you guys partner up and give each other some practice swings?" Koujirou suggested, "It wouldn't hurt to use five minutes to get used to the dojo." Everyone nodded and partnered up. Kirino quickly grabbed Tamaki as her partner.

"Daijoubu ne, Tama-chan?" Kirino asked as Tamaki blinked and nodded slowly.

"No worries, Tama-chan, he's just there to pick on people," Kirino lowered her voice, "besides, if we win against this team, then their team will be in shame, not us." Tamaki stared at Kirino. Kirino-senpai... sometimes, what you say really doesn't make sense at all...

At another part of the dojo...

"What the hell is wrong with you?" Narumi muttered as she strapped her kote gloves. "You had a lot of nerve there, boke." Takeshi stared at the ceiling for a minute before a light bulb flashed above his head. Oh lord... heaven forbids what he's up to now... Narumi raised an eyebrow as Takeshi smirked towards her and Ishibashi.

"Ne Sensei...Naru, I have a great idea!" Takeshi exclaimed. "I believe it's the most brilliant thing..."

"Quit calling me that." Narumi snapped. "You always say that, and then the idea is really stupid."

"Chikamoto!" Ishibashi exclaimed loudly."Just let him speak." Narumi rolled her eyes as Takeshi smirked.

"Why don't we have boys' and girls' match?" a small glint of light flashed in Takeshi's eyes.

"Huh? Teme, what do you think…" Narumi rolled up her sleeves before Ishibashi grabbed the back of her collar.

"If you think about, Kamasaki has three guys and four girls while Muroe has two guys and five girls." Takeshi held up his fingers corresponding to the number of players. "If we did an all girl match, Muroe has an unfair advantage."

"Oh and if we did an all guy match, Kamasaki will have the advantage instead." Ishibashi thought for a while. "No somehow the numbers are really out of place..."

"But if we combine both guys and girls, each school has seven members meaning we will have even teams." Takeshi finished with a smirk.

"You really wanted to duel with Tamaki don't you?" Ishibashi muttered quietly before scratching his head. "Well, I guess you do have a point…"

"Want me to tell the Muroe captain?" Takeshi asked as Narumi glared at him.

Sure, but make it quick." Isihibashi sighed as he walked towards Kojirou. Takeshi... you better not cause trouble again...

It seems like his plan is going to work... but who knows...

"Ano, sumimasen... who's the captain of Muroe?" Kirino turned around and saw Takeshi approaching the Muroe side of the dojo.

"I'm the captain!" Kirino cheerfully replied as Takeshi gave a small smirk. I'm having a bad feeling here... Kirino sighed as she kept her smile plastered on her face.

"I was wondering... why don't we have mixed match instead of an all guy or all girl match?" Takeshi suggested. "I've already talked to our sensei and he's fine with it."Kirino raised an eyebrow. Eh heh...what are you trying to do this time?

"Eto... let me ask Kojirou-sensei..." Kirino slowly said before she turned towards Kojirou. "Ano! Kojirou-sensei! Takeshi-san wants to tell us something..." Kirino... I hope it won't be something dumb... Kojirou sighed as he walked towards Kirino and Takeshi.

"So, what do you want to tell us, Iwahori-san?" Kojirou asked as he caught Takeshi smirking.

"I was thinking, why don't we have a mixed guy and girl match instead of individual gender match?" Takeshi repeated himself, "Ishibashi-jiji said he's fine with it." Kojirou raised his eyebrows. Aren't you up to something, punk? Kojirou coughed.

"Well, if Ishibashi-senpai is fine with it, I guess that wouldn't be too much of a trouble..." Kojirou finally said as Takeshi smirked.

"What position is that little girl?" Takeshi pointed towards Tamaki. Tamaki quickly hid behind Yuji.

"Eh? Tama-chan? She's our general..." Kirino laughed casually not realizing Takeshi's smirk getting wider and wider.

"Heh, well we don't need to change our order then..." Takeshi smirked as he waved towards Tamaki. "Tama-chan, I'm gonna be your opponent!" Tamaki eyed Takeshi uneasily as her grip on Yuji's sleeve grew tighter and tighter.

"If you have no other business, might as well go back to your side, Iwahori-san." Kojirou said as Takeshi nodded. "We're starting soon..."

"Hai hai, sensei..." Takeshi yawned before he walked towards Narumi. "I'm looking forward to this match, Tama-chan." Narumi eyed Takeshi coldly as he walked towards her.

"Omae, I know you're up to something." Narumi snarled as Takeshi walked passed her. "You will surely pay for your actions." Takeshi turned around and raised an eyebrow before walking towards Kirino. Che...Damn that idiot... Narumi glared at him.

"Ano, is there a washroom nearby?" Dan-kun asked Ishibashi. "I need to go now..." Ishibashi sighed.

"It's back behind the building..." Ishibashi began as Dan-kun dashed out of the dojo. "Oi, be back in five minutes!"

"Matte Dan-kun! I need to go to the washroom too!" Miya-miya scrambled behind him. "I need to put on my make-up!" Ano miya-miya... this isn't a photoshoot... Kojirou sighed as he helped Yuji unpack the gear.

It's best not to keep that mindset...

"Hm... yosh! All fresh!" Miya-miya nodded in front of the mirror. "At least this should stop me from getting worried about the smell..." Especially since this nasty smell reminds me of my dark middle-school days... Miya-miya thought darkly before she washed her hands. As she was leaving, she heard a familiar voice. Oh lord... don't tell me...

"Hey! Didn't I tell you to stop it?" A loud obnoxious voice rang throughout the school yard. "It's the most despicable behaviour..."

"Teme, why should we care?" Another voice spat back, "Besides, it's none of your business..." Yapari it's Saya... Miya-miya rolled her eyes as she watched.

"You should care because high school students should NOT be smoking!" Saya pointed at the group of girls, "You're lungs will turn black and you'll get cancer..."

"Why is someone like you telling us this crap?" Another one of the girls sneered, "Get lost, punk."

"What gives you the right to tell us what to do?" The third girl snapped as she threw the cigarette on the ground. "Che, this is not your school..."

"Smoking is one of the most unforgivable offences!" Saya declared loudly. "Pick those up from the ground!" Oi oi, you're gonna make it worse... Miya-miya smacked her head, I guess I should step in now... Miya-miya walked up behind Saya and grabbed her arm.

"Eh? Miya-miya!" Saya exclaimed in surprise. "Why are you here?" Miya-miya gave Saya one of her stares before she steered Saya away from the trio.

"Oi! Teme! Where do you think you're going?" One of the girls snapped, "We're not done here..."

"You know, I don't give a crap for what you guys do..." Miya-miya cut through the girl's speech. She turned around and gave sideway smirk.

"But, don't people usually quit that shit after middle school?" Miya-miya snickered before she and Saya left the courtyard. We better quickly go back to the dojo...

"Eh? Why that bitch..." One of the girls rolled up her sleeve. "Don't think you're all high and mighty..."

"No worries," The other one sneered, "we'll see them again soon..."

"Very very soon..." The last girl breathed in her cigarette.

Before the match...

"Yuji, are you gonna help with the flags?" Kirino asked as Yuji nodded.

"Hai, although I think the matches will be a bit longer than the ones we practice right?" Yuji asked as he grabbed the flags form Kirino. "Plus since this is going to be a mixed gender match, things might get a bit tough..."

"Eh heh, is that so?" Kirino gave a quick laugh as she wrote down the team member names on the white board. "Well let's hope that this will be a perfectly friendly and normal kendo team match..." Eh heh... and I hope you and Takeshi won't start another fight... Kirino thought uneasily as she replaced the cap of the marker.

"Has everyone already lined up according to their position?" Kojirou called as the Muroe kendo team gathered at one end of the dojo. "It's almost time for the first match! Soro soro hayaku!"

"Eh he... I didn't think they're also part of the kendo club..." Saya stared as the fuming girls behind her and Miya-miya.

"Ah... zannen, it can't be helped..." Miya-miya shrugged her shoulders as she wrapped her head with the men cloth. "Besides, shouldn't we concentrate on the match before us, senpai?" Saya raised an eyebrow before she finished strapping on her kote gloves.

"Okay, will the senpou vanguards come to the floor now..." Ishibashi called, "We better hurry up and get at least 2 matches before we sleep..."

"Satorin! Ganbatte!" Kirino cheered happily as Azuma walked towards the centre of the dojo.

"Hai hai! Fight!" Saya waved mini fans, " FAI-TO! FAI-TO!" Oi, this isn't bonbori... Kojirou sighed as he patted Azuma on the back.

"Ano senpai, I'll be fine without the cheers..." Azuma nervously smiled as she put her men helmet on. "Ittekimasu!" She continued to walk to the centre of the dojo and stood facing Narumi.

"Hai! Eto, first up Azuma Satori of Muroe and Chikamoto Narumi of Kamasaki." Kojirou sensei read from the white board.

"Eh? So it's Chikamoto-san's turn..." Hazamada said as he drank some water, "Hopefully she'll do well..."

"Ganbatte Narumi-senpai!" Takano cheered, "Beat the Muroe's butt!" Ano, I'll try my best... Narumi gave smile as she walked pass Takeshi.

"You're gonna lose anyways..." Takeshi yawned and felt the shinai close to his face.

"You better keep that flappy mouth shut, teme..." Narumi icily snapped as she walked towards the center of the dojo.

"Hai hai naru-tono san," Takeshi stretched his arms before giving a smirk. I can't wait to see that pride of yours shatter after this match... but it'll be interesting if she wins.

Shh... the match is about to start!

The rain outside beats against the window like steady drum beats on the oil skin. Takeshi stared at the window before letting out a sigh. It's raining? That sucks... He yawned and turned his focus on the first match on the floor.

Both the girls eyed each other intently, their shinai rose against each other in the centre of the dojo.

"Hai, hajimaruzo! Let the match... begin!" Ishibashi announced loudly. Both Azuma and Narumi lifted their shinais and stroke simultaneously at each other.

"Wah, sugoi!" Saya exclaimed as both girls narrowly missed each other. "They're like... mirror images." Azuma aimed her shinai at Narumi's men helmet but Narumi was fast enough to push away the shinai and aim for Azuma's side. However, Azuma managed to dodge from the incoming shinai and stepped away.

"Men! Men!" Both girls yelled as they continue to aim and dodge each other's stared at the timer in his hand.

"It's been four and a half minutes yet both of them didn't get a hit..." Yuji muttered as both girls narrowly missed each other again, this time by the kote gloves. Well, if it's Azuma, she can manage it...

Che, she's strong... Narumi breathed loudly as she dodged Azuma's shinai, I can't see an opening right now...

"Man... why didn't I bring an umbrella?" Takeshi muttered as he watched the two girls duelling. "Give up, Naru. That Azuma already knows your weakness..." If you're lucky... you might be able to run away from her... man that Azuma has excellent footwork...

"Ganbatte, Azuma-san..." Tamaki whispered as Narumi caught her breath quickly. Another incoming aim from Narumi came towards Azuma but was dodged by Azuma as she quickly stepped back.

Huh... huh... I don't think I can't hold out any longer...Narumi breathed loudly, Man, she's really strong...

She's a really strong opponent... Azuma thought as she raised her shinai a bit higher, but I really need to end this soon... over... there! Both Azuma and Narumi simultaneously raised their shinai behind them as they both ran and clashed towards each other, ready for another hit...

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