Welcome to my story. I would like to say here that I, in no way, own anything Harry Potter related. I thank JK Rowling for her fantastic books and for allowing us to let our imaginations run wild. I am pretty new to the whole writing idea so bear with me. I have to learn the system so updates might be a little slow in the beginning. That said, enjoy.


Many people say how life is unfair. Few people truly know the meaning of that fact. Even fewer still possess the constitution and will to do something about it; to fight back. One who truly knew what it was like to have an unfair life was the young man by the name of Harry Potter.

Harry was not a normal person, something his family, if you could call them that, reminds him daily. He was a wizard, able to use the energies around him and create magic. He currently attends Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry and has gone through five years of schooling honing his abilities. It was a major turning point in his life when he received that letter when he turned eleven, telling him he was magical. It was the first time he felt special, first time that he felt accepted. It also explained a lot about him, especially about the weird occurrences that happened around him.

His years at the school were filled with wonder and fright. He was constantly learning new things and discovering new magic. The downside was the near death situations he somehow got himself into. The worst was what happened not a month ago.

He had a vision through his cursed scar. His godfather, Sirius Black, was being tortured by Lord Voldemort in the Department of Mysteries in the Ministry of Magic. Unable to find anyone he trusted, he led five friends to the Ministry to save Sirius. Only it was a trap. Sirius was not there and they ended up fighting with Voldemort's Death Eaters, and survived long enough for the Order of the Phoenix, led by Professor Dumbledore, to come to their aid. The light did not come out unscathed as Sirius, who came with Dumbledore, died in battle with his own cousin, Bellatrix Lestrange.

It was now that Harry lay on his bed back at Privet Drive, wondering why life was so unfair and cruel. He was orphaned at one years old, had a power driven maniac after his life, lived in a house where is was not wanted and unloved, and just lost his godfather in a fight that should not have happened. He didn't care anymore. His room was a mess, Hedwig was delivering the "I'm fine" message to the Order, the Dursleys were out, and he didn't have the stomach to eat anything. His uncle had once again locked his school stuff in the cupboard under the stairs, so he couldn't do his summer homework, not that he wanted to.

"I can't take it anymore," he said, sitting up and swinging his legs over the side of his bed. He smashed his fists into the bed. "I am sick of being fate's punching bag." The anger swirled in his mind. His eyes started to glow a dangerous emerald green. "First my parents, then Cedric, then Sirius," he growled. He couldn't think rationally anymore in his anger. His magic was starting to lose control. An unnatural wind started to blow in his room while the earth under the house started to shake. With an angry cry Harry lost the last bit of restraint on his magic.

Miles away at Hogwarts, Albus Dumbledore was working on papers for the coming school year when he felt a faint magical shockwave. He looked to the many magical instruments in his office. The one that informed him of the amount of magical energy being used at Privet Drive started to make a high pitched whistle until finally just breaking apart. He stared at it for a few seconds; unable to believe that amount of magical power was being used. He sprung to his feat and used the floo to get to Number 12 Grimmauld Place. He found Remus Lupin and Alastor Moody sitting at the table.

"Remus, Alastor, come with me. There has been massive magic done at Privet Drive," Dumbledore said, causing the other two to jump up and run to the floo after him. They arrived at Mrs. Figg's and apparated to the outside of the Dursleys. Instead of the clean and ordinary house usually there, was a burning wreck which Tonks was currently trying to contain. The three wizards instantly started putting out the fire. The headmaster could still feel the wards up, although they were barely standing. He didn't know how it was possible this happened.

"Nymphadora, what happened?" Albus asked the metamorphmagis. She shook her head.

"I don't know professor. I was just sitting here on guard duty when the ground started to shake. I fell over and before I could do anything the house just exploded," she said, tears threatening to roll down her face.

"Alastor, can you see anyone inside?" he asked, hoping for any sign of Harry. He knew some of his actions with the boy made it seem like he didn't care for him but Harry held a special place in his heart, almost like a grandson.

"No Albus, I can't see him or his relatives." As if on cue, the Dursleys came down the street in their car. They quickly parked and started yelling about how their house was destroyed and it was all the freak's fault. They were quickly stunned.

"That explains them," Dumbledore said to himself. He knew Harry wasn't captured by Voldemort because the trinket in his office that shows if the wards are being attacked didn't go off and Voldemort would be gloating already.

"It seems like he disappeared," Moody said. "Well, after he blew up his house."

"Remus, search through the house, see if you can find anything of Harry's. Alastor, take care of the Dursleys, make sure they think they started the fire and that Harry was not in the house when it happened. Nymphadora, please go back to headquarters and call a meeting." With that he disappeared with a slight pop.

As he was walking up the path to Hogwarts, he thought of the possible theories of what could have happened. Each one seemed to be less likely than the last. As he walked into his office, he settled on one. Harry must have fallen so far into despair and anger that his magic lost control. The thing that stumped the aged wizard was how Harry survived and was not there. There had been a few cases of this happening and every time, the wizard or witch in question was found dead.

"Where are you Harry?" he asked his empty office.