I have been asked what Harry and Ginny have been doing with their lives. I realize now I should have said more about them so here is a little chapter to explain.

Special Chapter: The Potters

September, 2014

"Can everyone see me? Can everyone hear me?" Harry asked, smirking as he walked toward the front of the Great Hall. He looked over to Neville, Luna, Ginny, and Hermione and gave them a wink, holding in a laugh as they rolled their eyes or shook their heads at his quoting of Lockhart. He gave them a quick grin before turning back to the students. It had been many years since Voldemort's defeat, and there had been a boom of magical births. The school had nearly six hundred students, double what it had when Harry was a still in school, and most of them were in front of him.

"Welcome to the first day of the DA this year. You all know me as Professor Potter from DADA. For the benefit of the new third years, I will start off with a demonstration duel with the help of your lovely Potions Mistress, Professor Potter," he said, waving a hand toward Ginny, who smirked at him and waved to the crowd. Ginny had stayed on as Potions Professor, which caused a large spike in Auror recruits due to her much better teachings in Potions. "We will show you a few things that," but that was as far as he went. He had to fall back and rolled out of the way of a stunner from Ginny. He jumped to his feet and slapped a few spells away from her.

"Normally," he said while rolling to his left and letting out a blast of wind, making Ginny defend herself, "you bow and take ten steps back." They traded a few more curses before Ginny rushed him. She swung her hand down, and Harry held his up, causing the sword that appeared in her hand to smash into his axe. He pushed her blade up and spun away. "You are also supposed to be told to begin before attacking," he said, all the while blocking attacks. He blocked on last hit before swinging his axe roughly, knocking the smaller blade from her hand. He swung again, causing her to duck. She hit his hand with a banishing charm, causing the axe to fly out of it. She then spun and was swinging her arm at him again, the other Sword of Hufflepuff appearing. He merely grinned and shot magic into his arm. He held his arm out and let the sword smash into it, causing the students to gasp. Using his other arm, he banished her away from him. There was a large applause from the students.

"Now, while I don't expect any of you to get to this level of dueling, you will learn some of the techniques demonstrated. Now pair up and start practicing, and we will come around and help." He turned to see Ginny walk up to him and heal the little cut he had on his arm.

"How did you do that? I expected you to call Gryffindor's Sword," she said, a questioning look on her face. He merely grinned.

"I pushed my magic into my arm. It reinforced my skin, bone, and muscle, making it as hard as steel," he said, laughing at her slightly gob smacked expression. "What? I am the DADA professor. It's not like you haven't developed anything new for your subject," he said, walking toward the students. It was true, she had developed an improved Wolfsbane Potion, which stopped the transformation altogether, but let the werewolf keep their increased strength, stamina, and senses.

He walked by his twin girls, who were third years this year. He watched as they spun and dodged each other's spells, which were all wandless. While he didn't advertise it, he did teach his kids in the summer some extra dueling and spellwork. His girls took after their mother, small and fast. Their red hair was pulled back into a ponytail, their black and green robes flying around them. That was another shock for the world, although Harry wondered why, as he was the Heir of Slytherin. His two girls were put into Slytherin, which was almost expected on Harry's part. James was disappointed however, as they were amazing chasers. They were the two most cunning girls he ever met. Even their Uncles Fred and George had a hard time winning a prank war against them. He laughed at some of the awed expressions on the older students as Lily and Rose went at it. They were incredibly close, but when put against each other, fought like they were hated enemies.

He walked a little farther to see James and Alice dueling each other. They were now sixth and fifth years respectively, and few wanted to fight them. They were the best in the HE, second only to his godson Teddy, although they did get help from their parents. His son was a Water Elemental, near master level. Water Elementals were natural healers, and with James' ability to heal all his wounds in mid-battle, he made a formidable fighter. Alice took after her mother, her mental capacities extremely powerful.

"Is it just me, or do they like each other?" Neville asked as he walked by Harry. Harry just smirked. They two were openly dating, and had been caught numerous times in random broom closets around the castle.

"Hey Harry," Hermione said, walking up to him and showing him a piece of parchment. "It seems our boys are planning something," he said, raising an eyebrow at him. He looked at the map, and sure enough, he saw 'Sirius Potter' and 'Alex Weasley' down in the dungeons. He laughed.

"Probably trying to prank me. I am head of Slytherin am I not? My office is down there," he said, grinning impishly at her. She just shook her head and walked out of the room, obviously going to catch them. That brought Harry on to his youngest child, Sirius. His messy red hair and brown eyes were well known around the school. He was Gryffindor's star seeker, and would definitely be in the HE next year, as he took after his father in the power department. He had learned to control his wandless magic at the age of five, two years earlier than his siblings.

He smirked when he noticed James and Alice couldn't defeat each other and had been dueling for nearly ten minutes. He built up some power and jumped in between them, throwing up shields on either side of him. They looked surprised for a second, before grinning at each other and launching curses left and right at Harry, who merely swatted them all away and started dueling.

"Got to love these kids," he muttered with a grin.