The Timeline Fits

Summary: Sam and Dean receive an email from an old friend with worry of the supernatural in her area, sending them back to New Paltz, New York and giving Sam the shock of his life.

Rated T for horror violence.

I'm going on knowledge of everything we've learned up until January 17th, 2009.

The boys killed Lilith. Though the war against monsters will never be over, 66 seals weren't broken and the world is safe from an apocalypse. With the promise that Sam will never again use his powers, the boys haven't seen Castiel or Uriel for over a month. The story starts in June of 2009.

Chapter 1:

Dean ate another bite of his pancakes as Sam booted up his laptop. Narrowing his eyes at his brother, Dean chewed and swallowed, taking a long drink from his orange juice before he spoke.

"Dude, sure you're not hungry?" Dean asked.

"I had some coffee," Sam replied absently. "I'll be fine."

"Whatever," Dean grumbled. Sam suppressed the urge to roll his eyes, convinced that Dean couldn't comprehend not being hungry for breakfast.

Sam went into his email address on Yahoo, deleting any junk before opening the ones worth reading. "Hey, Bobby said the new shipment of silver bullets came in from Joshua," he said, glancing at Dean.

"Nice. We can pick some up the next time we drive through," Dean replied.

Sam pressed a few buttons on his keyboard as he opened the next email. Dean looked up a couple seconds later and noticed that Sam's expression was progressively getting tighter. "Sam?"

"Just a second," he murmured. Dean remained silent, taking another bite of his pancakes. A minute later, Sam spoke up, looking to Dean. "How far is it to upstate New York?" he asked.

Dean blinked. "Random. Uh…probably like eight hours. Why, we get a tip?"

Sam sighed and nodded, his expression still tight. "Yea."

"Okay. Where's this job at?" he asked, taking another sip of his juice.

Sam pursed his lips. "New Paltz."

Dean narrowed his eyes in concentration. "New Paltz…New Paltz…Where have I…?" He blinked suddenly, looking up to Sam, and his face split into a grin. "Dude! Really?"

Sam sighed again. "Yea. Really."

Dean looked momentarily confused at Sam's attitude, and then understanding dawned on his face. "Oh crap. Who was it?"

"Neighbor's kid," Sam muttered. "Sarah knew the parents and this is the first she heard details about what's going on, but this is the third in a month. There was absolutely no reasonable cause of death and overnight he was as emaciated as a kid who'd been starved for a week, though tons of people reported seeing him healthy and playing basketball the day before." He swallowed. "Kid was fourteen. His parents found him in his bedroom the next morning when he didn't come down for breakfast."

Dean stared at Sam for a few moments before he slowly put down his fork and wordlessly pushed the plate away a few inches. "Come on. We leave now we can make it by sunset."

Sam allowed himself a small smile, of appreciation, not surprise, and packed up his laptop as Dean put down money for the check.