A/N: I'm always on the lookout for a good set of prompts to draw inspiration from and I found a "100 prompts" thing at otp_100 on LJ. I figured I'd take a crack at it (mostly with Table 2) though I'm not officially claiming the couple there; I'm just using the prompts as motivation. At one point, I thought I would stop at 50 chapters; but I've decided to do all 100.

Nearly all of these will focus on Axel, Larxene, and Larxel in general, but some may stray to other Organization members, or maybe other characters too, though I'll try not to do that too often. I also apologize in advance if I make them OOC. I do tend to make them both a lot nicer than they are, and they may act like they have hearts, but my hope is to actually address that.

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Axel was surprised when he heard that Larxene had been selected to explore Port Royal; considering she was almost, if not equally, as water-phobic as he was, and that included places with ships. He mentioned this to Xemnas, but the Superior had said that if "Port" meant there were water creatures on the world, then Number XII was the best choice to send with Number IX. (Which Axel translated as: Thunder is better than Water, Demyx sucks at fighting, Larxene doesn't and she had to save his ass.)

He just hoped that she didn't get wet, because if she was with Demyx and fighting for him, then she'd get mad. And she always charged up when she was mad.

So he waited for her in his room, cause he knew she'd come there eventually. He wasn't too stunned when a Corridor of Darkness appeared near his bed, nor when she collapsed to the floor before said portal disappeared.

"Have fun, Larx?" He smirked, sitting on the edge of the bed and looking down at her. She was laying on her stomach with her arms folded in front of her, and she wasn't wearing the black coat, or gloves.

"No." She grunted. "Next time you upset me, I'm sending you there."

"Why aren't you wearing your coat?" He moved so he was kneeling in front of her.

She looked away from him. "… I was too hot in it… and Demyx is washing it for me, cause it smelled like old boat…."

"I see… So how long did you last before you tossed your cookies?"

"Erm… Twenty minutes? Maybe?" She still refused to look at him.

"Hey now, don't be embarrassed. I probably would have only lasted five or ten, you know I'm worse than you. Still not feelin' so hot, huh?" He ran his hand over her hair, and noticed she was giving off tiny sparks; which hurt, but she'd shocked him enough that he was used to smaller ones. Temporary loss of control over their elements was a tell-tell sign of illness, or severe weakness, for all the members. (He remembered a time Zexion was sick once; it'd taken all of them a week to recover from the mind trip the whole Castle was send in to.)

Larxene sighed tiredly, pushing herself upright, and wrapping her arms around her stomach.

"Aw, whatsa matter? Larxy gotta tummy-ache?"

She gave him a pathetic look that made him cough nervously. "Uh, right, yeah, you probably do. That makes it less funny. Sorry…. Alright then, up with you."

"Wha…?" He stood, picking her up as he did so, and she had to bite back a groan from the sudden movement. Normally she'd never allow herself to be handled in such a way, but she was too tired and nauseous to care or fight back. Physically, anyway. "I can get up myself, you know."

"Yeah, sure, I know, but if I do something nice for you, maybe you'll stop calling me a bastard." He said, placing her on the bed and laying down next to her.

She wanted to say something snarky, but instead she felt herself lean against him. She kicked herself mentally for showing weakness, but she hated being sick; her desire for comfort outweighed her need to keep her dignity and reputation. And, he was warm…. It was soothing….

"So…" he began, pulling her into his lap, "besides the obvious, how'd the mission go? Any troubles?"

"Very little actually." She said, shifting a bit to get comfortable and curling up against his chest. "There were some Heartless, but Demyx took care of 'em."


"Yeah… I couldn't, obviously, so he did. He was pretty adamant about keeping them away from me too. Little bastard's actually a pretty good fighter."

"Hm… you know, I think Demyx may like you."

She looked up at him with an eyebrow raised.

"Well, not like that of course. I just never really thought he saw you as a friend since he's kinda afraid of you and all. But hey, I guess he does."

"Hm, maybe. I'll think about it later. Too tired." She said, letting her cheek fall against his chest.

"Damn I hate it when you're sick, Sparkplug, you're much too calm. It kinda freaks me out." He said, rubbing circles on her stomach. "I should go beg Xemnas to never send you on a boat again, cause really, you not getting angry just shouldn't be."

"I'd appreciate that, thank you."

"I mean, it's like Xigbar without his eye patch, or Marly without pink hair, or Xaldin shaving his hair-"

"Shut up Axel."

Larxene was asleep when another portal opened, revealing Demyx. Axel was starting to wonder why no one ever bothered to knock on his door anymore, but didn't feel like bringing it up.

"Ah, Demyx, my good man. What can I help you with?"

"I was just returning Larxene's coat." Demyx replied shrugging. "She wasn't in her room, so I figured she'd be here. It's on her bed, though, if you wanna tell her when she wakes up."

"Sure thing, little buddy." Axel said, giving a make-shift salute.

Demyx seemed to hesitate for a minute with his arms behind his back. "Um… Is she okay?"

"Yeah, she's fine. She stopped shocking me a while ago."

"Oh, good…. Talk to ya later then, Ax?" A portal opened behind him. "Oh, I almost forgot. Make sure to let her know that she doesn't have to go to Port Royal anymore, and you might not have to either. Xemnas said it'd be for the best if she can't even fight. Don't really know why he listened to me but, oh well."

"Dude… she'll love you, seriously. She might even hug you."

"I'm just hoping she won't hurt me so badly at the next Tournament."