A/N: Anyone still around? My sincerest apologizes for such a long absence. My Larxel muse just totally died and was replaced by… um, Avengers RPing. At the time of this writing, I have just finished watching a KH3D playthrough and just as I was hoping, well, it brought it back. Some things about the game are good, very good, but others make me want to punch it in the face in frustration. After that clusterfuck of information I NEED Larxel. Like with Days, there are certain details I will be ignoring for this collection, which shouldn't be too hard considering it takes place well, when Larxene is alive (unless I think of one for post-3D… which is possible but I also wouldn't want to spoil anything.) There's ONE thing I may start to bring in – not gonna say what but let's just say the manga's interpretation of Nobodies was on to something – but for now let's just pretend KH3D doesn't exist, it'd saved us all from many headaches.

Now… have some ponies. I don't know why I didn't think of this before since I've been a pony fan since June of last year. Hell I've drawn them as ponies before. Sorry to non-pony fans, but hey, I honestly just can't think of anything else for this prompt xD Plus season 3 is coming out soon.

"This is the most colorful place I've ever been in."


"More than Wonderland. It's so bright and cheery…"


"I hate it. There's no way there's anything of worth here."

"Larxene!" Axel shouted, grabbing his partner by the shoulders. "I'm a FUCKING UNICORN!"

A few of the little horses glanced over at him with disapproving looks as they passed, but Axel ignored them as he continued to freak out. "A unicorn!"

"Yes, darling, I can see that." Larxene said, pushing him back at arm's length.

"Why aren't you more concerned that we're… PONIES?" He asked, one of his eye starting to twitch in annoyance.

"Uh, cause I've been to a World that turned Marluxia into a flamingo?"

"It's because you have wings isn't it?"

She shrugged, raising an eyebrow rather smugly. "Maybe. Beats being a unicorn, how girly is that?"

"I hate you and we're leaving. This place is so cute it's stupid."

"I thought I was the grumpy one?"

"I'm a unicorn." He hissed, pointing at his horn.

Larxene started to say something – possibly tease him – then proceeded to cut herself off, her head whipping around. "I smell cake."

"That's just weird - "

"HI!" One of the ponies, a pink one, rushed up to them so suddenly she had pretty much been a blur. Larxene yelped, her wings involuntarily flapping and lifting her up onto Axel's head, which she clung to. "I'm Pinkie Pie!"

"Oh no." The two muttered in unison as the pink pony began to excitedly and loudly ramble away about how great it was to meet new ponies. Axel tilted his head back and Larxene slid down his back.

"Do you want me to show you around?" Pinkie was saying before Larxene reached over and placed a hoof over her mouth.

"Hush pink one." She said flatly. "Is there a sweet shop here? Cause I smell sugar."

"That's still weird." Axel mumbled to himself as the pony nodded.

"Where?" Pinkie pointed in some direction, and Larxene cried out in triumph, bolting off immediately.

"Larxene no!" Axel called, but she was too speedy for him. He groaned, looking over at the little pony bouncing up and down at his side. Why me? "… Lead the way, please?"


"Is there alcohol?"

"What's that?"



Wow, was this really a world where little candy colored horses held get-togethers for the whole town, for no reason? Axel sighed, having lost the pink pony in the crowd – possibly from something shiny, he didn't know. But it didn't take him long to find Larxene, happily making her way through the - presumably – free buffet. Of course.

"Larxene!" He hissed, appearing at her side and snatching a muffin away from her. She whined, trying to get it back but he held it out of her reach and handed it to a grey mare with a yellow mane. He grabbed Larxene by the tail and dragged her out the door. "Really? Do you have any control when it comes to sweets?"

She shook her head, flopping over and flapping her wings weakly. "No, you should know this by now..."

He sighed when he noticed she'd stuffed herself to the point that she could barely move. "Alright, c'mon you weirdo, we're leaving." He said, nudging his nose under her and scooping her up.

"No…" she whined sleepily. "I don't wanna. There's so much cake here, Axel, they eat it like water."

"Uh huh."

"I never want to leave, put me down."

"Say bye-bye, sweetheart."

Later they both noted that while the world was full of magic, and thus interesting, it was unlikely to hold anything of real value. Axel made a point to discourage sending Larxene again, less they lose her to a food coma.

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